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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

'Balik China, Balik India, Balik Indonesia' Issue

I am referring of course to the erroneous call of certain racist elements in our multi-ethnic, multi-faithed nation who keep spewing such idiotic slogans and threats against their fellow citizens namely by the nation's number# 1 racist organization @ Pertubuhan Kebangsaan Melayu Bersatu @ PEKEMBAR. Better known by the British Colonial given name as United Malays National Organization or U.M.N.O.

The problem with such myopic individuals asking the citizens of this country who are from the Chinese or Indian ethnicity to 'return to China or India' is that such uncouth Malays are simply clueless folks who fail to understand how nationality works?

Anyone born here in this land belong to this land. Period.

There is no such thing as returning to a foreign land from which one's ancestors came from?

If we are to follow such a notion, then the Orang Asli's of this land have every God given right to ask all Malays to get the hell out of here and return to Palembang, Sumatera, Indonesia for that is where the former Hindu prince Parameswara sailed from to escape persecution from his enemies!

So, instead of asking anyone to return to any foreign land which by law will never recognise them as their's in the first place, wake up and learn to speak in a cohesive, rational manner!

Address the issues that one is not happy with instead of resorting to gutter mentalities and adopt racist attitudes which actually run contrary to the faith that one professes?

That is of course, if one is really a faithful believer in the first place!

Many of the nation's buffoons who are holding this and that official political position expose their lack of leadership qualities when they resort to using such offensive epithets to call upon others to go to anywhere it is that they wish for?

They do not have the right to do so for they are just descendants of immigrants to this land as well!

Such people need to grow up and learn to be leaders in the first place.

Any idiot who keeps calling others to return to China or India ought to first pack up his or her bags and return to Palembang in the first place.

I am sure that the Orang Asli community would love to see that happen and for them to regain what has been taken from them in the very first place.

Will those blabbering loudmouths be man or woman enough to practice what they preach or is it going to be just another case of the cockerel or hen that crows and clucks aloud failing to realise that one's tail is just full of you know what?

As for those who are guilty of such stupidity, resigning from their positions and allowing other level headed, rational leaders would be most appropriate for the good of this evolving nation.

I wish to remind such loudmouths to refer to the Final Khutba of our beloved Rasulullah Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam as to the rights of others who are not of the same ilk as us but equal in the eyes of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala save for their Iman in Him and their Amals?

The Malaikats Munkar and Naqir are not gonna be bothered as to what ethnicity one is when they start their interrogation of us in our graves?

They won't ask us as to whether we are bumiputera or otherwise?

They won't care whether one is a king or a commoner?

They won't bother as to what car you drove or lived in an 'istana' for the matter?

They won't also care if you have a 'Tuanku', 'Tengku', 'Megat', 'Raja', 'Engku', 'Syed', 'Nik', 'Tun', 'Tan Sri', 'Datuk Paduka',' Datuk Seri','Datuk', 'Dato', 'Haji' or what ever other honorific that one has before one's name hereon earth!
  • All that they will ask us is who is our Lord?
  • Who is our Prophet?
  • Who are our Ikhwan?
  • What is our Qiblat?
  • What is our Imam?
  • etc.
So, to the ones who are so fixated as to the color of one's skin and so called hereditary, please go back to the basics and start learning about being human.

May Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala guide us all.


* Selamat Berpuasa!

You are free to copy this article and spread it throughout the whole world if you wish!

I stand behind each and every word I have written here as a Muslim, Servant of Almighty Allah!

Zainol Abideen @ MAHAGURU58
Muslim Bloggers Alliance.


Vicky said...

Well Said Bro,

You really score well as trully Malaysian and Muslim as whole..With such mindset, I'm just couldn't agree more of praising ISLAMIC value more than ever..Its true Islam is a religion of fairness and just..Just sad to see some goons wearing Muslim batch and continue to shatter the quality of Islamic practise among all..I lived in Kampung and as real Malaysian never encounter any untoward incident with them and we as few Indians family felt more comfortable living among them than Indian community itself..The feeling of brotherhood is so strong..I can encounter 1 incident where I saw a horrible accident in Jalan Duta Toll where a bus plunge straight into oncoming Kancil from oposite direction..Well I'm really shocked not by the accident but the aftermath where a Malay woman in Merc S-Class sat on hot burning road resting Chinese woman on her lap while feeding her some water..Same goes to Indian and Malay guys trying their best to retrive a chinese guy(the lady husband from the car while facing leaking petrol..This whole incident really moved me and I must agree the feeling of Malaysian is really strong among us..I just hope our politician will learn the same spirit shared by common Malaysian..Please try to understand the results of election and learn from your mistake..Or just pack up and leave if you still thinking racial sentiment your number 1 priority..Good writing bro and keep it up..Please visit my blog for more interesting view on racial unity in Malaysia..

zorro said...

