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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

United Muslims National Organisation or Pakatan Rakyat?

Well, it seems that what I envisioned over a year back has actually come into the picture today albeit for the wrong reasons!

Why do I say that?

Well, UMNO is only being gregarious in wooing PAS to join forces with them in a political merger today borne out of their political necessity and not because they really, really are so concerned about the Malay Muslim situation?

Before the March 8th 2008, General Elections, any similar suggestion by anyone would be severely ridiculed and joked as a dream?

Yes sirree! The UMNO big shots would have guffawed out loud and rolled on the floor laughing their hearts and heads off!

PAS leaders on the other hand would have turned dead serious and sprouted more frowns on their foreheads than a wrinkly old great grandmother and spewed off fatwa's castigating this proposal as an outrightly forbidden haram thingy!!!

Today, we hear that PAS and UMNO are open to the idea of having muqabalah talks with the aim to bring together the nation's two largest Malay political parties supposedly for the sake of reconciliation and amending political differences and strife's between them.

I somehow smell a rat and this rat seems hellbent on gnawing through the freshly tied Pakatan Rakyat rope holding together the aspirations of the Malaysians in the 5 Peninsular States who have successfully routed the entrenched 51 years old BN Governments from Penang, Kedah, Perak , Selangor and Kelantan!

I wonder if UMNO would even bother to have a cuppa with the likes of Tuan Guru Datuk Hj Nik Aziz Nik Mat had the BN still managed to retain all those states in the 12th Malaysian GE?

As predicted, it is now okay for UMNO top leaders and Members of Parliament to be seen having a boisterous chat in Parliament with their PAS counterparts.

It all boils down to the matter of what they really want from PAS?

To me, I see UMNO being interested in these 'muqabalah' talks with PAS just because they no longer have the edge over the nation's largest and longest surviving Malay Islamic Party.

If the situation was otherwise, you can bet that these UMNO chaps will not even have the time to greet the PAS MP's with even a Salam?

Vested interests my man! Vested interests!

Anyway, the recent developments in a way have come to make my dreams of seeing a united Ummah at least materialize in a small way.

Whether this overture comes into being with a solid, united Malay Muslim jama'ah, has yet to be realized?

I for one say that it is okay to have dialogues and discussions but just learn from both UMNO and PAS's past mistakes and to be sincere in seeking the way out for Islam to prevail and to accord to each other the mutual respect and goodwill that should be given as the proper manner by which to strike a mutually beneficial decision.

As for now, the United Muslims National Organization seems to be a very attractive idea!

The in depth question is how sincere are both parties in forging a strong solid everlasting bond based just on Islamic ties only?

If the day that PAS deserts the Pakatan Rakyat in favor of merging with UMNO ever comes into being, they risk destroying all that they have come to accomplish after all those 51 long years of selfless sacrifices and personal struggles?

The Non Malay Malaysians will surely no longer throw in their support to PAS from that day onwards!!!

If the treachery and criminal breach of trust of the Malaysian people's trusts on PAS as part of the Pakatan Rakyat ever comes into being, the future of PAS will forever be doomed as UMNO has times and times again through the annals of Time, proven that they will do all that it takes to ensure their political renaissance?

Picture shows Shahidan Kassim, the former Perlis MB gesturing dismissively at PAS supporters during the last general elections.

Can PAS afford to risk it all for the sake of a brief fling in the political powerhouse bedroom?

Is this gonna be a case of sincere muqabalah or a political nikah muta'ah?

If it is the latter, I dare not picture the consequences for PAS?

It will mean the beginning of The End for Malaysia's largest Islamic party!

Minta simpang malaikat 44!!!

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