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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Traitors ? Abdullah Badawi & Co. or Bloggers?

Assalamualaikum dear Muslims and Greetings to my fellow Malaysians.

I wish that each and everyone of you are in the best of health and coping with the financial disaster that has been imposed on us by the 'Cemerlang, Gemilang, Terbilang' chap reigning from Seri Perdana.

Today's posting is in response to a slur that the 'Saya Perdana Menteri' chap has labelled those of us who are Bloggers here in Bolehland with?

Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi has broadly labelled Bloggers as those who spread lies and are traitors for the way Bloggers write and publish what he says are treacherous and deliberate attempts by bloggers and internet users against his government.

Here is the report published in the Sun2Surf Online Newspaper.

Abdullah hits out at slander and lies spread in cyberspace

PUTRAJAYA (July 7, 2008) : Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi yesterday labelled as treacherous, the deliberate attempts to create perceptions of uneasiness and distrust among the people, via the Internet and SMS.

"Conduct attribute to the truth is not appreciated. What is appreciated is the perception, and along with it the lies. Perception negates the truth. The truth is no longer talked about. The important thing is the perception"

He said these attempts, undertaken through Internet blogs, YouTube and SMS, had blemished the principles of the Rukunegara such as loyalty to King and country, upholding the Constitution, the rule of law, good behaviour and morality.

"All the slander and lies spread through the blogs and YouTube do not contribute to ease and confidence in the people," Bernama quoted him as saying at the monthly assembly of his department staff.

"There is no more regard for statements of truth in law. Little attention is given to (one's) demeanour in life. The sovereignty of the Rulers is turned into an issue."

A stern-looking Abdullah said not all of the people believed in the negative perceptions created but it was portrayed that more people had become trapped in that situation.

"Conduct attributed to the truth is not appreciated. What is appreciated is the perception, and along with it the lies. Perception negates the truth. The truth is no longer talked about. The important thing is the perception," Bernama quoted him as saying.

Abdullah said perceptions had influenced the attitudes and options of some people in decision-making, including those related to investment and business.

He said it must be rectified but, unfortunately, it had become a subject which the people were most interested in, so much so that it had become word of mouth and they resorted to exaggeration.

"The people must be appeased so as not to have any fear of a possible shortage of food. They must be pacified so as not to have any worry over their own safety and that of their families," he said.

He said the people had given the government a new mandate to administer the country and they "must have confidence in our efforts".

The government, he added, had adopted and would take measures to reduce the financial burden of the people arising from the increase in fuel prices which had caused them some restlessness.

Abdullah urged enforcement authorities to be firm in maintaining peace and security.

(Read-Giving the greenlight to the FRU to whack the living daylights out of Malaysians who dare to protest against this current day Malaysian Pharaoh who doesn't give a damn about you and me and just loves being apple polished 24/7).

"Let's stop doing what is undesirable. The people must exercise a high sense of responsibility. Our priority must be to maintain peace."

In an immediate reaction, National Bloggers Alliance pro tem president and National Press Club adviser Ahirudin Attan, who blogs as Rocky's Bru, urged Abdullah and other leaders to look at the positive side of blogging.

"Labelling blogs as something negative is going back to the stone-age, because we have been through this before," he said.

He said if blogs make slanderous or defamatory accusations, the government or authority should address these allegations and take action.

Ahirudin cited the example of Malaysia-Today blogger Raja Petra Kamaruddin’s (RPK) recent statutory declaration on the Altantuya murder, adding that the declaration had been online for about two weeks now and the police had questioned RPK several times.

“If there is something to charge him with, go ahead and charge him,” he said, adding that he was sued by The New Straits Times for defamation early last year.

“The situation we are in now is also partly contributed by the authorities. It is compounded by the inability of the authorities to enforce the law,” he said.

Ahirudin said the government should not accuse bloggers of attempting to create negative perceptions through their postings, but should instead act on slanderous and defamatory accusations.

“Just like there are good cops and bad cops, good politicians and bad politicians, there are good blogs and bad blogs,” said Ahirudin.

Ahiruddin, the former editor of the Malay Mail, said that politicians were to blame as well “because they are the ones who give out statements”.

A blog is just a medium for discussing issues affecting the people, adding that the traditional media were also reporting the same thing, said Ahirudin whose blog shut down for 48 hours over the weekend in protest against the political mud-slinging over the Altantuya Shaariibuu and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim sodomy cases.

He said there were more important things to focus on, adding that he was fed-up with what was happening.

Datuk Marina Mahathir also shut down her blog, RantingsbyMM for the same reasons.


