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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

UMNO Link to Saiful Bukhari Azlan's 'Swearing'?

A reader of my blog, Francis , alerted me to the connection between the Imam of Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan, Ramlang bin Porigi, NRIC 790726125443, hailing from Sandakan, Sabah, who is a card carrying UMNO member and the swift manner by which he acknowledged and recognized the 'swearing upon the Al-Qur'an' by the political gigolo Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan who alleged that Datuk Seri Anwar bin Ibrahim had sodomized him?

The report was first published in Check out the UMNO Youth Imam's Friendster profile here. You can also check out his UMNO membership here.

Now, is this a coincidence or part of a conspiracy hatched by the top leaders of UMNO?

I don't know dear Malaysians. The coincidences are just too bloody glaring to be ignored by us!

So dear fellow Malaysians especially those of you who are going to vote in the P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary By Election on this 26th of August, 2008. please take into consideration of the connections between the UMNO Youth Imam of Masjid Wilayah Persekutuan and the coffee boy turned political gigolo who has coincidently chose to come out of his self imposed hiding on the eve of the P44 Permatang Pauh By Election Nomination Day to swear that he had been buggered by Anwar Ibrahim on so many times that he has lost count?

Funny thing though, the PUSRAWI Medical Doctor who examined his sorry butt has issued a Statutory Declaration and confirmed that this alleged victim of sodomy had NO SIGNS OF EVER BEEN SODOMIZED and that he advised the fella to go have his arsehole reexamined at any government hospital TO RULE OUT any claims of being sodomized!!!

I smell something rotten coming out from this whole episode and am just as pissed off at the way so called Islamic leaders who allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians to further their conspiracy against a man many do not believe is capable of having committed such a major sin?

All I pray for is that the Truth will prevail soon and all these conspirators get their dues soon!

Very, very soon so that Justice will be upheld!!!

May all these conspirators get a taste of Almighty Allah's punishments right here on Earth so as to teach them a lesson not to ever commit such a filthy, rotten, vicious crime ever again!



malayamuda said...

PM asked all not to politicise Saiful's swearing on the Quran as it was a " personal " matter.

Then why the F#$K is BN showing the video of Saiful swearing ceremony on Big Screens in Permatang Pauh ?

One rule for others and one rule for u guys .........

UMNO is an insult to Islam

MAHAGURU58 said...


Have you yet to understand that over here in Bolehland, the principle of 'Do as I say ; don't do as I do!' prevails?

The Imam Hadhari can always claim that he didn't know?

That 'tak ada siapa bagitau saya!'

Standard Operating Procedure bro.

The UMNO PM's standard, that is.

malayamuda said...

UMNO thinks the Malays are still gullible to hearsay and bullshit dished out to them.

They fail to realise that Malays are smarter now and do not condone narrow racist politics and politics where UMNO incites fear amongst the malays, in the name of unity to gain back lost support.

We must remind UMNO that the Malay race has been here long before UMNO and has survived the test of time.

UMNO need not pretend to be the saviour of the Malay race and Islam, cos both have existed long before UMNO

Vicky said...

Hi Mahaguru, kindly visit link below .

MAHAGURU58 said...

Peace be upon you Brother Vicky.

I applaud your broadmindedness in writing from your heart as you see the present scenario in Malaysia.

This is the kind of vision that the racists in BN fail to have and are still recalcitrantly pursuing their racist apartheid objectives!

May more Malaysians learn from you.

Well done sir!

My best wishes to you and your wife. May you both be blessed with a beautiful healthy baby.


Keep me updated sir.


Francis said...

The Hadharist Imam hails from Sabah. He is an established illegal given a "blue" IC. Established. Will be published later. However, he is an AMNO Permatang Pauh (Penanti) voter. Raja Petra has also commented on this despicable Hadharist conspirator.

Francis said...

And Dollah is also an Israeli supporter. Hadhari Islam I say is evil to its marrow.

Mr. Smith said...

This sordid tale is actually making a mockery of God, religion and race.
How can people who profess to believe in God resort to vilifying other people and using the Holy Book in the process?

Obefiend said...

salam mahaguru

i think to label this a conspiracy is a bit unfair on the friendster freindly imam. i know loads of imams and tok siaks who are hardcore pas supporter. even their car have ye old white moon flag nicely stuck on the windshield

lets say if esok anwar also sumpah using a PAS imam what would you say? i guess some zombies will say " its ok pas imam are the bezt,, they wont lie to god". but i am not buying it

both anwar and saifool should both be polygraphed. do it on the telly live like " The moment of Truth" on Starworld. yes we can do it

here is my entry about this polygraph thing.

sorry that the language is kasar. i was miffed over this whole sodomee thing

amoker said...

Imam hadhari mah.. . Many have moved from Sabah to Semenanjung and recognised as Malays.

Zaidey said...

Dear all, Salaam,

I do understand that the are many Sabahans migrating to Semenanjung, we have no problems seeing that.

But the "miracle" with this Imam is, he is a Sabahan, working in a FT mosque, and tup-tup, a member of UMNO in Permatang Pauh division.

Pretty creepy coincidence, isn't it?