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Saturday, August 09, 2008

YB Zulkifli Noordin arrested under ISA? (Updated2)

I just received a call from YB Zulkifli Noordin that he has just been arrested under the ISA!

He wasn't able to state as to which police station because he had borrowed a handphone from one of the cops to inform me about this unimagined turn of events!

I tried asking him as to where he was being held but he just ended his call abruptly!

That's all that he told me before hanging up!

Whether this is true or not leaves to be confirmed?

I hope that the Peguam Pembela Islam members will check on this immediately.

I have notified most of Zul's close associates and just like me , none of them have managed to reach him through his phone.

Blogger Emmanuel updated me that he has learned that YB Zul was with PAS members at Tg.Karang together with PAS Deputy President Ustaz Nasharudin Mat Isa last night before this incident.

I received the call at, well after whatever ceramah takes place.

I hesitated to publish the news about this because I wasn't happy about YB Zul's reluctance to say where he was but if I didn't highlight 'his arrest' as per his calling me, I would be accused of betraying him as a friend and as my designated lawyer if I need his legal help?

YB Zul asked me not to disclose the cop's phone number for reasons we all know that the cop might get into trouble for lending him the mobile.

That's why I am masking the number here for the same reasons.
I am not in the habit of spreading rumors as Politikus accuses me here!

I am a Muslim Blogger and if not for YB Zul asking me to break this news in my blog, I wouldn't even bother!!!

I don't need to sell newspapers or have anyone subscribe to my blog here for a fee!!!

Just watch what you say tikus!

I don't publish what I do not have first hand info.

I don't know why YB Zul asked me to say that I received an anonymous call but after receiving this comment from Politikus accusing me of spreading a rumor, I don't give a damn anymore!

Hence this update to clear my reputation!

I have notified the Peguam Pembela Islam lawyers and none of them have managed to reach YB Zul. So has Tian Chua failed to reach him.

So there you have it! The truth of the matter!

Sorry YB Zul! I can't allow speculations about me spreading a rumour go unresponded to any longer!

I wish you well but the truth has to be told!!!

I have no intentions to interfere with the police arrest or whatever but I need to clarify this matter once and for ever.

The PDRM are just doing their job and we need to respect that.

I blogged about this matter because YB Zul is my friend and he called me asking me to let my readers know. That's all.

May the truth prevail and justice served for the good of the nation we so love!

I wish to state that to this moment, @ 6.38pm @ 10th August, 2008, no one has been able to contact YB Zul.

I have learned from one of my readers that has published a denial from the Deputy Inspector General of Police Tan Sri Ismail Omar that YB Zul has been arrested under the ISA here.

I just spoke to one of the Peguam Pembela Islam lawyers who advised me to clarify the matter with the PDRM.

This is the very reason why sometimes as a responsible Blogger, I hate to accede to the many pleas and requests coming from friends and contacts to publish things like these in my blog?

Instead of getting to help them, we get into the limelight for the wrong reasons.

I have no problems in deleting this article if YB Zul does not contact me to verify his situation by tonight.

Hope this clarifies my position on this report to all concerned.


amoker said...

whatever la . who cares after what he did today.

Nostradamus said...

1. A MP and lawyer who himself breaks the law and encourages violence is WHAT? And you want to vote for this type of MP to lead Malaysians into the 2020?

2. Stop giving reasons as a Jeykll and Hyde. The character shows when a man cannot contral his emotions.

3. Wake up. We don't need MPs like these to add on.

CHee XtheMan said...

:-) He deserved it. Cakap tak serupa bikin.

polytikus said...

bro, it's extremely misleading of you to call a rumour "breaking news". no wonder ppl accuse bloggers for spreading rumours.

KJ said...

He deserves this.

malayamuda said...


If this piece of news is true then I am happy for Zulkifli.

I am a Pakatan supporter but if Pakatan breaks a rule, or breaks my heart then I want action to be taken against Pakatan too.

If indeed this asshole has been arrested, then I congratulate the BN for arresting him.

BrightEyes said...

I haven't seen this on the other newssites... mainstream & independent. Another rumor perhaps?

But if Mr.Zul was indeed ISA-ed, it would be such brilliant irony. After all, you guys wanted the ISA applied in this Bar Council issue, no? Well, there you have it! :P

Anyway, lets see how it goes. If Mr.Zul is really in Kamunting, then we'll protest his detention. After all, its detention without trial we're against.

But we'll leave him there for a week before we start cracking. Let him cool off his heels there, and give him some time to meet the Hindraf dudes.

Another irony is the ISA-hating Bar Council will likely be against his ISA detainment. Hey, they may even send lawyers. Something Mr.Zul needs to learn.

michael said...

I hope they will charge him for instigating violence, and not arrest him under ISA.

I hope as a result of this he'll lose his Kulim seat so that Kulim folks can be given another chance to elect a non-violent MP.

This must be done to all future trouble makers (whether they are from BN or PR) who trample on the right of others to dissent in a democracy.

Mango said...

Is this the true color of Keadilan? It is giving me 2nd thought now eventhough the common binding issues for us are the inefficiencies and corruption of Badawi's Govt.
I will be watching closely how Anwar reacted to this before I really made up my mind.
One would have expected with Anwar's ideologies , Zulkifli would have debated or articulated his views rather than some rough tactics, which I saw in the TV last night. Is this the type of leaders that we want to support?
Bar Council was there to support Anwar and many others on national issues.