Well, it is one thing for Abdullah Badawi to feel so pissed off at Bloggers here in Malaysia as the advent of the Malaysian Blogosphere has effectively demolished the monopoly of the mainstream media which is still controlled by the ruling government in the spreading of news and information to the people but it is simply another for the man to resort to name calling us as this and that for we have much choicer terms that we would very much like to call the fella but have restrained ourselves all these while?

Bloggers have in a way contributed so much to the Malaysian public in getting first hand information and feedback as to the socio-political and religious developments of this country.

Even many BN cabinet ministers have started blogging including the one all detest to be Mr.Dictator over Bolehland for 22 long years himself?

Does Abdullah Badawi have the guts to use the same term against Mahathir and the BN Ministers?

What about his favorite son in law?

Same bloody blogging traitor and liar, Mr.Prime Minister?

Surely, you won't brand him so, eh? Talk about 'man speak with forked tongue'?

I agree that not all bloggers are above board and that there are some real nasty ones spewing bullshit and made up stories but that doesn't warrant the Imam Hadhari chappie to go shoot off his mouth like that?

If he really wants to practice what he seems to preach, hello? Please exercise proper decorum in the first place, mister!

Sure, there are bound to be those who blog irresponsibly and spew forth unfounded matters and issues but so do the mainstream media who publish half lies and bullshit about the ones who are deemed to be the Malaysian Opposition.

Abdullah Badawi says that the internet is being misused by those who have committed treason against the nation and the Malay Sultans.

I can accuse him of doing just the same when he committed treason against us the Malaysian citizens when he has increased the price of petrol so drastically here in this currently oil producing and exporting country; causing Malaysians untold hardships especially in coping with the resulting financial backlash from the subsequent price increases in almost everything else that we need in order to survive?

It doesn't matter that our oil production is not as much as the Saudi Arabs or other major oil producers of the world.

A just leader must not cause his people to suffer but as proven, this man simply does not care about us, the Malaysian citizens at all?

He is a proven liar when he says one thing today and wham bang goes ahead and does something else tomorrow.

Remember the pre election date denials?

His deputy Najib promised us no petrol price hikes till August, 2008.

Not a day passes by before Abdullah Badawi ups the ante and announces a 78 sens per litre price increase, despite Najib's assurances to the public that there will be no petrol price hikes till August?

So, who's being treacherous, Pak Lah? You or us?

This is what we get now after his insensitive price hike announcement.

Doesn't even come to half a tank for our Proton Wira as what RM50 would give us before?

Doesn't this make us so bloody pissed off in having to fork out more ringgits just to travel to our usual destinations and pay toll every few bloody kilometres?

It's okay for Abdullah & Co. because they don't have to fork out a single sen for their petrol needs as everything they need is borne by the Government.

The treacherous ones even get police outriders shooing toll paying motorists to the roadsides to make way for these buggers on our nation's highways!!! @#$%^&*! Islam Hadhari !!!

May Allah Azza Wa Jalla give you your dues sir!!! Remember that the do'a of the downtrodden ones have no hijab between them and Almighty Allah!!! It's cash nowadays! No joke.

Just be aware of our pleas to Allahu Akbar that He teaches those of you who are the oppressors of us, the poor citizens of this country?

I can also state that Abdullah Badawi has committed treason against us Muslims when he introduced the 'concept' of 'Islam Hadhari' into our life's when Islam has already been revealed in it's perfect completion by the Greatest Messenger and Final Prophet of Allah Saiyidina Muhammad ibni Abdullah, Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam a thousand four hundred over years ago?

I can keep listing one by one what Abdullah Badawi has done to make our life's more miserable since taking over from the previous regime led by Mahathir Mohamad but what's the point as nothing will awaken Abdullah Badawi from his delusions of being the 'Mr.Clean image that he thinks he still can lay claim to?

Abdullah Badawi claims that those who write and criticize him and his government are guilty of treason against the Malaysian Government and the Sultans!

What about the fate of the Malaysian public whose life's are now further being burdened by the spiraling inflation as a result of his failure to take care of their needs?

For someone who doesn't have to worry about where his next meal has to come from, Abdullah Badawi has the audacity to brand Bloggers as traitors whereas his actions lately have more than turned many millions of ordinary Malaysians life's into a living hell?

The Malay Sultans have been enjoying their positions all these while and no Malaysian Blogger has yet to come question about their rights to exist as most of us accept that the situation in this country is as such and forever will be unless the majority of the people have had enough of the feudal system and rise up against them and establish a people's republic?

