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Thursday, September 25, 2008

China must stop victimising its Muslim population!

I am appalled to learn of this religious persecution by the Chinese Government upon its Muslim populations!

What kind of a blinkered government will go to such lengths to stop Muslims from fasting?

Malaysia must send a protest note to the Chinese Government on behalf of the Muslims of the world!

I wonder what the OIC are doing about this?

China should be ashamed for this gross violation of human rights when even its 'Big Brother' Russia has got rid of its previous 'Iron Curtain' mindset and has allowed its citizens the freedom to practice their preferred religion as shown by the video below!


Richard Loh said...

Hello there, Who is Malaysia to interfere in another country's internal affair.

What about our own country who discriminate other races and tear down temples?

Fight for our 2nd , 3rd or 4th class citizens in this country first before you go and scream on other country internal affairs.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hi Richard,

This is something that concerns the Muslim Brotherhood that has no borders!

I don't know whether you have heard of 'Ikhwanul Muslimin'?

We Muslims naturally care about our fellow Muslims over there in China thus my call to the authorities here to raise their concern over this unprecedented atrocity by the Chinese Communists against my fellow Muslims there in China!

As for your claims that there are 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class Malaysians 'SUFFERING' here in Malaysia, most of the suffering ones are driving Mercedes Benz's, living in plush neighborhoods and feeling the pain of fat wallets save for a few miserables here and there?

As for the tearing down of 'illegal temples', I am afraid that it is out of my jurisdiction as an online blogger.

You might want to speak to the local authorities about that!

Thank you for commenting.

Have a nice day. :)

I swear said...

Yes China should stop victimising its own people. Muslims are also citizens of China and all should be equal. The Communist govt has gone coo coo or what?

Daniel said...

i think, it maybe better to verify these stories before complaining. It might or might not a propaganda of people who dislike rusia and china. In order to verify the real situation in rusia and china, i propose Mahaguru to visit your muslim brother there... Hear from them, you will get the right answer.
if that the truth, then i will support you to take action.

DR SURESH said...


God bless!!!

Richard Loh said...

Thank you for your respond to my comment above.

First off, I would like to stress that I am against any kind of discrimination or suppression to any race or religion.

What I disagree is that you call for Malaysia must send a protest note to the Chinese Government on behalf of the Muslims of the world!

If you call muslim groups, organizations or even you can set up petition or whatever to make known to the Chinese Government on their behavior, I can agree and even try to help in any way I can.

But the way our Government itself is not conforming to its own constitutions and law while trying to protest others from doing anything wrong make us a real laughing stock of the world.

As to your comment,
As for your claims that there are 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class Malaysians 'SUFFERING' here in Malaysia, most of the suffering ones are driving Mercedes Benz's, living in plush neighborhoods and feeling the pain of fat wallets save for a few miserables here and there?

If I read it right, what you meant is, it's OK because the people who are suffering under this discrimination is very minimal, maybe less then 1% of the affected parties. Because most of them are rich they have to bear with this kind of discrimination or they can leave this country if they are not happy.

Let me tell you that if only one person is affected, it is still wrong but as I said above the Government does not follow the rule of laws and the constitutions.

DR SURESH said...

How come so many temples,some of them about 80 to 100 years old can suddenly become `illegal'?

Voon Tek said...


You really can't blame the Chinese government for this gross human rights violation, aferall, they're only just being Chinese and at the sametime, being a Communist.

Islam isn't the only religion that's being persecuted in China, other religion such as Buddism, Christianity, Catholitism, Taoism is also facing the same problem up to a certain extend.

Please note that whilst other religion was outlawed in China while under Mao's rule, Islam is the only religion that was accepted, note exception in this case means turning a blind eye to it.

Since China's Cultural revolution till now, religion is opening up, rights is slowly being recognise, give them some time lah.

You really can't blame them especially the spate with Fa Lun Gong, the cult; bad experiences then.

AIAntony said...

Mahaguru has his right to publicise his views and concern. I am a christian and let me tell you this is not something new in China. That Chinese government do not just discriminate against any race or religion. They will go against anyone who is a threat to them. The Tibetans are a good example. In fact, I will not be surprised if the Chinese government cracks down on Muslims, whats more with recent news of riots and chaos in the western region of China. As for the Christians, we hear first hand information of the Chinese christians who went underground churches through sermons, witnessing and books and how they were being prosecuted by their government that our ISA pales in comparison. Yet, we do not want to condone their government actions as only God can change their hearts like Saul, the anti-christ who met God and was later a fervent preacher of God. Persecution will not drown the voices of the faithful. It will only makes them grow stronger and the seeds sow wider. Let us pray for them and extend our help in their needs e.g missions. Bombings and protest would not help one bit.

bennyloh said...

As for your claims that there are 2nd class, 3rd class, 4th class Malaysians 'SUFFERING' here in Malaysia, most of the suffering ones are driving Mercedes Benz's, living in plush neighborhoods and feeling the pain of fat wallets save for a few miserables here and there?

It is hard for a 1st class citizen like you to understand the 2nd, 3rd and 4th class do exists and there are plenty.

MAHAGURU58 said...

First and foremost, I would like to make it clear that I have not in any way implied anything concerning the suppression of anyone's rights here in our nation.

My article is about China suppressing its Muslim populations who are my fellow brothers and sisters in faith.

To me as a Muslim, I am duty bound to raise my opposition to the discriminating Chinese Government's oppressive measures against my fellow Muslims.

I believe that it is my right as a citizen of this country to call upon the government ruling over us to take note of this oppression of our fellow Muslims and it is up to our authorities whether or not they will heed my call?

I am a blogger sir and this is my platform.

