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Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Arab Boleh? Looks like Crazy Road Antics is International!

Looks like the crazy antics of our Mat Rempits aren't confined to our borders! I received these pictures in my email with the title 'Arab Boleh!'.

Hehehehehe! Seems like the virus has spread to the desert lands of Arabia and the affluent Arabs have taken the craziness to a new level!

Using a 4 wheel drive and still sporting the traditional garb of the Arabs and the Kaffiyeh on their heads, these Middle Eastern daredevils surely will make Evel Knievel damn proud of their antics!

I just hope that the local el locos do not start doing this on our highways!


MD said...

Wow !

Arab Rempit lar

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hahahahaha! Unbelievable stunts, eh?

and some folks think that the Arabs are killjoys and do not know how to enjoy themselves in the hot burning Arabian lands?

Hehehehe...little do they know?

suhaila said...

i wouldn't be too excited. the photos are obviously doctored (the "hip" term would be photoshoped, no?) check out the placement of the shadows of the four wheeler as opposed to other objects in all those pictures. Plus, the arab guys' stunt defies the gravity and the rule of inertia.:)

Nice work though, whoever did it. But like all nice work, he destroyed the "shock" element by overdoing it!