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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ugly Malaysians flourishing under Abdullah Badawi's rule.

My fellow Malaysians,

It is a sad reality that under the rule of Abdullah Badawi, the quality of Malaysian morals and standards are on the way down.

I wish to reiterate that what I am going to emphasize is going to concern mainly the Malays who are Muslims and I want to address my long kept grievances to those so called Malay BN leaders who hold authoritative executive powers over the lives of my fellow Muslims here in this bountiful and blessed but grossly abused land which we all call our motherland?

Well, I am sure that most of us know that the Malaysian Malays who happen to be Muslim are fast proving themselves to be so just in name only?

I don't have to tell you as to the shocking degradation that many of the Malays have descended into? Both in the urban and rural areas of this country.

I was driving home from the Jusco Maluri departmental store at Jalan Cheras today when I had to slow down trapped in a jam due to the traffic lights shorting out at the junction in front of the PGRM building.

Traffic was backed up all the way to the exit in front of the Jusco Maluri and our car was just at the bus stop where due to the rain, many people were taking shelter at the bus stop. There were all kinds of people there. All ethnicities and faiths were there. In the midst of all those people, what did I see?

A Malay youth fondling a tudung clad Malay girl right before all these people!!!

He was standing close to her back and they seem to be a couple. Yet, without giving a hoot to all the nearby people, this bastard was just having a whale of a time groping and kissing the obviously uncomfortable girl!!!

Yeah, you all know what happens next?

This old man just switched my car's window down and berated the @#$%^&&! idiot right there and then!!! The bastard feigned innocence and denied doing anything wrong!

I just said to him that I know he doesn't give a shit about other people around him but he better be aware of Allah Almighty watching his dastardly deeds!!!

I don't know people! I keep running into these kinds of animals in human form and almost always these animals are of the Bumiputera version!!!

I seldom see Non Malays and Non Muslims behave in such a 'kurang ajar' way in public.

Why the hell is these happening?

To accuse all Malays of misbehaving like these would be unfair of me but damn them to hell, I can just say that it's so bloody frustrating to see a large growing number of Malay youths be so bloody rude and disrespectful of the general Malaysian public nowadays!

This is the result of the poorest and weakest rule of the ones who call themselves as honorable Muslim leaders like Abdullah Badawi and gang?

Damn them all to hell!!!

Even the so called 'Ketua Agama Islam' of the Malay states have yet to ever take any constructive steps to stem the spreading moral rot amongst the Malay Muslims!!!

Talk about hypocrites in power?

The responsibility to stop evil is with all Muslims regardless of their social status or ethnic origins?

Society nowadays tends to be so very apologetic and 'liberal' in a sense that people just turn their eyes from looking at the degrading mannerisms of these wayward Malays who aren't inhibited anymore in following their animal instincts.

Sure, they get mighty offended if anyone calls them animals but the way they misbehave warrants such a term upon their sorry asses!

I for one hail the likes of YB Gobalakrishnan , the Padang Serai MP when he berated a corrupt policeman who tried to show his 'color' yesterday at the Kubang Semang Toll area?

I salute YB Gobala for socking it to the Malay policeman who was obviously trying to interfere with YB Gobala's catching the busloads of BN 'phantom voters' from Melaka!

For a few measly ringgits, these scoundrels will sell even the land, their wife, children, etc. was what YB Gobala gave it to them straight in their face!

That takes balls and courage to smash it to the police officers who tried to 'slow talk' YB Gobala out of the situation yesterday!

Malaysian Malay Muslims are sure going from bad to worse under the tutelage of the clueless Imam Hadhari!

I can only do what I can within my limited means and capabilities.

In the hereafter, all these scoundrels and 'Heads of Islam' will definitely have to face Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and answer for their treachery for failing to protect and guide the going down the drain Malay youths!

Hypocrites of the lowest levels!

Just wait for the retribution of Allah Azza Wa Jalla!


Anonymous said...

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Snowflake said...

Again Sir, thank you, you have said it all! I am a Malay and alhamdulillah, without having bertudung, my daily life will go incomplete. Like you too I encountered the same incident. I could not say more than being embarrass with their disgrace actions more-so they feel proud of their "wrongdoings".
What puzzled me, where have all the talks about Islam? Does our clergy acknowledged this phantom around us? I am even more ashamed when I am with my non-muslim friend who even more ashamed than me.
Watsayya Master?

Syafeesya said...

Salam wbt. Kita pada masa sekarang sedang menuju masyarakat yang maju tetapi miskin hati. Pelbagai perkara di buat bagi memajukan Malaysia dari segi materi. Tetapi sayang sedikit sahaja usaha dilakukan bagi memperkayakan hati. Maka terjadilah perkara sebegini, tiada malu melakukan maksiat di khalayak. Kerana hati itu miskin...hati sanubari yang hanya layak disamakan seperti binatang....

MoneyMatters said...

Salam Tuan,

Kesopanan Dan Kesusilaan. Kalau ia pun tidak bersandarkan kpd AGAMA, kenepa tidak menghormati konsep RUKUNEGARA. Tak kira apa bangsa dan apa agama sekalipun, jagalah tatasusila.

Masalahnya mahaguru, bila pegawai yg berkaitan cuba membenteras aktiviti kurang sopan ini, ramailah penentang , ie: Islam liberal dan sekular yg mempolitik dan menggunakan media, kononnya atas dasar kebebasan.

Ingatlah Kesopanan Dan kesusilaan.

Inikan pula, perintah Allah.. Lagilah kita kena PATUH.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam ya sahabat.

Saya teramat sedih melihat kemungkaran berleluasa dibumi bertuah kita dan kebanyakan pelaku maksiat ini terdiri dari anak anak muda Melayu!

Apa nak jadi ni?

Saya khuatir tuan. Khuatir maksiat terbuka dan tidak terkawal ini akan mengundang mala petaka yang tersangat dahsyat dinegara kita ini!

Ramai pemuda pemudi Melayu sekarang kebanyakannya sudah tidak takut lagi kepada Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala!!!

Mereka berzina secara terbuka dan amat degil serta sombong bongkak dan angkuh terhadap masyarakat kita!

Kalau dibiarkan , makin hancur negara ini karang!

Mahu tak mahu, gejala ini harus dibanteras secara tegas dan mengikut hukum hakam Islam secara tepat!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum snowflake.

I have been exposing all these acts of mungkar and maksiat in my blog since I started blogging.

The fact is that our nation's ulamaks are confirmed useless and incompetent.

These are the ones referred to as 'ulamak suu'. All afflicted by the 3 monkeys syndrome. No cure.

MAHAGURU58 said...


You rock girl!


MAHAGURU58 said...


Pandangan cik amat bernas sekali.

Tahniah! @};-