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Friday, August 29, 2008

Malaysia's Parliament or the tyrannical BN's Parliament?

Have you been following the antics of the so called Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament?

The man has somewhat willed himself to believe that he is the Almighty Know it All and the 'King of the Malaysian Parliament' by the way he misleads himself into thinking and believing that he is the one who lords over the entire Malaysian Parliament?

I had refrained all these while from speaking on the subject accepting the fact that there are people like that who when given an appointment to be the speaker of the Parliament, are bound to give way to their bloody, bloated ego to creep in silently overnight, thinking that 'Hey! I am the Top Honcho here in Bolehland's Parliament!'

Have you seen his arrogance?

'Bila saya berkata senyap, harus semua senyap!'

'Apabila saya membuat keputusan mengatakan ianya muktamad, maka ianya muktamad!'

Such sheer arrogance!!!

The fella thinks that the nation's Parliament belongs to him!!! @#$%^&*!!!

No wonder that the current Parliament is just a House of Madness!!!

With such an arrogant, pompous ass presiding! Give us a break!!!

I for one do not have the slightest bit of respect left anymore for these kind of creatures masquerading as the honorable ones of the nation!!!

They can go take a flying leap into the nearest Alam Flora sewage pond for all I care!


The Malaysian Parliament can be likened to the Monkey Bar!

Don't believe me?

What do you have to say about this following episode?

I just wonder as to why the hell do the people in Kinabatangan, Sabah keep sending this moron to the Parliament?

Don't tell me that there are just no decent chap in the place to replace this ape?

Sheeeeshh...and you expect us to call them Yang Berhormat's @ Honorable One's???


Comedy Court deserves more respect than the bunch of tyrants representing the Bloody Nincompoops at the so called Parliament!

YB Indi Nadarajah and Allan Pereira would be a much more better replacement for the bozos crowding some of the MP seats there?

Who agrees? Hehehehehehe...

Indi and Allan,

Thank you guys! You two are surely a breath of fresh air for the nation after listening to all the bullshit spewed in our gone el loco Parliament!!!


Ikrak said...

Let pray that this Pandikar bastard will be run by a rubbish truck with his head crushed like shit.

Queen Bee said...

selamat petang mahaguru... boleh tak tolong sergah si KJ yg nak mengubur karier politik DSAI... eeee geram sangat dengar budak hingusan bertempik tak tentu pasal... sekali jentik je telinga dan cili mulut baru tau... sorry lepas geram je... i'm a sabahan and everytime si Bung (kembung) tu bersuara je, terus padam tv... ampun nak ngaku dia org sabah.. buat malu keluarga, mak bapak je

MAHAGURU58 said...


If it is his fate, none can prohibit such a thing?

The thing is that, I am appalled to see such pompous asses be appointed to be the 'moderator' of this nation's parliament?

Racists to the core!

MAHAGURU58 said...

queen bee @ janet,

Sometimes it is pointless to pay heed to empty headed pretender's tantrums.

I have come to a stage where I have to ask myself?

Is it worth my while to write about a certain numb brain?

Is it worth my time to go pay attention to some loud mouth who brays like an ass knowing full well that his braying is the worst kind of sound that only those unfortunate ones should suffer its inconveniences?

To me, the minute the fella spoke like that, he lost all credibility to be even given the slightest regard?

There are many such kind in UMNO and the BN.

Even in the Pakatan Rakyat are some mares who do not deserve our attention or support.

My choice is to place such people on my 'ignore mode'.

It helps. :)

Don't waste our precious time on such attention seekers.

We have better things to do.

Cheers. @};-