Most Malaysian Bloggers just mind our own business and write as we feel or see things and we do have our social obligations in taking to task those in the Malaysian Federal and State Governments who shirk their duties and responsibilities towards us the Malaysian citizens through our writings in our blogs!

If Abdullah Badawi wants to speak about those who question the Sultans, then he should be specific and state directly as to who exactly is he referring to?

As far as I can recall, the only Malaysian politician who has been on record of having issues with the Malay Royals is the DAP Chairman Karpal Singh.

Even that is due to certain differences of his own personal opinions that the Malay Royals ought to stick to their positions as 'Constitutional Monarchs' and not interfere with the day to day running of the civil governments of their respective states?

So, in my opinion, Prime Minister Abdullah Badawi is wrong to broadly state that Bloggers are irresponsible and guilty of committing treason against the ruling government.

Are we not free citizens of this democratic country?

Has this country turned into a dictatorship where we the people have no provisions to speak up and criticize the ones whom the majority of voters have elected when they do wrong?

Do Malaysians, regardless whether one is a blogger or otherwise lose our rights to speak and raise our viewpoints once the winning political party are sworn in as the ruling federal or state governments?

Are we still living in the 50s or 60s where the Government of the day gets to control what we read, what we speak and what we share with our fellow citizens or has the Barisan Nasional got so bloody comfortable in getting to call the shots in this country for so bloody long that they deem us as traitors if we oppose them???

Who the hell gave Abdullah Badawi the notion that Malaysia has turned into a 3rd world banana republic where the people can't criticize him or anyone else for the matter?

What sort of a bloody Islam Hadhari government does he think that he can impose on us when our voices are to be muffled and our views to be muzzled just so that he can go on pretending that everything is so bloody fine in this Malaysia Bolehland?

As far as I can recall, these are what he has come up with? Is it his idea or His Islamic Affairs adviser Hamid Othman?

Principles of Islam Hadhari

Islam Hadhari aims to achieve 10 main principles:
  1. Faith and piety in Allah
  2. A just and trustworthy government
  3. A free and independent People
  4. Mastery of knowledge
  5. Balanced and comprehensive economic development
  6. A good quality of life
  7. Protection of the rights of minority groups and women
  8. Cultural and moral integrity
  9. Safeguarding the environment
  10. Strong defenses
Okay, let's take Faith and Piety in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala. As far as Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala is concerned, He Commands us Muslims to do good and forbid evil.

What has Abdullah Badawi done as far as the first principle of this brainchild of his concerns?

Social problems amongst the Muslims of this country is at an all time high as far as maksiat is concerned, spreading like a wildfire, consuming the life's and future of this nation's Ummah is concerned.

Is it enough to hold concerts and soirees in his official residence at the expense of the taxpayers and indulge in living life to the max in the company of his cronies and associates whilst forgetting the hungry, the sick and the oppressed people under his watch?

For example, I would like to share with you my fellow Malaysians about one Malaysian family who are in dire straits and suffering from lack of help from our 'caring Malaysian Islam Hadhari Federal government'.

These are the contents of an email I received on June 27, 2008 from one of my readers who asked me to highlight this matter in my blog here.

I had kept the email pending a suitable time for me to publish it and this is the most opportune time to do just that. It is in Malay.

This is a current day picture of a Malaysian family living in a tent as they had been evicted from their squatter home in an area just besides the MRR2 Highway at Hulu Kelang.

This is not a fabrication or a figment of a Blogger's imagination. Go check it out at Hulu Kelang!

Assalamualaikum wrb,

Tuan/puan yang yang budiman dan prihatin,

Anak perempuan saya murid Tahun 5 (5 Iltizam) SRK Taman Melawati 2 selalu balik menceritakan tentang kisah sedih kawan sekelas dia yang terpaksa duduk dalam 'khemah' kerana tiada rumah setelah rumah setinggannya di robohkan.

Mula- mula saya tidak berapa ambil kisah kerana anggapan saya mana lah ada di kawasan Ulu Klang/Melawati keluarga Melayu sebegitu susah, sekurang-kurangnya ada rumah.

Tetapi cuti minggu lepas, saya telah dibawa sendiri oleh anak saya untuk melihat khemah dan keadaan keluarga tersebut di Ulu Klang bertentangan dengan Zoo Negara.

Memang amat menyedihkan sekali keadaan keluarga ini, Encik Zamri seorang guard di Puncak Niaga Klang Gate, mempunyai 5 orang anak (15, 14, 11, 6 & 4tahun) memang tinggal dalam khemah dhaif (sebesar partition Manager kat PETRONAS) tanpa elektrik dan cuma bilik air buatan sendiri.

