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Monday, August 25, 2008

Ramlang Porigi's Confession, BN's Election Corruption, EC's 'Tidak Apa' Situation?

That was the Masjid Wilayah Imam Ramlang bin Porigi's Clarification!

Thank you Ustaz Ramlang! Now, the whole nation and the world knows as to who were behind the Saiful Bukhari swearing charade?

If you had failed to do so, then surely you will be just another statistic of those whom the BN screwed and destroyed your future and your life for nothing!

Good of you to come upfront and clear your name and salvage your reputation!

Now let's take a look at this blatant BN's Election Campaign Corruption!

Disguised as a Social Welfare Contribution to the elderly but where the BN Minister Ng Yen Yen kept reminding the elderly folks of P44 Permatang Pauh now that they have received the RM200 'allocation', they must not forget the BN's CONTRIBUTION? Undi Barisan???

Read here at Susan Loone's blog about how the BN has violated all rules and regulations pertaining to the offense of corruption during the election campaign for the P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary By Election, scheduled for Polling Day on August 26th 2008!

Now, if this isn't a clear act of corruption, I do not know what other proof does the Elections Commission need to order the BN be disqualified from this P44 Permatang Pauh 'Buy Election'?

Is there a severe case of 'See No Evil, Speak No Evil, Hear No Evil' affecting the Malaysian Election Commission?

How come they seem to be so bloody blind as to all these kind of blatant abuses of power and criminal acts that breach the election rules and regulations?

How does the Suruhanjaya Pilihanraya Malaysia even has the moral standing to claim being fair to the contesting parties when such outrageously open acts of corruption be allowed by them without any corrective action???

Why have the Malaysian Police not taken any action against the BN? Double standards or don't dare to?

Is justice still present in this land or is it a case of 'Just Tease'?

Dear Permatang Pauh voters, prove us right by voting for the PKR candidate.

Hidup Rakyat! Undi lah Anwar Ibrahim, Calon PKR P44 Parlimen Permatang Pauh!


malayamuda said...

bloody bastards AMNO using religion to garner votes.

Shaiful swears on the Quran the Najib swears on the Quran then they ask more people to swear on the Quran.......

Quran dan Islam diperalatkan oleh UMNO untuk undi.........Muslims arise, awake and safeguard Islam from UMNO/BN

PENDEKAR said...

Al An'aam:108. Dan janganlah kamu memaki sembahan-sembahan yang mereka sembah selain Allah, karena mereka nanti akan memaki Allah dengan melampaui batas tanpa pengetahuan. Demikianlah Kami jadikan setiap umat menganggap baik pekerjaan mereka. Kemudian kepada Tuhan merekalah kembali mereka, lalu Dia memberitakan kepada mereka apa yang dahulu mereka kerjakan.

-tak salah nak bersemangat tapi jangan ler lebih-lebih, kang orang kutuk kiter marah jugak

Mirage said...

Anonymous said...

Beware & take every possible precautions that Flip Flop BN is already running out of ideas except to use every dirty tricks under the sun like faking PKR supporters with imposters to commit crimes in order to tarnish PKR image, spin more lies in the MSM they controlled, probably use the biased Election Commission to switch real Ballot Boxes with pre-filled fake Ballot Boxes & shamelessly to bribe old ladies with welfare money, all elderly Voters take the money, you deserve them, but vote in Anwar for a new Government come September 16, 2008 for a new Malaysia.

Petrol price cut at the last minutes of Permatang Puah By-Election is now the very sign of Desperation of the Flip Flop PeeM’s Wrong Doing:=KJ Flip Flop’s SIL Advisor of the Sinking Titanic BN PeeM’s last minutes Flop Flop Fuel Price Cut in great desperation to fish some votes from the present fiasco of their failed campaign in Permatang Pauh

As usual the Flip-Flop and Flip-Flop again and again in desperation to cling on to Power, throw out the rotten Flip-Flop Tyranny come Sept 16, 2008

Sink the titanic BN once and for all come Sept 16, 2008 in a coup de grace

Permatang Pauh Voters it is your solemn duty as the foremost agent of change to send the Dirty & Corrupted BN to the bottom of the Ocean, & cleanse Malaysia of the Flip Flop rotten problem once and for all.

Anonymous said...

Wahai warga Permatang Pauh, undilah Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim demi kesejahteraan kita bersama. Janganlah engkau dipukau syaitan dan memilih Arif Shah dan rejim BN/Umno kerana Allah SWT memurkai dan mengutuk mereka (rejim BN/Umno) yang berfitnah terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim...More

Totbon said...


Look what has happened to those two perak excos and is so somple in this world. when you are in power you want everything(wealth). When you are trying to be in power you'll promise the moon. So the conclusion. No matter who you vote they will end up the same. It is just a matter of how good they are at it. I pity all of you - the hardcore fan of this to good to be true guy. I do not believe a single word from anwar nor some of the politicians from BN.I have to admit anwar is cunning and smart in manipulating words. He's one of the best public speaking politicians but sadly he is what he is...Anwar will always be anwar.

Azrir said...

Ustaz Ramlang sudah bersuara kerana dia pun tahu yang dia sudah teraniaya.

For once i was upset with you Mahaguru for displaying his friendster profile in a clear attempt to get people to spam him. I think you should post an appology to him.

Al said...

Hi all … my question is … Where the heck are the ‘eagle-eyes’ ACA people … so fast & furious working to apply their upmost diligent work in Perak. Oh …oh I forgot! Sorry guys … got this one totally wrong. This one involved BN family members … hands-off. Go … go do anything at all … kill even … ACA nor Polis can take action. No no cannot … can only take fast action against opposition. Never mind … give money to the deserving people … give some to us also can. Will let that go by without recourse!!
Cannot bite hands that feed you ... you know! Cannot give opposition any free parking at all ... that would be unfair to BN. Must be defender of BN at all cost. Infact for opposition, intend is as good as commit the foul already!! Can catch & take action already. That is 'tulus' and fair.