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Sunday, August 17, 2008

P44-Permatang Pauh-Had Malaysians not believed in Anwar?

Dear fellow Malaysians and respected readers of this blog.

May Peace, Mercy and the Guidance of Almighty Allah be upon us all. Ameen.

In the wake of the successful registration of Datuk Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim's candidacy for the P44-Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat in yesterday's Nomination for the 'mother of all Malaysian by-election' in this nation's history, let us reflect at the way things have come into place in this country and how the dirtiest kind of political conspiracy has been unleashed onto the man who has been the most victimised, most libelled, most ostracised by his political foes and now stands poised to make the biggest political comeback in Malaysian history?

Anwar bin Ibrahim, ladies and gentlemen is a symbol.

A symbol of how steadfastness against political corruption and abuse of this nation's wealth can land someone in prison, battered and bruised to within an inch of losing one's life and be charged with the most unbelievable crime of sodomy, one of the worst accusations that someone like Anwar with his religious background can be plastered with by his enemies in UMNO, who would spare no quarter in their criminally charged political agenda of conspiracy against the man who remains the sharpest thorn in their sides!

To this day, his former mentor and most vehement tormentor remains his arch nemesis, Mahathir bin Mohamed, the octogenarian who is as recalcitrant today as he was when he accused Anwar Ibrahim, who was then his Deputy Malaysian Prime Minister with having committed acts of sodomy against his wife's driver Azizan, his adopted brother Sukma Darmawan and his speech writer Dr.Munawar Anees!

All such ludicrous trumped up charges which were hastily judged and punishment imposed by a court which the whole world came to label the 'kangaroo court' of this nation.

I do not wish to dwell on that utter farce of the implementation of a politically laced travesty of justice and waste our times here but to reflect on the present, one must glance back at the past to know where Anwar Ibrahim stands today?

Read about his meteorical rise to power here and the subsequent pitfalls from the summit of his political position and the highest post he held as this nation's Deputy Prime Minister (1993 to 1998) back then?

Now let's get back to the present. I have published here pictures sourced from various blogs and news websites showing the tremendous response of Malaysians who turned up in the hundreds of thousands to show their support to the man whom UMNO have tried their level best to tarnish and politically assassinate using the vilest accusations that they can come up with but are flummoxed to discover that no matter what they try to smear Anwar with, the Malaysian people just aren't buying it?

Read Anil Netto's blog here and Susan Loone's here to get a grasp of what took place over there at the Nomination Centre for the P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary By Election at the Institut Perguruan Tuanku Bainun?

To divert for a moment as to the political gigolo Saiful's attempt to deny any prior knowledge of Datuk Seri Anwar's standing for election, visit Haris Ibrahim's blog here to read Haris's exposing Saiful for who he actually is?

A plain liar and obvious political scapegoat for UMNO!

I may have my differences with Haris especially where it concerns Islamic matters and the apostasy cases but I acknowledge his steadfastness in standing up for justice here in Malaysia.

I applaud his clarity of purpose here where he exposes Saiful to be nothing more than full of lies!

Back to my main points.

Now, if the people of Malaysia do believe in all the bullshit that people like Mahathir, Najib, Abdullah Badawi and the team of UMNO libellers spew upon Anwar Ibrahim, do you think that they would turn up in the hundreds of thousands, spending their own money to travel to Permatang Pauh from all over Malaysia to show their support for Anwar?

Even pensioners like Bernard Khoo who blogs at Zorro Unmasked was with Haris at yesterday's historical event!

What does that tell you? Is Anwar a sodomite as alleged by Mahathir?

Would 'straight talking in your face' Bernard Khoo have bothered to travel all the way up to Permatang Pauh had he believed in all the BN's bullshit against Anwar?

No sirree! I respect Bernard for his temerity in telling us as it is although at times there may be certain things that I don't agree with but that's just normal , isn't it?

We all have our own principles and viewpoints that might not be accepted by others including our fellow bloggers!

That's what makes us to be independent bloggers and not just like some ass kissing mainstream media who print and publish what their political masters ask or want them to?

We can all come together in the name of Bloggers Esprit de Corps but then again we don't have to all sing the same song, all the bloody times, do we?

Hehehehe, digressing again...sorry!

So, what do we see here?

Malaysians are just not buying any of the BN's lies and allegations against Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim!

Some say that I am an Anwarista who sees only the good in him and overlooks his negative points.

For the record, the last time I met Anwar face to face was when I went up to him at his house in Cherok Tok Kun, just after he returned home from KL after being sacked by Mahathir in 1998.

I had gone straight to him, greeted him with my salam, introduced myself and asked him point blank as to whether he did all those things by placing my palm on his chest and looking him straight in his eyes?

He answered me, looking back straight into my eyes, unflinching, immediate response, heart to heart that ' Wallahi! Saya tak buat semua itu!' @ ' By Allah! I did not do all that!'

That was enough for me and I have supported him ever since.

Whom do I believe? Anwar or Mahathir? Anwar of course!

Mahathir may have done good for the nation in terms of getting infrastructures and development to be built for the good of the nation but at the same time he did bad by victimizing Anwar and other areas which I do not wish to go in at the moment!

I have met Anwar before that when he came to our Islamic Centre at the base of the Kapitan Keling Masjid's minaret tower as it was being built and he supported our quest to carry out Dakwah al Islamiah to the visitors of our blessed historical masjid there in Penang.

The truth dear ladies and gentlemen will always prevail. It's just a matter of time.

Wrongdoers can run but they can't hide.

Just look at what took place in the lives of those who schemed against Anwar?

The main culprit who published that libellous book ' 50 Dalil Kenapa Anwar Tak Boleh Jadi PM' died horribly due to his diabetes complications and after Anwar was granted damages in the millions by the courts after the justice system found those allegations to be false and blatant lies!

Ummi Hafilda, Azizan, Aziz Shamsuddin all suffered personal tragedies as a result of what we Muslims believe to be the repercussions of their scheming ways against Anwar.

Need we probe further?

I think you all know as to what happened to all his enemies, right?

As we speak, things are getting hotter over there in P44-Parliament Permatang Pauh.

I just hope that no one will be victimized by the conspirators and that everyone will remain calm in the face of agent provocateurs who are now converging onto the 'mother of all by elections' and be aware that in their attempt to rob Anwar of his greatest political comeback of his life and that of the nation, that these ruthless BN folks will spare no quarter to spoil Anwar's chances of claiming what is rightfully his since he was sacked by Mahathir under trumped up charges which the courts overthrew in 2004?

I have just received another comment that is surely very interesting from a friend of Saiful the political gigolo.

Watch my latest article after this!

To the folks of Permatang Pauh!

Do the right thing! Vote Anwar back into Parliament! Accept no one else for they do not know you as your fellow Permatang Pauh son, Anwar bin Ibrahim!!!

Vote Anwar for justice! Vote Anwar for reduced prices of fuel! Vote Anwar to get rid of those who have robbed the nation blind and feel that they are the only ones who can rule over this land???

Prove them wrong and vote for Anwar Ibrahim, your rightful MP into Parliament P44!

Insya Allah!