Isteri Encik Zamri tidak dapat bekerja kerana ada anak kecil 4 tahun walaupun beliau ingin sangat bekerja.

Kepada sesiapa yang hendak lihat sendiri khemah keluarga ini boleh Nampak dari Highway MRR2 -Arah Ampang ke Taman Permata , selepas PETRONAS Hulu Kelang 2, berdekatan bus station ada sign board untuk U TURN ke Zoo Negara.

Menurut Encik Zamri, rumah setinggan mereka di Batu 8 Hulu Klang telah dirobohkan 3 tahun lalu dan mereka telah membeli rumah kos rumah tetapi hingga sekarang tidak siap-siap.

Keluarga lain mampu untuk buat rumah ditempat lain tapi beliau belum mampu untuk buat pondok sekalipun walaupun ada plan untuk buat 'pondok sementara' di tapak khemah itu

Saya ada nampak sedikit kayu recycle terkumpul.

Semasa kempen pilihanraya ada ada politician berjanji untuk bantu tapi diam begitu saja.

Beliau dirikan khemah di situ kerana dekat sekolah dan keempat empat anak bersekolah di Melewati dapat jalan kaki ke sekolah saja.

Menurut anak saya akhir-akhir ni dengan cuaca yang tak menentu, anaknya selalu demam dsb.

Saya juga telah bertanya macamana kami boleh bantu dia sekeluarga?

Kalau ada rezeki dia cuma mahu dirikan pondok tempat bertuduh dengan harapan rumah kos murah mereka siap, tapi beliau keberatan untuk memberitahu saya kosnya.

Setelah didesak beliau beritahu rumah Indon depan rumah dia kecil tu pun lebih kurang RM 3 ribu juga.

Indon pun ada rumah, ini keluarga Melayu, Encik Zamri orang N9 dan isterinya orang Perak.

Alhamdulilah saya dapat memberitahu kisah keluarga ini pada Hj Zul, AJK Surau PETRONAS dan beliau berjanji akan cuba meminta bantuan ADUN Hulu Klang.

Pihak Surau PETRONAS juga telah bermurah hati memberi sumbangan segera RM250.

Saya dan suami juga akan cuba ikhtiarkan bantuan lain seperti carikan kerja part time untuk isterinya dsbnya.

Menurut Encik Zamri, sekolah juga memberi bantuan.

Sahabat sahabat yang prihatin, saya mohon bantuan iklas semua kalau boleh kita membantu keluarga ini untuk dirikan 'pondok' untuk berteduh

Saya tahu ramai yang bermurah hati untuk memberi sumbangan peribadi , zakat (saya rasa keluarga ini layak mendapat zakat)....atau sebagainya....atau mungkin FOC boleh buat 'keluarga angkat' sebagai projek amal jariah kita.

Sesiapa yang ingin membantu sila beritahu saya.

Semoga ALLAH membalas amal jariah saudara/i sekelian.


Ku Azah Ku Mohamad.



So, ladies and gentlemen, my fellow Malaysians, as much as Abdullah Badawi wants to say that Bloggers are those who can be considered as traitors to his government, I for one am not worried for one nano second for it is to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala that I leave my fate to and don't care if Abdullah Badawi wants to add to his account for falsely branding those of us who are blogging for the nation as such?

Almighty Allah knows us best! La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim!

For all his claims of working for the people, he has definitely proven otherwise in working just to enrich himself, his family and cronies or associates.

In these times, when we still have Malaysians living in abject poverty as shown in just one example above, the Imam Hadhari has been lording it like a king?

See for yourselves as to just what I am referring to here in the following pictures!

The pictures here are not a figment of the Malaysian Bloggers imaginations or Photoshop images ala Tian Chua's Najib-Razak Baginda-Altantuyaa's dinner photo?

These are real authentic proof of our Imam Hadhari's lavishness and luxurious lifestyle whilst there are still hundreds of thousands of poor Malaysians living in abject poverty all over the nation.

Are Bloggers lying and spewing libel @ fitnah against the one who claims to be the Imam Hadhari of this nation?

Judge for yourselves.

I will write about the remaining 9 principles later.

Take care dear brothers & sisters, my fellow Malaysians and learn to differentiate between facts and falsehood, no matter if it is Abdullah Badawi crying foul and accusing us Malaysian Bloggers of going against his government or of anyone of us trying to run down the Malay Sultans?

You are learned people for the clueless ones won't be here, reading this and other blogs.

Use your common sense and study the facts, the details and the info before you online and learn to pick out the truth from the swill of mainstream propaganda meant to divert our attention away from the real deal going on in this nation.

