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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Saiful Bukhari's Friend's Confession as to his lies?

Blogger ordinarycitizen said...

Your blog potray you as pious muslim yet within few hours after the news that a person swear by the name of Allah and Quran, you chose to totally reject the "sumpah". I wonder why, i.e Anwar too appear to be "pious".

Friday, 15 August, 2008

Blogger MAHAGURU58 said...


I am just being honest here as to what I see taking place in this Bolehland.

Would you prefer me to be a bloody hypocrite and swallow hook, line and sinker this 'obviously made for political theatre' swearing upon Almighty Allah's Name?

No one's stopping you anonymous sir from being gullible and swallowing whatever that this strapping 23 year old chap is spewing out?

The fact of the matter that anyone can pick up the Qur'an and swear this and that does not negate the possibility of abusing the procedure!

So please, learn to be able to differentiate between fact and fiction.

You believe that Anwar , a 61 year old grandfather is capable of overcoming such a strapping, physically fit young man and sodomize the bugger without any difficulty, then either that fella bent over with consent or Anwar must be the most rabid and sexually strongest grandpa in Malaysia and a sodomite to boot?

Hello anonymous sir, fitnah is even worse than murder so be aware of its implications and what you or anyone else believing in this political gigolo swears have to face in the Akhirat @ the Judgment Day before Almighty Allah?

As for my being who or what I am or strive to be, that's up to Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala to decide and not mankind, thank you!

Saturday, 16 August, 2008

Blogger ordinary person said...

dear readers..
im a fren of saiful bukhari for the past 12 years. i know he totaly did the wrong thing. wat i need u guys 2 do is 2 pray that ALLAH brighten his heart n change the bad situation to a great one. may he realise what he have done n tell malaysians the truth. i as his fren wants him to tell the whole truth. ALLAH will change him one day. insyaALLAH.

Sunday, 17 August, 2008

Blogger MAHAGURU58 said...

ordinary person,

You came in with the first comment in this posting and you questioned my stand against this political gigolo?

Yet here you are with your confession 'im a fren of saiful bukhari for the past 12 years. i know he totaly did the wrong thing!'

What does that tell us sir?

As one who claims to be Saiful's friend for the last 12 years and YOU KNOW THAT WHAT HE DID WAS TOTALLY WRONG; YET YOU QUESTION THOSE OF US WHO DON'T BELIEVE HIM AND HIS LIES?

If these are the kind of people that Malaysia has as it's future leaders, then this nation is screwed!

Really screwed big time for one thing and one thing only!


Although knowing the truth, none of you have the strength and firmness to expose him for his lies because you claim he is your friend!

Hello young man!

The fate of 26+ millions of Malaysians are at stake because those of you who know the truth HAVE DARED NOT TO BE RIGHTEOUS AND DO THE RIGHT THING!!!


As for me, I have my conscience knowing that Malaikats Raqib and Atid Alaihis Salam are recording each and everything that I and every other human being is saying, doing or thinking about?

That includes you and your friend for the past 12 years sir.

Think about it!

Do the right thing and stand up for the truth!!!

Sunday, 17 August, 2008

As usual, this blogger 'friend' of Saiful chooses to remain anonymous. Whether he is really Saiful's friend remains to be proven but then again, a large majority of such anonymous bloggers choose to be incognito for reasons well known to us - repercussions from those whom they expose in terms of their life and work?

Nevertheless, in view of his 'confession' that he knows that what Saiful has done is totally wrong, I am highlighting these exchanges of comments to my readers so as to give him a chance to come out and do the right thing?

The question is,' Will he?'

As for myself, the whole thing reeks of conspiracy ala 1998 once again and the way that the people of Malaysia are now gathering over there in support of Anwar Ibrahim ought to wake his enemies up to the reality that no matter what they come up with, Malaysians aren't gonna be that gullible anymore?

As far as Saiful is concerned, his integrity just exists no more as far as this blogger is concerned?

I speak from my heart that I do not believe in all these sodomy allegations.

I say that if Anwar really wanted sexual gratification, the man is wealthy enough to marry the choicest virgin girls in this land and appease himself?

The reality is that Anwar is a happily married man, father of six lovely children and now a grandfather thanks to his eldest daughter, Nurul Izzah.

Leave the man alone and let him go for his right in contesting for the P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat.

Let the Permatang Pauh voters decide as to whom they want as their next MP?

Here comes the mother of all bloopers from the fellow who claimed that Anwar sodomized him on' get this! > the 26th of August, 2008!!!

Ermmm...that's gonna be the P44 Polling Day over there at Permatang Pauh!!!

I wonder if it is gonna be an exclusive on all our major tv stations or the sole right of RTM?

Anyway, here ...tune your ears as to the date that the alleged sodomy is gonna take place!!!

As made famous by the actor M.Rajoli...." HAR! HAR! HAR! HAR!.....HAHAHAHAHA!...


Do read what respected Malaysian Blogger Maverick SM has blogged about this farce of a swearing here.