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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ISA Food Issue : The Teresa Kok Before and After Media Spin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Malaysians.

Here is a video that clearly shows as to who is spinning a fast one? 

Teresa Kok or Utusan Malaysia?

I have been following the media circus and hullabaloo created by both Teresa Kok and the nation's mainstream media over this 'dog food' controversy created by the recently detained and released ISA detainee.

When Teresa Kok was detained under the ISA for her actions starting from the 'azan issue' and then the way she and her team of DAP activists showed their obvious displeasure over the introduction of Jawi in the road signs, it already spelled of the following consequences which she and her retinue of likeminded DAP party members were going to face?

Refer to her blog article for more crystal clear pictures on this matter here.

To me this whole episode is a clear example of the age old saying that ' Thou shalt reapt what thou soweth!' 

The Malay saying is 'Berani buat berani tanggung'. Means the same  as the above proverb.

Looks like politicians today forget that there are digital devices and equipments widely available and used by media personnel and also by every Tom, Dick or Harry or in our case, Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy who are able to capture every action, reaction or response by every politician or just anybody in the news out there today and furnish such proof as irrefutable evidence if and when such cases come to the courts or the online discussion space!

So watch the video above and decide as to who is the spin doctor here?

As for my personal opinion as to the way Teresa Kok describes the food she was served during detention, her referral to such food to be worse or slightly similar to dog food, I can only conclude that Teresa has been living a wealthy lifestyle all her life and that she didn't realise that when she spoke of such food served to her to be of a quality that is served to dogs, she offended so many millions of poor Malaysians out there to whom having two eggs, rice and some gravy is already considered a luxury!

As one who considers such food already heaven sent compared to the dire straits of many hungry people out there in the whole wide world, I can understand why many people are pissed off at Teresa Kok?

She has once again brought contempt and ridicule upon herself due to her verbal diarrhea that must have taken place due to her euphoria of being feted by the DAP leadership surrounded by the media. It must have been due to the spur of the moment excitement for her to once again be in the media spotlight. 

Others should learn from this verbal slip and be aware of whatever one says without considering the backlash coming from any statements issued forth without thinking about its effects?

To me, I can only see this as a politician's true colors. Twist, rock and roll, baby!!!

Spinning like a `gasing'!

So, what's it gonna be? Are we gonna see Utusan take Teresa to court over this matter?

Let's just wait and see, aa?


Malaysian said...

Marilah kita lihat Inilah Pemimpin Dipanggil pemimpin Rakyat

CP Waterman said...

It's a crying shame that after 51 years of independence, Malaysians of different racial origins still struggle to understand each other.

It is very common to hear from the Chinese the expression "the food is worse than for the dogs" to mean "the food is bad", NO MORE NO LESS. I have heard people using that same expression on a 10 course wedding dinner in a big hotel!!! So why bother reading all kind of other MEANINGS into a simple common Chinese expression to start useless quarrels???? Can we all move on & not spin any more?

MoneyMatters said...

Assalammualaikum Mahaguru,
You're totally right. I dont like the way Teresa Kok described about DOG food.

Teresa ni takde kerja lain. Suka cari isu remeh temeh termasuk hal tulisan jawi. Cuba dia flashback sebelum merdeka, tulisan apa yg dipakai?

Berbalik kpd makanan tadi, sedih sungguh saya apabila makanan yg diberikan kpd nya dikatakan seperti makanan anjing. Bagi sayalah, mungkin dia ni nak makan BABI dlm lokap agaknya.

Dia ni pun kuat menipu rupanya.

Once a politician, forever politician. Chinese Chauvanese..

Dia ni tak sedar diuntung, mungkin tok nek dia dulu makan ubi kayu je masa zaman jepun.

Org yg bermulut celupar mcm ni, InsyaAllah satu hari nanti dia AKAN DITARIK NIKMAT MAKANnya oleh Allah SWT.


Mr. X said...

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WY Kam 甘永元 said...


as much as teresa kok failed to comprehend the lifestyle and hardship of poor malaysians, it also seems like the onus of understanding the other side lies only with her.

