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Friday, September 05, 2008

BN MP's 'Jalan Jalan Sembunyi Diri ' trip to the USA? Is this news true?

I happened to browse the Pahang Daily blog and found the following hysterical SMS content said to have been sent to ALL of the BN Backbenchers Club members:

"BN Back Bencher Club telah mendapat kelulusan mengadakan retreat di luar negara mulai 7 September hingga 19 September 2008. Penyertaan ahli-ahli YB adalah diwajibkan. Sila fax muka hadapan passpot antarabangsa ke pejabat BNBBC di 03-2070-7101 selewat-lewatnya petang ini. Kerjasama YB amat dihargai. Sebarang pertanyaan sila hubungi Pengerusi/Timbalan Pengerusi BNBBC di 019-9320932."

Another SMS containing these texts are said to read: "Semua MP BN… ditaja berbuka puasa di Las Vegas, pada 16 September… kedatangan DIWAJIBKAN jugak..!"

For crying out loud!!!

Has it come to this desperate a situation for the BN to attempt to 'squirrel away' their MP's for fear of crossing over to the Pakatan Rakyat pending the 16th September D-Day that Anwar Ibrahim has been trumpeting about?

Gosh!!! It must really be wrecking the nerves of the BN's Supreme Council who fear the threat of their MP's turncoat and bring down the BN's 51 long years of political supremacy as is being propagated about by the PKR's Supremo?

I for one do not dare speculate anything for it is forbidden in Islam. All I can say is that the way the BN bigshots pranced about the recent P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary By Election promising to bury Anwar Ibrahim and end his political career sort of backfired royally and skewered those loudmouths in a worse off situation than pictured here!

I mean, we all know as to which BN loudmouth promised to bury Anwar Ibrahim and all that but this is just too damn funny to ignore?


'Jalan Jalan Sembunyi Diri?'

For how long, may I ask?

How long are the BN Supreme Council gonna be sending their MP's here and there to avoid any such crossovers?

I say that if the MP's really see no future with the BN, isn't there the danger of them capitulating to Anwar's wish overseas as well?

It can happen, can't it?


The way the Independent MP Ibrahim Ali put it as well comes to mind?

He said,'16th September' right?

Didn't say which year?

Or is 16th September gonna be an annual 'Jalan Jalan Sembunyi Diri' trip for BN MP's from now till the next GE?

Any ideas?


Francis said...


I read a good rebuttal by Khalid Samad, Shah Alam MP to a "worried" purportedly "PAS" member, I guess, and I liked it, pliz read and comment on it as well.

Mr. Smith said...

BN should behave as though it owns the MPs. Neither should it treat them as kids or as someone in Sabah said 'cattle' - to be told to sign the 'akujanji' and not a compulsory retreat.
A stupid idea and gross waste of money.
Las Vegas should be last place to be infor a Muslim during Ramadhan. I have been there and it is all about gambling, prostitution, entertainment and sin, sin, sin.

iammi said...

All going off for holiday overseas ON OUR HARD-EARNED MONEY???!!!!! This is sheer bullshit and the height of arrogance and hypocrasy by BN. They asked us to change lifestyle and THEY SUKA-SUKA WASTE OUR MONEY!!!!! My God! WHERE IS THIER CONSCIENCE??????? Like this, it's not a question of ethics for the MPs to lompat to Pakatan. IT IS IMMORAL AND UNCONSCIENABLE FOR ANY OF THEM TO REMAIN IN BN.

telur dua said...

Idiotic idea. Those MPs intending to defect need not have to be physically in Malaysia to 'lompat.'

They could have all the paperwork done and have it submitted by proxy on the date.

Or is it that those MPs who refuse to go are those intending to defect thereby showing their hand to Badawi? Is this what Badawi want them to do?

Janitor said...

Who is paying for this trip? Is Najib forking out from his own pocket?

Secondly UMNo election is around the corner, so can we construe this a form of bribery?

Can we expect ACA to look into this?