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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Baghdad Today -after the USA has destroyed its honor and dignity.

Dear Malaysians,
It has been 5 long years since President George Walker Bush Jr. sent the United States Army and its coalition occupying forces from mainly European countries to attack and destroy the Iraqi Republican Army in 2003 and overthrow President Saddam Hussein, who has been put to death by hanging by the American puppets in the present Iraqi administration.

The jubilation of the Iraqi people was shortlived for after the death of their dictator president, the Iraqis today are reduced to living in filth and degradation.

Their homes are destroyed, their masjids have been bombed to bits and desecrated by the occupying American terrorist forces.

Millions of Iraqis have died and millions more forced to escape the war and destruction in Iraq by becoming refugees in neighboring countries like Syria, Jordan, etc.

Hundreds of thousands of Iraqi women and young girls have been forced to turn into prostitutes just to earn some money to put food on their families tables.

Life might have been hard for the Iraqis under Saddam Hussein but they were not reduced to such a calamity before?

At least they had their sense of dignity and lived a respectable life back then. Today, the Iraqis have been turned into refugees and prostitutes selling their bodies for a few dinars.

All these disastrous consequences that the Iraqis are facing today is the result of the Muslim nations and their @#$%^&*! leaders ignoring the plight of their fellow Muslims over there in Iraq!

This nation @ Malaysia that prides itself to being a model Islamic nation has as its leader, one of the worst cowards to ever become its prime minister.

This traitor to Islam has ignored the plight and sufferings of a fellow Muslim nation because he is too busy being comfortable in the lavish palace of the Prime Minister in Putrajaya.

Together with him, ignoring the sufferings of the Iraqi Muslims are his coterie of corrupt cabinet ministers who are just interested in feathering their palatial mansions with the trappings of the filthy rich and corruptly infamous.

They simply do not give a damn about all the millions of their fellow Muslims suffering a life full of dishonor and shame, living as prostitutes and vagabonds in the slums and refugee camps of neigbouring Syria.

Filthy rich Saudi Arabians and other Middle East nations perverts flock to feast on young Iraqi girls and women there in Syria and exploit the Iraqi womenfolk who have no one to help them out of their dire situations and circumstances.

The useless sons of @#$%^&*! in the Organisation of Islamic Conference countries as usual do not have the moral fibre or the balls to go save their fellow Muslims in Iraq from the ravages of the invading American forces.

Whilst poor Iraqis scrounge and beg for morsels of food from the American terrorist forces rampaging through a country that was once the cradle of civilization, the American army are living it up in the Iraqi land by having the best of foods and alcohol served to them by the subservient Arabs and imported workers from the Asian subcontinent.

See for yourselves as to what I mean by that?

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Now, it is a plain fact that we are in no position to go attack those who are the superpowers of the world at the moment but at least have the decency to go help out those poor Iraqis living a life of destitution and wallowing in sin, over there in Syria.

Can't the Muslim nations unite as one and help out their fellow Muslims and stop pretending that everything is alright in the current world?

Why bother living life as political eunuchs when death is inevitable to each and every one of us no matter where we live or how safe we think we can be?

Where the hell is the spirit of the Malay warriors of old and what is the point of kissing the bloody keris when all you do is just gesticulate this and that and speak haughtily like a sore throated Chow Kit faggot at the convention of the most racist political party in Bolehland?

Today, here in Bolehland, we are facing a different kind of terror. Terror of unmasked racism and a general decline of the moral standards and decency that we were used to?

Today, the bastards in power shamelessly exploit the mainstream media to commit fitnah against one of our own and in turn terrorize us Malaysians into either joining them in their maksiat or face retaliation by using the law enforcement agencies and security apparatus to silence the Malaysian people into continuing to suffer political, economic and social oppression disguised as Malay rights neglecting the justice and fairness of Islamic Syariah rights.

Yes, brothers and sisters,

Islamic Justice if properly and truly implemented here in Malaysia will see none of the tyrants in power today escape Allah's Justice!

The Malaysian Malaysia concept that the DAP is fighting for is already enshrined in the Laws of Almighty Allah where equality amongst Mankind is guaranteed and no one will be victimised in an Islamic State.

Remember the incident where a Kaffir who was fighting Saiyidina Ali ibni Abi Talib Radhiallahu Anhu spat into his face ?

At the Battle of the Ditch, the noble Imam 'Ali had knocked an enemy soldier to the ground and was raising his sword to kill him, when the unbeliever spat in the blessed face of the Valiant Lion, may Allah be pleased with him.

Imam 'Ali at once stood still and refrained from killing his enemy. Hardly able to believe his own eyes, the unbeliever asked: "Why have you spared me, O gracious one?"

To this, the noble 'Ali replied:

"Your property and your life have become sacrosanct to me. I am not authorized to slay you. I can receive permission to kill only in holy combat, in fighting commanded by Allah.

Just a few moments ago, I had overcome you in battle, knocked you to the ground and was on the point of slaying you.

But when you spat in my face, my selfish anger was aroused against you.

If I had killed you, I would have slain you not for Allah's sake but for my own selfish reason; they would then have called me not a champion warrior, but a murderer.

When you spat in my face, my selfish passion threatened to overwhelm me, so instead of striking you with the sword for my own sake I struck my passion for the sake of Allah, Exalted is He.

There you have the reason for your escape."

The unbeliever was left in awe and amazement.

This event made him realize that he was a direct witness to the worth and value of being Muslim.

As he felt the light of Islam descending into his heart, he was quite unconscious of the tears streaming down from his eyes.

How could he be aware of them? ... In the space of a few seconds he was being saved from dying as an unbeliever -- saved from being an unbeliever at all -- and was becoming a Muslim.

Moreover, the cause of his conversion, the person standing before him, was none other than the Noble Imam 'Ali (Radhi Allahu Ta'ala Anhu).

Indeed, friendship and affection, as well as enmity, should be in the manner determined by Allah. That is to say, the object to be ever kept in view is the good pleasure of the Exalted Lord.

That said and done, we need to be aware of the consequences of us letting the corrupted BN regime win in the coming Permatang Pauh by election and strive to unite all Malaysians under the Pakatan Rakyat and live in peace and harmony for as long as we all shall live and not fall prey to the machinations of those racists in the BN!

Yes, all those political parties in the BN are bloody racists and we all know it!

United Malays National Organization.

Malaysian Chinese Congress.

Malaysian Indian Congress.


All bloody racists.

Assabiyah @ Racism is HARAM in Islam!!!

Those who promote such racism aren't true Muslims if we are to heed what the Blessed Prophet of Allah reminded us of as in his Final Sermon to all Mankind?

Would any Malaysian still cast a vote for the racist UMNO and the BN?

May Allah Forbid!