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The Muslim Bloggers Alliance
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debat Rakyat - The Online Bloggers Parliament

Ladies and gentlemen,

Fellow Malaysian Bloggers.

Introducing the online 'Debat Rakyat' Bloggers debating platform that has been launched by

For starters, Brother Nobisha has listed a 100 bloggers as his YB's.

YB's meaning 'Yang Berblog'. Hehehehehe.

Yours truly has been listed amongst the pioneering bloggers in this online debating platform and I look forward to see what is going to take place here?

It would be good to learn from our fellow Malaysian Bloggers in discussing the various issues that we are all concerned about in a proper platform such as this where I am sure that the Tuan Speaker @ YB Nobisha would do us proud by not following the actual infallible Tuan Speaker of our beleaguered Dewan Rakyat's narcissistic tendencies in running the place!

I wish YB Nobisha all the best in his venture and stand ready to throw in my support in this project.

Debat Rakyat - your online Bloggers Parliament.

Let the debates begin!