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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Anti ISA stand - Congratulations Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim!

Photo courtesy of Malaysiakini.

I am referring of course to the Malaysiakini news report highlighting Malaysian Law Minister YB Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's objection to the continuous usage of the draconian Internal Security Act to stifle opposition by citizens of this country to the ruling Barisan Nasional Federal Government!

It's about time that someone from within the BN Government had the integrity to denounce the BN's using of the ISA to cold storage Malaysians who expose the wrongs being committed by the BN and to state it as it should be?

I have been refraining from commenting on the current ISA arrests involving Raja Petra Kamaruddin and Teresa Kok due to wanting to get more feedback regarding their cases but I gather that if I wait too long, things will just keep on deteriorating in our country.

The Malaysian Government ought to consider the objections of even its own Law Minister and seriously reconsider detaining people in these days under the ISA.

Our country has enough laws to be used to charge anyone under the Common or Shariah laws.

Using the ISA to deny anyone a fair trial only reduces our country to be regarded as a 3rd world dictatorship and will further destroy any once of respect that we have before the whole wide world.

Charge the ISA detainees in court according to whatever crimes they are arrested for in the first place.

This is the decent thing to do and as a registered citizen voter of this country, I sincerely ask that the Home Minister Datuk Seri Syed Hamid Albar reconsider the recent ISA detentions of all those who are now incarcerated.

As for YB Senator Datuk Zaid Ibrahim's stand against the usage of the ISA, I salute you sir!

You have my support in this. Congratulations and well done.


boy said...

Jom lakukan HARTAL untuk selamatkan negara tercinta ini.

hafiz said...

Keterbukaan seorang menteri mengutuk tindakan menggunakan ISA sangat dikagumi. Kerajaan perlu lebih matang...mengapa kita perlu meneruskan lagi legasi tinggalan penjajah ini!? atau kerajaan sekarang adalah agen penjajah!?

fareez said...

musims people are geting bad now...some muslims try to condemn another muslims...and the kafir will take this advantage for their own benefit...

donplaypuks® said...

Kudos to you on your stand and to Zaid for his.

We must always support and give reconition to men of principle.