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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

PDRM Seberang Jaya. Please release YB Gobala & Family!

Dear PDRM,

I know that you guys are beholden to the Federal Government run by the BN but please have some compassion in your hearts and release YB Gobalakrishnan and his family from your Seberang Jaya lockups.

Things got hot and tempers might have flared as they caught those 'phantom voters'!

I mean we all know that such buses coming from Melaka are suspect for what tourist attractions are there besides the Tuanku Bainun Institute to warrant their 'excursion' for an hour there?

YB Gobalakrishnan and the other PKR members were just doing their duty in apprehending those buses of 'phantom voters'!

As the appointed authorities to prevent such electoral fraud, the PDRM ought to have helped arrest such criminals instead of busting the ones who caught such vermin?

Dear PDRM officers,

Do the right thing and release the family unharmed for the sake of goodwill and in conjunction with the spirit of our nation's 51st Independence Day!

The P44 Permatang Pauh By Election is over!

The people have chosen their MP!

Let's all start getting this nation back in order and get rid of further heartaches in the spirit of nation building and removal of deadwood and rotten scum from the corridors of power here in Malaysia.

Be a sport guys and let the family of YB Gobalakrishnan return home with their dad.

Verily Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala loves those who show compassion and mercy.

Please! Do the right thing! PDRM Boleh!

"Merdekakan mereka!"

Thanking you in anticipation,

Zainol Abideen.


Janitor said...

I'm saddened by the highhandedness of the police in YB Gobala's case. He seemed to have his valid reason for acting the way he had acted.

On the other hand, I'm also proud to see how we have come united for a common cause and principle. This shows an Indian could risk himself for a Malay leader in this country. It’s a proof Indians in this country can be very loyal, including of risking their own freedom if they could trust a leader, though he could be Malay.

Isn't this what we wanted in Malaysia, a sense of ownership to one another?
Syabas! YB Gobala, I'm really proud of you. You are the role modal of a Bangsa Malaysia

Ghifari X said...

What will they do next?
This is what Pandikar Amin said, as reported in The Star today:
"I do not see any urgency for me to fix a quick date. For all you
know, the newly elected MP may want to go for a holiday first,
or even for an umrah before coming to the Dewan Rakyat," he
said yesterday.

a`uzhoo billah!

This isn't a BN/UMNO candidate, what Umrah what holiday is it the same -
Like the late Dt. Mazlan visiting Umrah while soliciting the aid and giving thanks to deviants under the Devil's charm.
These vagrants in UMNO believe performing Umrah with other peoples money and loads of ill deed knowingly and deliberately conjured is the way all Muslims behave.
Well I have news for the Monafik; DSAI won fair and square therefore his first calling is to be present in the Dawan ASAP.
PKR responsibility is to the people which is meaningful and genuine change.
GOD will be pleased, trust me.

Go to hell! Zoo Keeper, Open the doors of the Dewan Encik Pandikar Amin and stop using phony excuses. You Shameless monafik.

Stop insulting our nation's intelligence and institutions. Let us urge our KING to step in now. Swear DSAI in at the His Majesty's Royal residence its enough.

chong said...

i don't understand why PDRM love to be sodomised by BN/UMNO.
pls understand your real duty and the person you should really protect.

Totbon said...


Congratulations to DSAI!
what did they do to those vermins?Must have whacked them good.. do you have the video or photos?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother janitor,

As we celebrate this people's victory against the BN crooks, let's not forget the suffering of YB Gobalakrishnan and his beloved wife and sons who are being detained by the Seberang Jaya Police!

I ask that Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and the Pakatan Rakyat leadership go seek the release of the YB and his family plus the PKR supporters who are in the police lock up!

I am dismayed that the police have detained rightful persons who were there to see to it that those phantom voters didn't get away with their crimes but allowed those criminals to escape instead?

Those who commit tyranny may escape punishment here on Earth but not in the Hereafter!

That's guaranteed by Allah the Almighty!

Let's pray that YB Gobala, his family and the PKR members are released by the police soon.


MAHAGURU58 said...

ghifari x,

I see the Speaker of the Malaysian Parliament act as if he is the Sultan over there?

This is what happens when power goes to the head of those who don't deserve it in the first place?

Arrogance will only lead to their downfall.

That's the reality that is gonna hit them on their thick skulls soon by God's Will and as the answer to the people's prayers!

MAHAGURU58 said...


The PDRM are caught between the 'devil and the deep blue BN sea' of crooks and criminals international!

I just hope that the men in blue will soon be independent of the executive interference and be the real police that they all sworn to be in the first place?

I still have hope that they will realize that to kowtow any further to the BN will only destroy whatever remnants of honor and integrity that the PDRM might still have left?

C'mon PDRM! Show us the rakyat that we can still believe in you?

MAHAGURU58 said...


As much as I would love to have been there and give the rakyat live video feedback of all that had taken place, I had to be here in KL to attend a very, very important business meeting.

I recommend you to check out the bloggers whom I referred to in my recent posting as to their up to date reports concerning the P44 By Election!

Just like you, I had depended on the Malaysian Bloggers who were there at Permatang Pauh!

No Mainstream Monkeys Media asskissers for me!

Totally avoided watching the crap that they broadcast or published both online and offline!

As far as this blogger is concerned, the nation's MSM are just full of shit and BN asskissers!

I depend on my fellow Bloggers for news and latest updates or blog about it myself?

chong said...

thanks for the reply, mahaguru.

btw, my friend just informed me that the percentage of the total vote doesn't tally. they said the percentage is 65%
but the exactly percentage is 31200 + 15700 / 58000 = 80+%!!!

how come???

Ikrak said...

The votes don't telly because the BN-UMNO bastards use what they called UMNOthematics.