Zainal, with your permission this posting will be my Friday Guest Blogger 002 this coming Friday. Say YES, please.

amoker said...

Strangely, i think what you wrote is also the stand of Islam that seemed alien to the so called defenders of Malay-Islam of UMNO. The said MP refuses to apologize when confronted and UMNO leaders reacted as if " perkara remeh temeh".

I agree with your writting. However, do have concern that segregation is also not by religion. So, while it is good that we did not define each other by race, would it then be replaced by Muslim and kafirs?

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi everyone,

Congrats on a very well-written post. Except for the aborigines, we're descendants of immigrants. We are all born here and hence it is our birthrights to call Malaysia our homeland.

Yes, we're against any rascist, irrespective of his ethnic origin or political leaning.

Don't let anyone hijack your race and/or religion for their own selfish political ends!

Yew Meng said...

Dear Sir,

You have spoken wise words and this should be the great example how we as ONE MALAYSIAN should think to move forward as a nation.

The date 16th Sept is moving nearer and I hope we can all celebrate the born of Malaysia together with our brothers and sisters from Sabah and Sarwarak as one Truly Malaysia.


Rausyanfikir said...

Salam Pak Zainol,

Would like to invite you to read my entry regarding Anwar past years. How he end up to be like what he is today-i mean in intellectual aspect. Definitely for Anwar to demonstrate and goes to Kemunting in his younger days is not an easy feat. There must be something that drives him further… Maybe we can understand further some thoughts and influence that has been ingrained into him by few scholars.

Alias Mohd Yusof said...

Masa sebelum Negara kita merdeka dulu memang ramai pekerja-pekerja kontrak dari Negara China dan India datang ke Malaysia yang di bawa oleh kerajaan British untuk bekerja di lombong-lombong bijih dan ladang-ladang getah di Negara ini. Tetapi masa tu mereka tidaklah dipanggil sebagai pekerja kontrak.

Memang sifat orang Melayu dari dulu lebih selesa menjadi ‘tuan’ mereka tidak berapa suka kerja sebagai buruh kontrak ni. Mungkin juga kerajaan British ketika itu bayar upah yang murah maka orang Melayu tak suka kerja seperti itu.

Sama jugalah seperti masa sekarang ini, kerja-kerja pembinaan yang memerlukan tenaga tulang empat kerat, kerja-kerja yang bergaji murah seperti pelayan-pelayan kedai, membersih bangunan atau pejabat tidak diminati oleh rakyat tempatan.

Oleh itu kerja-kerja seperti ini telah diambil alih oleh pendatang-pendatang dari luar seperti dari Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal dan Myanmar. Akhirnya ramailah pekerja-pekerja asing ini memenuhi Negara kita.

Mereka ini datang dengan niat untuk bekerja bagi mendapatkan wang untuk dihantar balik bagi keperluan keluarga mereka yang ditinggalkan di kampung. Mereka yang datang bekerja ini juga tidak pernah memikirkan untuk terus tinggal menetap di Malaysia.

Kehidupan mereka di sini sungguh ringkas sekali. Mereka makan sekadar yang boleh mengenyangkan, pakaian pun jarang berganti baru, tinggal di rumah kongsi, lebih baik sikit mungkin ada majikan yang menyewakan rumah untuk dikongsi beramai-ramai dan jauh sekalilah untuk membeli perabut-perabut mahal dan harta kekal kerana susah untuk dibawa balik ke Negara asal mereka nanti.

Kecintaan mereka kepada Negara ini memang boleh dikatakan tidak ada, hati dan perasaan mereka hanyalah kepada Negara asal mereka sahaja.

Kita sebagai warganegara dan rakyat tempatan tidak begitu selesa dengan kehadiran pendatang-pendatang asing ini. Resam dan budaya mereka jauh berbeza dengan kita. Sudah tentu kita tidak mahu kalau pekerja-pekerja asing ini diberikan taraf warganegara. Kita masih curiga dengan kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka terhadap Negara ini.

Suasana beginilah yang berlaku semasa menjelang Negara kita mencapai kemerdekaan dahulu. Masyarakat Melayu yang merupakan penduduk tempatan Malaya ketika itu sangsi dengan kesetiaan dan kecintaan orang-orang Cina dan India terhadap Negara ini yang kehadiran mereka sebelum itu hanya dianggap sebagai pekerja asing yang mencari wang di sini.

Kebanyakan pekerja-pekerja Cina dan India ketika itu memang lahir di Negara asal mereka, mereka datang ke Malaya untuk bekerja bagi mendapatkan wang. Oleh itu memang tak dapat dinafikan kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka kepada Negara asal itu masih tebal, Malaya hanyalah tempat mereka mencari makan sahaja.

