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Monday, August 04, 2008

UMNO has betrayed its BN Allies when it chose to 'merger' with PAS!

Are the other coalition parties in the BN deaf, dumb and blind to UMNO's act of betrayal against them when it chose to talk with PAS in setting up a merger between itself and it's arch political enemy recently by turning it's back on all the other BN coalition parties?

I did not hear any protest from either the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN and all other so called BN coalition parties!

It must be true then that all other BN coalition parties do not have the moral courage to speak up against UMNO and they truly deserve to be sidelined by the ruling party which champions the supremacy of the Malay ethnicity over the true justice of Islam that is being fought for by PAS and it's Pakatan Rakyat Coalition partners?

Although the DAP might not seem so bloody gung ho about endorsing PAS's fervor to make the Syariah Laws of Almighty Allah be the main bedrock of the new Constitution of Malaysia should the Pakatan Rakyat ever manage to take over power of the Federal Government of Malaysia, the DAP sure has more say in the Pakatan Rakyat than what the MCA, MIC, GERAKAN, PPP, etc. have in the Barisan Nasional!

What a bloody shame for the BN coalition parties. No spine to stand up to Abdullah Badawi and his political shenanigans.

At least the Pakatan Rakyat folks have reaffirmed their commitments to their pact. The BN 14 member parties are just reduced to being Brainwashed Nincompoops.

Tch...tch...tch...must be something to do with all that 'Yes Datuk Seri' kowtowing syndrome.

They say that it's incurable for most but at least one MCA woman leader had the 'balls' to do what she accomplished recently by quitting the MCA and joining the PKR with 2000 members who have realized that the BN is just too full of shit for them to stay and suffer in silence?


jamos said...

Yes Mahaguru,
It's already a known fact that all the BN component parties are just the most despised and condemned partners in BN. They're appropriately being named the 'Super Running Dogs' of UMNO. This clearly shows all the leaders of the BN component parties are only self-serving crooks with no interest of the people they rightly represent. What the shameful SCUMS they are! They have no spine of their own to do what are right even they knew that they have been sodomised by UMNO for the past 50 years. All BN communal parties should be sent to oblivion and buried once and for all in the next GE should PR fail to proceed to Putrajaya in this term.

MAHAGURU58 said...

That's why I say that they are equally to be blamed for the mess that this nation is in!

They chose to be silent partners to the apartheid promoting regime led by UMNO!

Serves them right to be sidelined by UMNO in the BN and reduced to being shoeshine boys of the Datuk Seri's in the UMNO Supreme Council who call the shots as to what takes place in the Be End.

Let's all wish for this fiasco to soon be The End of the BN!

suhaila said...

forgive me if i am wrong, but wasn't it you who not few days ago said that it has been your dream that Umno and Pas merges into a coalition of United MUSLIM National Organization?

Why the sudden U-Turn? Any particular reason?

chong said...

let's clean them all for once and once for all! looking back, this MCA taiko, Lim leong sek is as evil as mamak tun.

btw, sorry, if it's irrelevant.

has the doctor back to work?
according to the hospital he shall be back on monday. any further news on him? is he really missing too?

MAHAGURU58 said...


I still dream of a United Muslims National Organization.

Problem with UMNO is that they still are stuck onto their Malay Supremacy Agenda.

PAS is for Islamic Governance based upon the Syariah of Allah whereas UMNO doesn't want to have anything to do with that!

Hence, my continued anti UMNO @ anti Assabiyah writings.

The minute UMNO abolishes their Assabiyah stand and unite with all other Muslims here in Malaysia under the Syariah of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala, they will find me to be their brother in arms, Insya Allah!

Till then, its business as usual!

Fire away!!!

MAHAGURU58 said...


Last I heard, the Pusrawi Doc has yet to turn up for work.

Looks like anyone who gives any report or statutory declaration refuting the PDRM's agenda against Anwar Ibrahim will either be taking an emergency hoiday overseas or go on medical leave!

Must be the Conspiracy Virus Attack.

I hear it's lethal?

As for the wily ol' Tun Dr.M, the octogenarian is suffering from an acute case of lack of attention.

It could be cured by having him live on RTM to spew forth as much venom as he can cough up on Anwar!

That would make him smile broadly and appease his damn bloody EGO!

Unfortunately for him, Shabery Cheek will not entertain retired dictators.

So, it's only the blogosphere that will cater for such displays of unsatisfied former dictators like Dr.M.

Never mind him, just focus on the Permatang Pauh Anwar Campaign!

Has beens like Dr.M can do nothing much except make noise, can they?

Who the hell cares what he says?