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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Forging a new Malaysia - Striving for peace amidst racist adversity!

Dear fellow Malaysians.

The recent developments in the political theatre of our nation especially concerning the erupting of crude and crass racist policies taken by the Penang UMNO Division spearheaded by the UMNO Bukit Bendera Chief Datuk Ahmad Ismail is something very serious that if not curbed or nipped in the bud by this nation's Prime Minister Dato Seri Abdullah Badawi can and will lead to very damaging consequences for this country's future?

It is also a very clear sign of the lack of forward thinking leaders in this nation of 26 over million people who are being held to ransom by the racist policies of the Barisan Nasional ruling coalition since this land achieved independence from the British Colonials in 1957.

For all the so called advancements that we hear our national leaders speak of every now and then in the field of infrastructure, developments, etc., the country seems to have neglected to groom the incoming politicians of this nation to the required standards of statesmanship, both in their intellectual prowess, strength of character, religious principles, fundamental foundations of leadership and decency of character.

Taking for example, the crude and crass manners of those racists in UMNO Penang, I feel sad to see people who are supposed to be Muslims, forget the very fundamental values of being one?

There is actually no provisions at all for any Muslim to adopt racist attitudes and threaten others just based on their narrow minded divisive policies which stem from their political interests and not that of the faith of Islam in their life.

In fact, the Blessed Prophet of Allah, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam has left for us a Standing Oder in the form of his Final Khutba where the Blessed Messenger explicitly forbids any form of racism to be practiced by us, his followers and those who claim to be Muslims?

The blatant racist statements coming from Penang's UMNO leaders exposes them to be those who are clearly not fit for political leadership in this multi ethnic, multi faithed nation.

Although the culprit may have been suspended from UMNO for 3 years, it makes a mockery of justice for the PM to threaten to use the ISA on others who speak of such a blatant disrespect towards one's fellow citizens and a lame attempt by the Deputy IGP of Police to cow others into silence!

Isn't it the classic case of these chaps missing the elephant butt before their very eyes only to zoom in on mosquitoes across the river?

Malaysia Boleh?

Don't think so. Malaysia is now just like a ship missing the bloody rudder. We seem to be caught in a whirlpool my friends.

A political whirlpool which needs a stronger captain to pull this nation out of the cesspool it seems to be headed into?

May Almighty Allah save us all. 


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