I am a middle class Malaysian chinese, and our dog (pet) does eat better food that two hardboiled eggs and rice. Would my malaysian brethrens who hate dogs understand my love for my pet? No. Coz dogs = haram. dog's food = shit. well, in different culture, different phrases mean different things. With your wide cultural background, surely you would be able to appreciate that.

By the way, what did you have for breaking fast today? What would you have had for lunches? nasi kandar? ayam goreng + sayur + nasi? Please kindly tell, who eat two hard-boiled eggs and kuah + rice for meals these days. mind you, those kuah they serve are watery tasteless stuff.

ps: pasal isu remeh-temeh, UTUSAN lah yg suka mengungkit isu-isu remeh-temeh.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I know that the more we speak about this subject, the more we are gonna hurt inside due to the fact that some of our nation's politicians have a tendency to blow things out of proportion just like what Teresa did?

What did she expect?

A 10 course meal inside with a maitre d ready to serve her anything she fancied?

Prison food is as expected to be nothing fancy.

I have tasted lock up food before when I was arrested and held overnight for whacking the daylights out of some Kedah Road gangsters who endangered the safety of my fellow residents and myself back in the late 80s.

I was served nasi kandar 'tapau' where we had a piece of fish, ladies fingers and white rice served with delicious curry!

Hehehehehe...must be only in the Penang Police HQ at Dickens Street!

For breakfast we were given two slices of white bread and a plain cup of 'Kopi O' kaw kaw.

I was allowed to keep my long pants on and allowed to perform my prayers in a separate room used by the policemen to pray.

I didn't face any trouble inside for my case was one of self defense and everyone else in the lock up (detainees with ISA cases- robbers, gun cases, etc didn't hassle me after knowing the reason why I was held).

I can only say that in Teresa's case, she may have been careless in choosing the words she spoke to describe prison food?

She would have escaped controversy if she had just said that the food was nothing to crow about or just say that it wasn't good?

Anyway, I am just voicing out aloud what I feel as a Malaysian blogger.

Just because I supported Pakatan Rakyat in the recent GE doesn't mean that I will just keep on endorsing whatever any of their politicians do or say blindly?

I am all for justice and fair comment and in this case I say that Teresa has erred.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Forgot to say that my case was kept postponed for 7 years and I was finally acquitted and discharged after the court found that I was only protecting myself and used the weapon that I grabbed from one of the group of gangsters and cut them up sending most of them running helter skelter!

Thank God that I was able to exercise my silat skills back then and was in my 30s! Hehehehe..

At this age @ 49 approaching 50, I'd prefer to battle it out here...lao liao oo...:D

Anyway, that's all in the past. History.....

chong said...

she didn't realise that when she spoke of such food served to her to be of a quality that is served to dogs, she offended so many millions of poor Malaysians out there to whom having two eggs, rice and some gravy is already considered a luxury!

wow, after 51 years of merdeka and there are still millions of malaysians can hardly afford two eggs, rice and some gravy as lunch!!! what a brilliant job our government has done!!! what have the government do for the poor malaysians for the past 51 years!!!my indo workers can afford better than that!!!

and my dear mahaguru, shouldn't this be the focus of the dicussion that millions of malaysians still live under hardcore poverty after BN 51 years rulling, then you further blow it out of proportion on terrasa kok's statement?

non-conformis said...

Saudara Mahaguru,
I m not sure what is your intention to blog on this matter... to add more spin to it?
if you read the letter issued by Teresa Kok, it consisted of 5 points and the main concern were:
1. why waste money to replace signboards when the existing ones were in good condition?
2. why replace with bad quality plastics while the existing ones were higher quality aluminium?
3. why use a character set that very few people actually understand it? lets face it, pride and ego aside, how many % of malaysians can read Jawi? she was right to point out, the official language of malaysia is BM in rumi, not in Jawi. Thats a valid statement.
4. the money can be used instead for other more important developments.

back to the issue of "dog food", lets not cloud the issue and divert our focus on ISA. this is like RPK said, "focus on the tree and miss the forest".

if u really want to focus on this issue, ask why there are still so many poor fellow malaysians (Melayu, china, India, Iban, Kadazan, orang asal dll) live on such poor conditions, as you said "happy with only eggs and rice"

Your article gave the wrong impression that people should be grateful if they are served this kind of food, doesn't matter they shouldn't be there (detention) to begin with.

