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Sunday, August 03, 2008

Who would you believe? Anwar, Saiful, Ezam, Abdullah Badawi or Najib?

Dear Malaysians,

I just returned home here to KL after a weekend trip to Kuantan, my missus's hometown to attend a Majlis Aqiqah for our grandniece, Ainul Mardhiah and also took part in a Majlis Tahlil, Remembrance Prayers for our departed family members.

I saw an accident along the Bentong-KL Highway where a vehicle was on all four tyres up towards the sky. I just snapped this scene as I was driving towards KL. This accident was on the highway heading towards the Karak Highway. As usual, traffic was snarling up when we were passing that area. There were traffic police at the scene.

Now that I am home, I wasted no time in checking up on the latest developments as far as the political situation concerning Anwar Ibrahim's proposed Permatang Pauh By Election?

Looks like the PKR Supremo is facing two persons who claim to know his secrets and are threatening to disclose all very soon?

To me, these two individuals are just political opportunists who were remora's sticking to Anwar's butt when things were sweet and juicy for them but when things started to get too hot to handle and uncomfortable, they swim away to the outstretched arms of the UMNO desperadoes who need all the help that they can get in thwarting Anwar's political renaissance in the national levels.

If Saiful was really true to his words and moral integrity as a young Malay student leader, the very first attempt by Anwar to misbehave towards him as what an attempt to sodomize the lanky, strapping young man as what we can see, he would have whacked Anwar senseless and made his self appreciated by all and destroyed Anwar physically and politically?

On the contrary, this able bodied 23 year old young man claims to have been sodomized so many times by the 61 years old back pained stricken Anwar Ibrahim?

Can you believe such a thing?

I for one don't buy these allegations. If such a thing did really take place and it is proven that Anwar and Saiful did really commit such an abominable filthy misdeed, then the Islamic ruling is very clear about this?

Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has ruled that both parties are to be put to death!

The hadith is narrated on the authority of 'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas that the Prophet said, "If you find anybody committing the act of the People of Luth (i.e. sodomy), then kill the one doing it and the one with whom it is done."

So, who do you believe? Anwar or Saiful in this case?

If the police have received a report from Saiful as being bandied about by the mainstream media, then why have the police kept the nation in the dark about such a report for over a month by now?

If they have proof as it seems by the Deputy IGP's manner of speaking, then why the hell are the police letting the matter slide?

You either charge Anwar with the crime or you shut the hell up and let the man carry on with his life! That would be the best way to prove that there is still some bits of justice left in Malaysia.

Now, moving on to the other fellow baying for Anwar's blood - Ezam, Anwar's onetime closest aide and lieutenant.

Now, this fellow has taken the art of backstabbing to a new record low.

This is the very same guy who defended Anwar to the max and today, he has proven the idiom that in politics there is no such thing as a true friend or permanent enemy?

To me, all these seems so downright dirty and embellishes the fact that some politicians can and will sell their souls to the devil or in this case to UMNO to make their ends meet?

Where the hell are all those six boxes of evidences that this fellow threatened to expose the BN UMNO top cabinet ministers all those years that he was chummy chummy with Anwar and the PKR as their National Youth Head?

Now, he claims that he is going to reveal all of Anwar's secrets in view of Anwar contesting the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary By Election!

Do you folks believe in this man who cried wolf so many times that people in the Pakatan Rakyat have now totally disregarded his bark as just that!

Whom do you believe? Anwar or Ezam?

I don't even wish to waste your time asking about Abdullah Badawi or Najib Tun Razak for both of these fellows have turned our Malaysian life's into pure torture ever since the old dictator Dr M. quit his post as the PM and left us in worse off hands of the sleepy headed Imam Al Hadhari and the DPM who plays safe too much to even merit our attention?

I say let's see whether these BN Government has the integrity to allow a free and fair by election at the Permatang Pauh Parliamentary?

If they try to fabricate evidence by asking Anwar to surrender his DNA specimens again, chances are that DNA specimen will mysteriously end up after a month in one fellow's arse and the ones who think Malaysians are downright stupid to be so bloody gullible as to believe that Anwar bin Ibrahim has no other thing on his mind 24/7 except to go around sodomizing strapping 23 year olds as he damn well pleases?

Who would you believe? Anwar, Saiful, Ezam, Abdullah Badawi or Najib?