Tidak hairanlah kalau semasa penjajahan Jepun tahun 1941, ramai orang-orang Cina di Malaya dibunuh oleh Jepun kerana orang-orang Cina di Malaya ini juga dianggap sebagai warga Negara China. Di waktu itu Jepun juga berperang dengan Negara China.

Apabila British menawarkan Merdeka kepada Malaya, British telah meletakkan syarat supaya orang-orang asing yang mereka bawa ke Malaya iaitu orang-orang Cina dan orang-orang India hendaklah diterima sebagai warganegara seperti orang Melayu, tentulah syarat yang dikenakan British ini amat berat untuk diterima oleh penduduk tempatan atau orang Melayu ketika itu.

Samalah beratnya seperti kita hendak menerima pekerja-pekerja asing dari Indonesia, China, India, Bangladesh, Nepal dan Myanmar sekarang ini untuk menjadi warganegara Malaysia.

Memang ada sebab untuk orang tempatan berasa bimbang kalau pendatang atau pekerja asing ini diberikan taraf warganegara, kerana khuwatir orang asing ini akan merampas hak-hak dan keistimewaan yang mereka miliki sebagai rakyat tempatan.

Maka dari situlah lahirnya apa yang dinamakan ‘kontrak sosial’ yang telah dipersetujui antara pemimpin-pemimpin dari tiga kaum terbesar ini iaitu Melayu, China dan India bagi mencari jalan tengah bagi mengatasi masalah tersebut.

Mengikut yang punya cerita, dari ‘kontrak sosial’ inilah lahirnya ‘ketuanan’ dan ‘keistimewaan’ orang-orang Melayu yang telah dipersetujui antara pemimpin-pemimpin kaum tadi.

Kini kita telahpun 50 tahun merdeka, hampir semua orang Cina dan orang India yang menjadi warganegara Malaysia hari ini adalah lahir di bumi Malaysia ini. Kesetiaan dan kecintaan mereka kepada Malaysia memang tidak boleh disangsikan. Di sinilah tempat mereka dilahirkan dan disini jugalah tempat mereka mahu dikebumikan.

Oleh itu ‘kontrak sosial’ yang pernah dipersetujui untuk suasana di masa yang lalu itu memang tidak relevan lagi. Kita tidak kira kaum seharusnya mempunyai hak yang sama, tidak ada siapa harus menjadi ‘tuan’ dan tidak ada siapa juga yang harus menjadi ‘hamba’. Kita bukan lagi berdepan dengan pekerja asing dari China dan dari India seperti sebelum merdeka dulu, tetapi sekarang kita berdepan dengan orang Cina dan India yang lahir di bumi Malaysia.

Kalau etnik Jawa, Minang, Banjar, Bugis telah boleh diterima setaraf warganegara Melayu lainnya, maka tidak ada sebab etnik Cina dan India tidak boleh mendapat taraf yang sama.

Mungkin perbezaan adat dan agama menyebabkan kita sukar untuk bergaul antara satu sama lain, tetapi ini bukanlah sebab untuk kita membeza-bezakan hak-hak mereka melalui ‘kontrak sosial’ yang dikenakan kepada mereka tanpa mereka mengetahui justifikasi disebalik kewujudan ‘kontrak sosial’ itu.

Maverick SM said...

I am truly humbled by your article. How I wished and prayed that more, if not all, would think like you.

May Allah continue to bless you. Selamat Berpuasa.

Gurmeet said...

I was also baffled by the comments made. Racist people should not be allowed to be ministers. Thank you Mahaguru for highlighting this. Your blog is a joy to read.

Bob said...

Wow! I am truly amazed by the maturity that you have displayed (from the tone & message of what you have written).

I am also very proud to see you grow in maturity (as I have been a regular visitor to your blog). It is a relief that your increased maturity comes from increased reading of God's word. I hope you continue your journey, and continue "blasting" those who dont walk the right path.

Congratulations, and have a great fasting month.

MAHAGURU58 said...

My dear brothers,

Each and everyone of us is created by Almighty Allah.

It is He who puts this love, mercy and compassion towards others in my heart.

I love each and everyone of you who know how to differentiate between right and wrong, true and false.

As to the matter of those blinkered minds who fail to realize what being a true Muslim is, I can only pray that their clouded minds will soon clear up and they wake up to the reality that we are all Malaysians!

I can't imagine my life to be devoid of all my brothers and sisters here in this land that is our motherland?

I will continue to speak up for Islam and each and everyone of you as long as Allah permits me to!

Please know that there is no room for racism in Islam.

Those who champion just one particular race are confirmed idiots who are not true Muslims!