I read your blog often and you are usually rational and analytical, except when it comes to your religion and race. Is this pride and ego? ask yourself this question. My dear Saudara Mahaguru.

There is an old saying " truth becomes clearer the more we debate on it". Emotion definately not the way.


MAHAGURU58 said...


Who's blowing things out of proportion?

Myself, Malaysian Bloggers, BN, Pakatan Rakyat, Utusan Malaysia, the mainstream media, yourself or your beloved Teresa Kok Suh Sim?

Face the facts lah brother!

It is she herself who makes so much noise over the food served to her in the ISA detention!!!

The whole nation got dragged into the controversy because of her complaining mouth!

Read the papers lah brother ; your beloved Complaint Queen admits her slip up!

Rest in peace bro!

You don't have to beat the cymbals anymore.

The opera is over!

Trukk cheng!!!


Some people just thrive on political dramatics.

Nang buti nang; kui buti na na na na na ....truk chenggg!!!

Emmanuel said...

Regardless however poor YB Teresa's comprehension of Rumi and Jawi (I myself learnt Jawi in primary school, chanting Alif Ba Ta Sa with my fellow classmates.)I respectfully disagree with you bro on the crux of the matter

This issue I feel is not about Jawi and Rumi, or the Azan in Masjid Kinrara, or anything else, its just about ISA. I think most people were cheesed off that the ISA was used on Teresa, worse still Ms Tan (the reporter) and RPK while Ahmad Ismail was just given an UMNO -PARTY punishment. It appears that there are now not 2, but 3 legal systems running parallel in Malaysia- the secular courts, the Syariah courts and the UMNO Discplinary Courts!

And while I do not believe RPK said anything really insulting to his Fellow Muslim brothers (save a few corrupt people whose ICs happen to state 'Islam'); If its really THAT insulting to be thrown into ISA, shouldn't MENJ be thrown into ISA as well?Check out his latest post bro, and tell me if Christians are not to feel insulted by it?

I am dead against repressive 'preventive' laws like ISA and the Emergency Ordinance but deader still against unfair implementation of such laws!And no, I do not believe anyone of those guys, MENJ included should be thrown into ISA at all.

Wishing you a happy last few days of fasting :)

Daniel said...

I understood what she meant "dog food", it was just meant the food was bad. No intention to hurt anybody.

So Mahaguru, you are agreed that this food is good enough for human daily meal?

Daniel said...

just read the comments from non-conformis and i am totally agreed with non-conformis!

MAHAGURU58 said...


I apologize if my take on this controversy is contrary to the way I usually write on the many issues affecting us Malaysians!

I am just sort of pissed off to see a politician issue statements like that and then attempt to twist and turn putting the blame on all others except herself?

It is true that there are many poor Malaysians out there for all the 51 years this country has been under the BN rule.

I feel sad and angry at the same time that Teresa keeps harping on petty matters such as the road signs, azan issue and other things that concern Islam and Muslims.

We have to work towards improving the lives of Malaysians regardless of their ethnicity and faith.

I am disappointed to see the Pakatan Rakyat dwell on petty issues such as these and fail to start working to improve the lives of us Malaysians who voted them into power in those 5 states.

Instead we see Anwar and the rest of the PR coalition start getting too big for their breeches and impatiently attempt to stage a political coup over the Federal Government.

I don't support this backdoor political coup policy taken by them.

These are not the kind of political leaders I imagined them to be when I crossed the ballot paper supporting Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim at my Bandar Tun Razak Parliamentary in the last GE!

All these political shenanigans makes me feel frustrated with the way the PR politicians are taking us all for a bloody ride to nowhere!

Thus my pent up frustrations are being let off here in my blog!

Its time for the PR to stop all these monkey business and start delivering on their promises!

