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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

HK Chinese man almost loses his manhood to a steel bench!

Hehehehehe!!! This guy must be the craziest Chinese man in Hong Kong!

He has made it in the main news of many news agencies by now for the stupidest sex crazed act in these gone stir crazy times?

Last night in Hong Kong, the police received a disturbing call from a man in trouble.

Xian, a 41 year-old man, was calling from Lan Tian park in the middle of the night. 

The lonely and disturbed man had apparently thought it would be fun to have sex with one of the steel sit-up benches around the park.

The bench has numerous small holes in it, which Xian used to attempt to satisfy himself.

However, once he became aroused he found that he was stuck and could not get his penis out of the small hole. Aaaaarrrggghhh!!!!!!

He panicked and called the police to help him.

When police arrive they found Xian stuck face down where he had been stuck for some time.

When doctors arrived on the scene they tried to release some of the pressure by removing some of his blood, but the penis was so swollen that they ended up having to cut the entire bench free and take it, with Xian attached, to the hospital. Hohohohohoho!!!

4 painful hours later, Doctors finally separated Xian from his bench. Ouchh!!!

Doctors stated that if he had been stuck for even an hour longer, they would have had to remove his penis!                                                                           

This is Xian walking off out of the hospital with his face hidden by a surgical mask obviously trying to remain anonymous for the sole reason of his gross stupidity in trying to fornicate with a stainless steel bench!!!

I know that people say the cost of living in Hong Kong is skyrocketing and that the costs of getting married must be pretty expensive as well but this outrageously unthinkable, most preposterous act of trying to release one's pent up sexual needs with a cold, stainless steel public bench's orifices is truly one for admission into the Most Stupid Human Behavior category in Ripleys Believe it or Not!

Xian will probably have to live out the rest of his life wearing that surgical mask to avoid future embarrassment!!!!


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I seriously hope that no one gets any similar ideas here in Malaysia for who knows what would the consequences be if any of the emergency rescue personnel should just be a bit careless in trying to extricate the fella's blood engorged phallus?

Aiyooo! Would be another 'Lorena Bobbitt' copycat act to surely make the headlines in tomorrow's newspaper!!!!



SuNi's Dessert Kitchen said...

ha ha ha...well at least he raped a bench rather than raping another human or animal ! Now he has to pay the firemen, replace the bench, pay for the hospital charges and maybe buy a year's supply of surgical masks !

DR SURESH said...

Just for your information bro,a similar incident took place in johor a couple of weeks ago,where that fella had a metal nut stuck to him.The doctors at HSA,JB had to lend him a helping hand.Prior to that another joker got stuck in a metal ring in KL too.Read it in the local newspapers here in Australia,just out of curiosity I called up an ex colleague of mine in JB,and it was confirmed such an incident indeed took place.
But the biggest joke is,the reason this joker gave the drs for this amorous and silly act of his.

He had apparently said that he was getting married in two weeks time,therefore he wanted to lengthen his `stuff'.Amazing isn't it,people can stoop so low to fulfill their desires?Just like our politicians back home.By the way apart from these 2 jokers above,most of the news published here about Malaysia is about Anwar,at least since the march GE,tsunami,even about the 16th sept take over of the govt.Dissapointed lar bro,nothing took place.Hope to hear a good news soon.
God bless and regards.