I for one believe in Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala and I pray to Him, Almighty Lord to show us the Truth as regards to this fitnah that is assailing us who believe in Him, Azza Wa Jalla!

Amin Ya Allah!

Verily You will not allow the Zalimuns to prevail!!!

Show us that they won't get away with all these fitnah O Allah!!!


Megat Terawis said...

Salam Mahaguru...

To be honest, with all the events that has cropped up lately, I can't bring myself to trust anyone these days.

But if I have a choice, I would want to trust saudara Anwar...although sometimes there is just too much secrecy about him that bothers me..

Entah ler..

wanderer said...

Saiful, the name he chose for his blog is deceiving and misleading, putting Allah's name in vain. A person with no moral standing and integrity..a despicable character.
Ezam, a double headed snake, the name explains all.
Bodohwi, started so called a clean PM,
unreliable and not trustworthy.
Nagis, the smiling tiger, I won't trust him, even with a dead lady!
Anwar, may have his his younger days with Umno. After going through all the sufferings of injustice put to him, I think have made him a better man. I will give him my vote.

CaptainCaveman said...

For once I agreed with you. Not that you hentam our PM, DPM, Ezam Or Saiful. Not because I like Anwar. But because you speak from your heart, a God fearing person.

Yeah, let Almighty Lord punish them.


BeOpen said...

It has become reality no one polictician can claimed that they are 100% clean. Important here is not about the politician's personal issue but more on his/her crebility to deliver and to bring our country to the next level in the context of delivery.
So why must Ezam try to talk ill about DSAI. Ezam should be focusing on changing UMNO and provide strategy to bring UMNO to win people's confident back instead of wasting time here to launch smearing war with DSAI.
Ordinary people have learned that all politician are somehow not clean so what!!

firefly said...


After all the happenings in Malaysia...the judge, the police, the c4 guy, the goverment, the hospital.....I trust DSAI.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you dear fellow Malaysians!

You have made me believe that there is still hope for our country!

May Malaysians do the right thing and help get rid of this corrupted BN once and for all!

All I wish to say to the voters of Permatang Pauh is that IF YOU STILL CAST EVEN A SINGLE VOTE FOR THE UMNO BN CANDIDATE THERE, you must be absolutely DEAF, DUMB AND BLIND to the BN's ruthlessness in making our life so bloody hard and unbearable!!!

I say that only those who must be clueless about all the sufferings caused to us by Abdullah Badawi and his gang will be so damn stupid as to continue voting for UMNO!!!

Muslims who cast your vote for UMNO's candidate will be voting for ASSABIYAH which is HARAM in Islam!!!

Study the facts and figures dear people!

Vote for peace and prosperity by voting in Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, the PKR candidate and son of Permatang Pauh!!!

Hidup Rakyat Malaysia!!!

Janitor said...

Pardon me for touching a little about Nabi Mohammad as I'm a non-Muslim. You see, even during Nabi's time,he had his strong opposition and those opposed him were very powerful. What they did not have was the support of the larger community.
Today we have the same scenario. Those who are opposing Anwar are the powerful while supporting are people of larger section. I call this as consciousness and it can never go wrong. Regardless of ones’ faith, consciousness about truth travels freely from soul to soul and mind to mind which we experience in Malaysia today. Zainul should know this better, perhaps you could talk about CONSCIOUSNESS in one of your article.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear janitor.

I absolutely agree with you about the subject of consciousness and our joint responsibilities in ensuring that the good prevail and society as a whole should muster all that we have within our means and capabilities to ensure that we all get to live our life's in a better, more sustainable environment, both political, social and environmental.

As you have rightly pointed out, the Blessed Messenger Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam suffered so much at the hands of his fellow Arabs who were Non Believers that he was even pelted with stones by the people of Taif till he bled profusely.

The Archangel Gabriel appeared to him and said,' O Prophet of Allah! All the angels are awaiting your order to punish these people who have hurt you! They are ready to crush the city at your command! What is your wish?'

The Blessed Messenger Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, although hurt physically and suffering from untold amount of pain from his wounds refused to allow the Angels of Almighty Allah to inflict retributive punishment upon the ignorant Kaffirs of Taif.

Instead he raised his hands in prayer and asked Allah so that the inhabitants of that wretched city be given guidance and faith eventually.