I am entitled to write whatever I feel is right over here in this space, right?

So, I'd appreciate it very much if I be given my right to state my mind without having to be asked to take care of our internal affairs?

Am I in a position to do anything about our nation's internal policies?

I am not, right?

All I can do as a blogger is to blog my feelings and opinions out loud, HERE!

Don't anyone come in and try to put words in my mouth or imply anything that I seriously do not and have not inferred, if you get my point?

Thank you.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Brother Suresh,

You are starting to divert the gist of this article's points to something that is not being discussed.

Either you stick to the topic here > China's oppression of its Muslim populations or just wait till we are on the same subject.

Thank you.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear benny,

I feel so exhilarated to know that I am a 1st class citizen?

All these years I was under the impression that I am just another ordinary citizen of this country?

Gee...guess that makes me somebody extra special, huh?


You sure pull some pretty hilarious jokes my friend!

Benny my man, just for your info, I am not a stickler for all these high class, low class labels.

As a Muslim, I hold firm to the understanding that there are no classes in Islam.

All mankind are equal before Allah save for our faith in Him and in the carrying out of our deeds.

That is the only distinction that I subscribe to.

Thank you.

Hehehehehe, calling this kampong guy first class!

You embarrass me sir! :P

ramadan said...

Knowing that even the slightest sign of unfairness against Islam can bring mad rage as had been displayed before, did you act responsibly to verify that this report is true before blogging abt it? If you have not, i guess no pahala for your today. You are mischievious.

Richard Loh said...

Sorry Sir, I apologized for all the comments that I made here.

Please delete them if you deem fit and proper.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Guess who is being naughty here, eh?

The report is from Aljazeera Television.

China's oppressive actions against its citizens are well known since the Cultural Revolution.

Are you by any chance one of its politburo members trying damn hard to deflect the issue here from us focusing on the latest Chinese Government's injustice to moi for raising the matter?

You ought to stick to your own faith matters instead of coming in with your eyes blindfolded as to the subject matter discussed here bro!

Its rude of you to say anything concerning my religious matters!

First and last warning here sir.

MAHAGURU58 said...


No worries bro. God is Most Forgiving. Most High.

I am just defending myself against being made into something or somebody that I am not.

Peace be with you sir.

michael said...

Actually China victimises every segment of her population except families of the leadership in high places.

I don't think she chooses to discriminate where victimisation is concerned.

Anonymous said...

"even its 'Big Brother' Russia has got rid of its previous 'Iron Curtain' mindset and has allowed its citizens the freedom to practice their preferred religion as shown by the video below"

Hi! Just wonder how about in Malaysia... whether the government allowed his citizens to practice their preferred religion?

MAHAGURU58 said...

No point in you asking me as you already know how things are here?

Problem with most Malaysian blog commenters is that almost always you guys never know to stick to the subject matter.


And some folks wonder why they get ignored or have their comments rubbished?

MerahShirt said...


I wonder what damage would it be for the Chinese govt if some of its population are fasting in this Ramadhan.

What is so wrong with fasting? i can understand if it will cause traffic jam due to bazar ramadhan however i dont think there is one in China.

Fasting was not even an act of gathering together in public that might cause riot.Can it?

As such i agree with you on protesting on this act. It is the muslim duty to help their brothers and the least we can do is to call for protest on this and pray for all muslim safety and mankind in this world.

This issue is not related to our internal affair (malaysia) as i believe all religions here can still practice their religion without being put into jail or whatever it is.

Just my personal view.

Thank you.

tan, tanjong bungah said...

Hi Mahaguru25,

We know that China is hard on all religions, more so when they view such religions as a threat to 'their security'.

You're right to call on OIC to pressure China on their treatment of Muslims in China, but, not the call on our govt to do so, as they have long lost the moral right to do so. Let us hope that Aljazeera had verified the accuracy of their information first.

I support your call to OIC to act. In fact, I'm against China's vendetta against the various religions, Islam included.

Selamat Berpuasa to you and all Muslims throughout the world.

becakayu said...


*except Tibet and East Turkestan

Khun Pana aka johanssm said...

Malaysian gov. told all other countries to buzz off or take a hike when it comes to our internal affairs.
Like wise Malaysian gov. can pisses elsewhere when it comes to other countries affairs.
Fair is fair okay? No changing of subject here.

So, Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim country.Now before any of you muslims picking on others (i.e China in this case ) take a good look at what is happening in our own backyard.

In other word , if Malaysian gov. ( A Muslim Gov. ) do not follow what they preaches, what qualifications does Malaysia have to stands on detesting another country?

While it is true that your quran stated muslims are brothers therefore without any "boundaries".
Care to explain the ISA?Care to explain the racial profiling especially Africans in this country? One of them was stabbed to dead few days ago ( holy ramadan ! ).The murdered in broad daylight African boy is also a muslim, your brother there...dead!
It is a cold murder there.
Do remember that we in Malaysia have mosques that cost multi millions. But Altatuya aka Amina was also murdered in Malaysia by her muslim " brothers".
I emphasis here again, that we have multi million US dollars mosques.
We have a somebody from somewhere issuing WARNING to somebody else not to mess up their masjid's speaker system .
We have nearly the entire PDRM on the take.
And yes, we have costly masjid .

If we in Malaysia cannot and won't take care of our own business,please don't preach upon others. This is a big keMALUan.
"Sendiri tak malu, orang lain pun tahu malu ".

You might not like my tone nor my way of thinking.
I am just another kafir , as kafir as nescafe. I believe in arranging my own backyard before taking on others.
As for the mercedes. i will only have that "paper car" on my funeral.

My point in here is simple, How to help others , when we ourselves are hopeless.