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The Muslim Bloggers Alliance
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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Debat Rakyat - The Online Bloggers Parliament

Ladies and gentlemen,

Fellow Malaysian Bloggers.

Introducing the online 'Debat Rakyat' Bloggers debating platform that has been launched by

For starters, Brother Nobisha has listed a 100 bloggers as his YB's.

YB's meaning 'Yang Berblog'. Hehehehehe.

Yours truly has been listed amongst the pioneering bloggers in this online debating platform and I look forward to see what is going to take place here?

It would be good to learn from our fellow Malaysian Bloggers in discussing the various issues that we are all concerned about in a proper platform such as this where I am sure that the Tuan Speaker @ YB Nobisha would do us proud by not following the actual infallible Tuan Speaker of our beleaguered Dewan Rakyat's narcissistic tendencies in running the place!

I wish YB Nobisha all the best in his venture and stand ready to throw in my support in this project.

Debat Rakyat - your online Bloggers Parliament.

Let the debates begin!


Nobisha said...

Terima kasih atas sokongan tuan. Saya sedang mengusahakan agar parlimen ini bukan saya berdebat di blog, tetapi di satu sesi lain secara "live". Harap2 tuan sudi untuk hadir berbahas nanti, insya-Allah.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Insya Allah. Sms saya bila jadi.

Selamat berpuasa dan Insya Allah, Selamat Aidilfitri 1429H.

Anonymous said...

I used to read your blog on your view about Islam and muslim eventhough I am a non-muslim. I find your recent comment in your reply about the deprived communities in our country lacking in maturity for a learned religious personality. There are may be 10% of the discriminated communities belong to the filthy rich while 90% of them need to work very hard to sustain a reasonalbe living and need to save a lot for the future education of their families because the discrimination deprives them of the low cost, subsidised higher education offered by the government. This 90% find your comment very distasteful because they are definitely not cruising around in a Merc.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Dear sinewy,
You are right. I should have been more magnanimous in my reply to richard.

Was just reacting on the spur of the moment.

I was actually a bit pissed off to learn about China's oppression of my fellow Muslims from being allowed to practice our Islamic faith as they wished.

Consider that response null and void. I apologize.