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Friday, August 08, 2008

Bakaq's Arrest - Bloggers Gathering at Bukit Perdana.

(L to R) Mahaguru58, Nathaniel Tan, Black @ Amin Iskandar, Hasbullah Pit @ Sebol, Wan Joe @ Jiwo Kelate.

I was at Bukit Perdana this afternoon to show my support for Brother Bakaq. It was raining very heavily when I arrived.

I had to wait in my car as most of the parking lots were full and the heavy rain saw the lower areas flooded.

I was parked at the side of the Bank Negara KTM Station. When the rain subsided a bit, I went driving looking for a parking lot and was lucky to get one close to the Bukit Perdana Complex.

I took out my umbrella and walked towards a group of people taking shelter at the bus stop nearby.

It was then that I realized that Nathaniel Tan was amongst them. I saw Hasbullah Pit @ Sebol who greeted me warmly. I was introduced to Black @ Amin Iskandar and Nora Reformasi, Bob and Wan Joe.

(L to R) Nathaniel Tan, Black, Sebol, Wan Joe, Bob
@ Bakaq's Neighbour

Group photo of Bloggers who were there to show support and solidarity with the arrested Bakaq @ Penarik Beca.

There were several reporters there as well and everyone was generally very cordial and trying their best not to get wet!

I took out my camera and started shooting videos of the gathered bloggers and we had the reporters help tie up two impromptu banners that Black had brought with him.

I had sms'd Zorro asking him if he knew Nat's hp without knowing that I would be meeting Nat in person.

Bernard @ Zorro sms'd saying that he was in the Bank Negara Cafeteria.
So, we made our way there and met Zorro and Fisherman Wharf's Gus Gan.

(L to R) Gus Gan @ Fisherman's Wharf, Black @ Amin Iskandar, Bernard Khoo @ Zorro Unmasked, Hasbullah Pit @ Sebol.

I shot a video of the Bloggers speaking their minds about Bakaq's arrest and after coffee made our way back to the bus station.

Word came out that Bakaq was now at the Jalan Duta Courts where he was served with a remand order and going to be held in custody overnight pending being charged in court.

I spoke to Bakaq's wife by phone and learned from her that he was alright. He is going to be in the lockup tonight. She said that the police told her that someone had lodged a police report against him ; that's why the police are investigating him?

I learned from the feedback that Bakaq stepped on a lot of toes @ pissed off PAS and UMNO top leadership in his disclosure of ultra secret PAS-UMNO pow wow's.

His disclosure sought of let the cat out of the bag and spoiled those people's plans. Hence the police report and the resulting arrest under sedition.

Which particular article? God knows!

That's it for now. Let's see what takes place tomorrow?