If you and others expect me to just close my eyes on all these political charade just because I voted for and supported the PR in the campaign before this, well I am sorry to disappoint you that I am not blind to not see the media spinning being carried out by the PR politicians to deflect the nation's attention on the failed political coup that they declared will take place on September the 16th 2008!

That's not a gentlemenly thing to do!

The BN has still been voted into power fair and square despite losing the 5 states to the PR.

Instead of playing dirty like this failed attempt to seize power by buying over the BN MPs, the PR should just start working hard to show to us that they are worthy and capable of ruling over us at the Federal level!

That's why I am a bit bothered to see this political sideshow , hue and cry over prison food by Teresa!

There you have it!

I don't really care as to who the hell rules over us as long as they do it the right way!

That to me is justice and that is what I would love to see take place here in Malaysia.

We all know that in the next GE, the BN is going to get their butt kicked and the chances of the PR becoming the Federal Government is pretty high but that doesn't mean that we have to close one eye on the PR's mistakes in the mean time, do we?

Some folks say that I am neither here nor there?

In a sense, they may be right.

I don't totally trust either the BN or the PR.

I trust only the Laws of Almighty Allah.

Any party that can put that to practice as it is can be assured that this blogger here will give them my total support failing which I will just speak out against their injustice no matter who they are?

Even PAS!

Hope you are clearer as to where I stand by now not that it makes any difference to the way things are and going to be?

I am just a lone voice here, speaking out for the truth and wishing for nothing else but justice for all.

May Almighty Allah bless and guide us all.


Why Cares said...

What is the Standing orders on food for temporary'lock-ups' & 'temporary detention rooms' at all Police stations ? Do they have official chefs or official food suppliers?

The writer got 'tapau nasi-kandar' show absence of prison chef. The OCPD must be one proud officer who took pride to take care of his Staff and detainees.

Her expression 'worse or slightly similar to xxx food' is merely a figure of speech. The meaning is "even xxx get better treatment than human ". The fact is did she get stomach ailments after consuming the 'stale' food? Minus cultural translations ...taboos..

If she got 'Nasi-kandar', she would most probably praise the food being served!

Now we only know RM4.50 was allocated instead of Rm5.80 .

Now what is the actual 'standing orders' on food for detainees & convicts at permanent detention centers like the Federal Prisons throughout the country ?

They sure have better allocations and facilities,to provide a slightly better food ? If it is the same, then we have a serious procedural problem !

Let's see what the Deputy Minister can do to improve food for 'temporary detention rooms '!

Please assist to cool down the issue.

We have a bigger issue to highlight ,like " Abolish ISA" immediately !

My salute to all Peacemakers.

MAHAGURU58 said...


I do not wish to repeat myself as to why I am sort of pissed off with this whole caper by Teresa Kok or the PR for the matter.

Please read my reply to non-conformis and try to see my points.

After all, it is good to engage and discuss like these peacefully with one another albeit in a respectful manner without having to resort to insults, etc.

I thank you all for your manner of commenting. Tabik spring 4 u guys!

Emmanuel, thanks for commenting and updating me as to the latest posting of my ex MBA mate.

I have to admit that I seldom read what he has been posting or what because I have a fair idea of what would be there?

The usual Christian bashing I suppose?

Some folks are deadstuck in an unreformattable state of mind and mental outlook so why bother, eh?

I agree that the UMNO Penang guy should have been thrown into the slammer for stoking racial and religious conflict but just like you, I have no political power to do anything, do I?

As for your wish not to see anyone thrown into the ISA, I concur with you too but I say that the law should be used to take anyone to court for breaching the peace, regardless as to who or what they are?

We have adequate laws to prosecute anyone over anything and I am all for the due process of law to be administered to anyone here in Malaysia should they run foul of it?

Thanks for the wellwishes bro.

I do look forward to having a cup of coffee with you after Ramadhan.

Suria KLCC perhaps?

non-conformis said...

Saudara Mahaguru,
Like you, i m also disappointed with the political scene in Malaysia, even I m overseas right now.
There is so much politics in the country, so much that we are almost without government now. All the country resources are wasted on politics, instead of governing.
BN & PR alike.

food/fuel price, taiwa trip, ISA, and GOD knows how much more was spent secretly to buy the loyalty of those UMNO warlords. (dang, don't u love them UMNO leaders)

our country is going to the dogs, highest inflation, drop in corruption ranking, justice (or lack of it), you name it...