The Prophet Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam put this to practice during his lifetime.

I will share whatever that I can to show you my fellow Malaysians that Islam is for everyone.

The racists in this land will not be left to destroy our hard earned peace and harmony!

Till my last breath here on Earth, I will fight them and uphold Islam, the International System of Living for All Mankind.

Those of you who aren't Muslims, have no fear, Almighty Allah Himself allows you to choose your destination in life.

We are all the Children of Adam Alaihis Salam, the First Man and a Prophet.

Ask any racist out there to deny this?

We are living in the Last Ages.

More confused souls will turn up.

Doesn't mean we have to play along with their nonsense.

Just stand united as true Malaysians and defend it against those who have vested agendas and still live in an age gone by?

Malaysia is our home and no idiot has the right to say otherwise!!!

This land has seen Orang Asli's, Malays, Chinese, Indians, Sikhs, Ceylonese,etc. shed their blood and die so that we may live here as one nation.

Dare these racists dispute history?

To hell with them who forget that the Angel of Death, Ezrail Alaihis Salam comes a visiting 70 times a day and observe each and everyone of us?

We live between the 5 daily prayers on borrowed time.

Who is immortal amongst us?

Where have all the mighty warriors of old gone to?

Instead of learning to live and let live, these numb skulls continue to bray like unthinking louts exposing their depraved selfs.

May Almighty Allah waken them from their delusions and start learning how to live in peace and harmony with their fellow Malaysians.


Bernard, you are free to republish this article as you wish, bro.

That goes for everyone as well.

Be sane. Be rational. Don't let one or two attention seekers spoil your day.

Peace to all.

Allah the Almighty knows us best!

zorro said...

Thanks for the OK brother.

MAHAGURU58 said...


As long as Mankind remain separated by either creed or color, the difference will always be there till the Last Day, sir.

I can live by the Muslim and Kaffir difference for it is what Almighty Allah gives us to choose from?

If you would care to check out the Surah Al Kafirun, Chapter 111 of the Holy Qur'an, Allah commands us who believe in Him to say to those who don't; to each their own!

So, we can just choose to live as we please ; yet do so in peace and understanding.

We do not have to run down each other by terms of racism or apartheid policies.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum rausyanfikir.

Sudah saya meninjau isi kandungan blog saudara.

Memang menarik dan penuh dengan persoalan semasa yang harus dikaji secara mendalam.

Syabas saya ucapkan diatas usaha anda mengajak pembaca memikir akan sejarah lampau negara kita ini dan sebab musabab terjadinya peristiwa peristiwa yang menjadi 'turning point' umat Islam dan yang lainnya.

Teruskan menulis.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum saudara alias,

Pandangan dan pengamatan yang bernas.

Saya ucapkan tahniah dan syabas kepada saudara diatas komen yang penuh makna ini.

Semoga lebih ramai lagi warganegara Malaysia berfikrah seperti tuan.

Insya Allah, akan aman lah tanahair tercinta ini.


Chris Huong said...

Thank you, Mahaguru58 for your wonderful article about racism.

As the second generation Chinese born in Malaysia (My father was the First generation), Malaysia is my home. And, thank you for speaking out my heart. I want to be a Malaysian, badly. When I was studying in USA, I always told the americans that I was not from China and I was from Malaysia. Malaysia was, is and will be my home. I am Malaysian. Malaysia is my home.

I am pretty sad to see all those racists from UMNO and MCA who, unfortunately, still the leaders of this country. As Malaysians, it is our responsibility to eliminate the racism element that exists in Malaysia government because in the fast forwarding globalization of the international society, racism is going to drag us backward and leave Malaysia behind.

And, thank you Mahaguru58, because you have been the best example a Malaysian could be and we all should learn from you, and are proud of you. You make me feel proud to be a Malaysian.

Thank you.

anaianai said...

Thank You Mahaguru..well said.You greatly define the true meaning of "tanah tumpahnya darah ku" to all Malaysians.

fareez said...

sedih rasanya bila melihat papan2 tanda yang mempunya tulisan jawi telah di padam dan digantikan dengan tulisan cina...

kalau nak letak pun jgn la padam tulisan jawi tu...adakah niat mereka adalah utk menyakitkan hati rakyat malaysia???ini smua anuar punya pasal...mereka dah berani nak besar kepala...

seburuk2 orang bn&umno pun...mereka still islam...dan kalau ada parti yg akan ganti tempat bn&umno..pas adalah lebih sesuai...

walaupun skarang anuar belum naik jadi pm...tapi kita sdah dapat lihat orang2 kafir telah mula mula besar kepala...

apa akan jadi sekiranya beliau naik jadi pm???dah tentu kita jadi spt singapura...