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Thursday, August 07, 2008

Bakaq @ Penarik arrested!

Blogger Bakaq. Pic courtesy of Al Banjari Online.

It is with sadness that I learn of a fellow Blogger and a member of The Muslim Bloggers Alliance @ Brother Bakaq of has been arrested for sedition by the Malaysian Police.

He is known to be quite a simple man with no airs about him but he is a man with very strong principles and does not shy away from giving it to those who deserve it in their face - his points of view, of course!

Brother Bakaq is a straight talking guy who has not pulled any punches with anyone and has even tangled with yours truly before when we disagreed on certain issues with regards to street protests, etcetera.

We made up and have nothing but sincere admiration for each other's commitment to see this nation be a better place for all and have almost similar interests and aspirations.

I learn from Nat and Kickdefella that Bakaq was arrested at his home in Taman Greenwood, Gombak last night by four plainclothes police officers under the Sedition Act.

It seems that the police officers confiscated his laptop and handphone and are holding him at the Commercial Crimes Division at Bukit Perdana, just close to Bank Negara.

The word is out that there will be a gathering of fellow bloggers and supporters of Bakaq at the same place today at 2.00pm.

I just hope that the authorities will be treating Bakaq properly and release him safely once they are done with their investigations.

I know that we bloggers are a pain in the ass for the ruling BN but to come down to arresting bloggers just shows the level of desperation by the powers that be to stifle the spread of unedited information that is the hallmark of the Blogosphere.

The thing that our nation's police need to consider is that we who are Malaysian Bloggers do play an important part in the dissemination of information to the online community.

Just like the mainstream media, we too serve our nation by publishing articles and reports that concern the well being of our people.

Unlike the mainstream media, we do not make money by blogging tirelessly save for a few ringgits that are paid by advertisers such as Nuffnang, Google Adsense, Advertlets, etc.

Not even enough to pay for the internet service bills, mind you.

Yet, we do blog for the good of the nation and in my case, as a means for me to spread truthful information about Islam, Socio-Political views and perspectives from my point of view.

Brother Bakaq is well known for his apolitical stand and although he comes across as a very strong supporter of PAS, he has also taken to tasks the PAS leaders for their errors and slip ups especially recently when PAS leaders were willing to hold muqabalah talks with UMNO!

I hear that Nasharudin Mat Isa, PAS Deputy President was quite pissed off with Bakaq for attacking his overtures to UMNO together with the likes of Mustafa Ali, etc.

I don't quite know where Bakaq is said to be guilty of sedition but I hope that this arrest will be a temporary measure to learn about the truth of Bakaq's publishing's and that he will be accorded proper respect and treatment that he deserves as a true Malaysian citizen blogger?

May Allah SWT protect and bless Brother Bakaq from harm and see him released soon.



Hasbullah Pit said...

Saya dah tiba serdang. Jumpa di sana kul 2

Nostradamus said...

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Altantuya dibunuh dan diletupkan berkecai. (Fakta atau Rekaan)

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Sodomi sejahat Membunuh. (Betul atau Salah)

Q3. Anyone accused are innocent until proven guilty. (True or False)
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thoyol said...

Sama-samalah kita doakan. Insya Allah dia selamat.

You too take care Mahaguru. Terus berjuang.

Insya Allah..

MagM said...

It is so unfortunate and sad when bloggers get arrested for speaking out when there are so many crimes left unsolved. As long as bloggers don't incite hatred or violence, they should not be arrested. To bloggers who dare to speak the truth, I salute you and pray that God will protect you from evil politicians.