No one can deny us our rights to express ourselves IF what we are sharing with you in our blogs is the truth and nothing but the truth?

If otherwise, go ahead, use the lopsided justice system we have here in Bolehland and do what comes naturally to the BN now after 51 long bloody years of ruining this nation?

I am in no way endorsing any blogger who publishes false statements or fabrications of the state of affairs concerning our nation but I will stand firm in defending what's rightfully ours and stick to my principles in speaking up against the mungkar and upholding the makruf! Insya Allah!

Abdullah Badawi may call us this and that but it is nothing compared to what Allah Azza Wa Jalla will call him if he refuses to be just towards all of us Malaysians, regardless of creed or skincolor?

At the end of our life's, it is to Allah that we shall return to and in His Supreme over all Supreme Courts, Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala's Justice reigns Supreme!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah.

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

Zainol Abideen @ Mahaguru58,
Bandar Tun Razak,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.


MarGeeMar said...

First, we had Zahid Hamidi asking Malaysians residing overseas not to read Blogs as he claimed they were misleading and slanderous. Then, we have PM Badawi saying that Blogs are "lies akin to treachery". He said that 'allegations' are being spread by Bloggers to create an unsettled political atmosphere that is tantamount to treachery. Now, rather disturbingly we are hearing that the Deputy Housing and Local Government Minister saying that the Government wants cybercafes to have their patrons register their particulars with them.

This sounds very Orwellian indeed. The Badawi regime must really be spooked to take such a draconian measure.The reason for this is very simple. There are many Bloggers who Blog from Cybercafes. This measure will also discourage people from using Cybercafes for fear that they may be monitored by the Special Branch if they visit Blogs deemed to be anti-establishment.

Coming back to PM Badawi, is he also referring to Blogs such as those of his son-in-law and those of BN/Umno personalities as "lies akin to treachery"?

MarGeeMar said...

The arrogance of the BN/Umno regime continues to baffle me. Even after the bitter humiliation of defeat in the last General Elections, BN/Umno leaders are still going about their own arrogant ways. The controversial BN/Umno MP from Kinabatangan Bung Mokhtar Raden interrupted proceedings in the Dewan Rakyat this morning by whining like a school kid to the Deputy Speaker that the Opposition were given more questions to ask than the BN MP's. He said it was unfair of the Speaker to do so.

Completely irate with the childish behavior of Bung Mokhtar, someone from the Opposition understandably called him 'bodoh' (stupid). This led to Bung throwing a tantrum. When asked to sit down by the Deputy Speaker, he unprofessionally gestured the f**k sign which schoolboys normally use when throwing tantrums. This was done on live TV.

This guy, Bung Mokhtar is not fit to sit in Parliament. His 'samseng jalanan' (street thug) attitude would not help make our Parliament a First World Parliament. This guy is simply 'biadap' and 'kurang ajar'. I bet that the imbecile newscasters on TV3 will not dare to call him this, though they had no qualms in referring to the Pope as 'biadap'. Where were you Bernard Dompok? TV3 owes the Catholic community an apology here.

I'm not surprised that this street thug won his seat unopposed when his opponent from PKR failed to turn upunder mysterious circumstances on nomination day for the Kinabatangan Parliamentary seat in the last General Election. Speaking of Kinabatangan, just last year large tracks of forrest in the area were cleared by illegal logging. I wonder what Bung Mokhtar has to say about this.

Lastly, I wonder what the female MP's from BN intend to do about Bung Mokhtar's lewd gesture in their presence. If they fail to censure him, I take it that they approve of what he did. What say you, Ng Yen Yen?

Azrir said...

Sungguh sedih. Adakah ini salah Pusat Zakat kita yang tak pandai mengagihkan zakat ke fakir miskin??
Pada hemat saya, Islam sudah hanya dianggap ritual sahaja dikalangan orang. Kehidupan Islam seperti adil mengagihkan kekayaan negara tidak dipraktik. Mahu bolot semua. Patut rasuah berleluasa.

Saya rasa kita Jabatan Kebajikan Masyarakat dan Pusat Zakat mesti lebih pro-aktif. Orang Melayu selalunya malu nak mintak tolong jika susah. Saya rasa sikap malu ini mesti diatasi dulu dan jangan sampai terlambat sehingga hidup merempat

|1f34|-|1r3 said...

Sdr Zainol..saya nak minta izin nak publish surat psl keluarga Encik Zamri kat blog saya...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum saudara.

Dipersilakan menghebahkan didalam blog saudara.

Jika saudara emel saya di, akan saya majukan emel asal untuk kegunaan saudara.

Insya Allah.