However, I don't agree with you on BN won the election fair n square. If it was fair and square, BN would be opposition now. just look at the number of votes they got and the number of parlimen seats they won. Is that in right proportion?
furthermore, if PR doesn't try to form government now, they would never have the chance again.
Reason? BN will do all they can in the coming 5 years to steer things their way. re-drawing constituency borders, new laws, clamp down on oppositions (does sodomy 2 ring a bell?) ISA,
imagine saudara, kalau yang berlaku dalam 6 bulan ini dibiarkan berlanjutan selama 4 tahun lagi, apa akan terjadi kepada kita semua?

I m not saying Anwar is the best leader. In fact, I am sceptical about what he says and what we does. but a change is good because that will a an eye opener to all malaysians that we can n will change the government if they screwed up. look at what happened in taiwan. KMT renewed and came back to power with very different profile and i m sure they will not repeat the previous mistake again.

This is what we want, a breath of fresh air to kill the arogance of UMNO that they will rule forever and can do whatever they like.

Anwar is not the perfect PM we need, but he brought on Malaysians the political awareness and the realisation that we can make a change. thats a milestone in country development.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Good points sir but I prefer for us to see a change of government in the next GE.

Malaysians are much more wiser nowadays and no matter what the BN does from now till the next GE, I still foresee them losing in the coming elections.

I am sure that Malaysians will not be deaf, dumb and blind to any more hanky panky by any political party after this political awakening on March the 8th, 2008!

Have faith in our fellow Malaysians.

We can still do it come what may or die trying!

Take care of yourself bro and Have a blessed Eid if you are a Muslim!

Wassalamualaikum wr wb.

MAHAGURU58 said...

why cares,

Thanks for the enlightening feedback and good wishes.

You have my support on the peace mission.

I am cool enough bro, thanks to my going to be 50 come this 3rd of October, Insya Allah!

May Allah bless us all and see to it that commonsense prevails over our beloved Malaysia.


amoker said...

Mahaguru, looked like you have cooled down. It seemed the the spins have got to you and no matter how i look at it, the issue is bordering on stupidity. And UMNO Seputeh just log a police report that Teresa insulted the egg. What!? Muhammaid Taib say that she insulted the poor and we know that Muhmd Taib is not poor. And it is funny that he is now defending the poor, the same government that pronounces that they have almost areadicated poverty.

AND, all these so called champions of the poor forgot that Teresa said that after her exhaustion via ISA detention. Inhuman.

You said
"Nang buti nang; kui buti kui".
In Utusan spin, you will have insulted the Chinese and the dead. But if read more with a mature view, you are prob joking to a fellow blogger that you know. That is the context of" food slighly better than for the dogs". If one knows the context, one will not jump. And worst, spinned out of proportion.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Hahahaha amoker,

Thank God that I have not run amok as per your moniker, eh?

Hehehehehe, you are right my friend.

Just having a joke with our blogger buddies here as to the political circus before us here with regards to this slip of the mind of the politician in question.

So, ready for the holidays?

Time for some Hari Raya delicacies and ketupat, lemang, rendang, etc?

I am posting a special on the scenes and sights of Jalan Masjid India and Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman after this.

Hope that our fellow Malaysians living overseas get homesick like hell and want to come back home soon!!!


Cheers bro!

Happy holidays to you and family!

Mr. X said...

This is not about dog food but about latest opinion in conjunction with ISA and the 10 sen drop in Fuel Price etc.

“Who do you DISLIKE or HATE most in Malaysia?”
Poll @

aliya said...

Interesting, interesting.. before Teresa's out of prison,people were talking about the injustices of ISA, about being held without trial.. and once she's out, with one spoken phrase meaning the food is bad, most people have forgotten about the injustices of ISA,and wanting to free all under ISA! Now all the focus, is on "the dog food". Great isn't it? All bout dog food and no more about ISA.