Such is the Mercy of Allah for all Mankind, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam, the Messenger of Peace, Love and Salvation.

If it had been any of us, I am sure that we would have wasted not a second to ask the Angels of Allah to annihilate that city and its people!

I will share about the subject soon, dear janitor.

Please pray that I get to do it soon.

May peace be with you sir.

Stephanella said...

In your post, The hadith is narrated on the authority of 'Abdullah ibn 'Abbas that the Prophet said, "If you find anybody committing the act of the People of Luth (i.e. sodomy), then kill the one doing it and the one with whom it is done."....

I'm sure Saiful understand this very well as a Muslim. It is very hard to believe that he is not being manipulated by some political figure to tarnish DSAI's image and prevent him to return to the parliment.

I wonder, if 2 people commited the sinful act and have to be persecuted, then why Saiful want to kill himself by reporting to the police? He act as though he is the victim but it doesn't make sense. So he made the report, he is also in trouble isn't it?

Victims of being abuse will go through a traumatize and Saiful didn't appear to be traumatize. If someone commit a sinful act,the last thing you would do is to let the whole world know about it. It is obvious that there is a motive behind this. DO you think Saiful will do any police report if that person was not intentionally aim at DSAI?

MAHAGURU58 said...

The reason Saiful dares to even report such a thing ( whether it did happen or not?) is because the Shariah Laws here in Malaysia is just a sham of the actual Hudud Laws of Allah!!!

Zina is punished by a fine of a few hundred ringgits!

Not even a stroke or lashing of the cane?



The UMNO led BN Government will rather close both eyes and stuff their ears with cement before they even consider implementing a fraction of what the actual Islamic Laws are with regard to such crimes!!!

That's why Abdullah Badawi, Najib, the IGP, the AG, Hamid albar and gang are having such a jolly good time screwing up Anwar's life and the nation as they damn well please!!!

Even the Malay Royals are silent towards the atrocities taking place here in Bolehland for all parties concerned will be seriously implicated IF AND WHEN THE TRUE SHARIAH LAWS OF ALLAH ARE IMPOSED upon this nation!!!

Billy said...

As a Catholic Christian we were taught never to swear at one's whims and fancies. and worse, to the extent of using the Holy Book as well. God is all-knowing and to swear on the Holy Quran, I feel, is an insult to God himself implying that He is ignorant. In this instance, Saiful is pushing the boundary of his religious beliefs a little too far. Would love to hear your comments on this, Bro MG.

Next, I wonder how much Ezam and Saiful are being paid by UMNO each time they open their mouths to say something adverse about Anwar. To my knowledge, I have been following the various blogs daily and have found there was not one single instance (to-date) when Anwar has said anything despicable about these two characters. Now these two blokes are going around trying to "expose" Anwar about his sexual preferences. How low can they go, really? Anwar is focussing on economic issues on how to make our lives better and these two are going around character assassinating Anwar for all its worth. In the ten commandments given to Moses, one of the tenets read: "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour." Now I feel sorry for these two when Judgement Day comes.

Ghifari X said...

Perhaps there’s some civility or a sense of shame within the MCA at lest coming from this group statement. Lest there be any need for condescending after all a statement isn’t enough today; considering the inaction from these groups as against the the overall public detestations and the magnitude of despicable shamelessness from the components.e.g.
“Let the court decide on the sodomy issue,” said Permatang Pauh Umno division chief Datuk Abdul Jalil Abdul Majid.
These guys just don’t get eh. We do not trust rely on or have faith in the courts, not only the court but all institutions of gomen except the opposition - not even parliament is justice and a genuine interest of the people is guaranteed. Even in their own personal capacity BN/UMNO officials affiliates sympathisers we passionately come to dislike at this juncture in our contemporary lives. These vagrants just add nausea whenever they are heard or seen in public. There’s nothing constructive futuristic or promising about these people any more. The mere mention of their name sake even their off-spring into public corporate ordinary life reaches fever pitch antagonism. Just go! Goooooooo! My wife and I switch between channels whenever these morons appear on the TV- it doesn’t matter what they have to say, we discontinue news papers delivery to our home , we don’t spare time to ready the ones that are free at the office and we take the free SUN at the guard house every 3 days to lay bed for the kids Hamsters at home - seriously! not even a glance. it is also what they shit on.