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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

ISA Food Issue : The Teresa Kok Before and After Media Spin.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Fellow Malaysians.

Here is a video that clearly shows as to who is spinning a fast one? 

Teresa Kok or Utusan Malaysia?

I have been following the media circus and hullabaloo created by both Teresa Kok and the nation's mainstream media over this 'dog food' controversy created by the recently detained and released ISA detainee.

When Teresa Kok was detained under the ISA for her actions starting from the 'azan issue' and then the way she and her team of DAP activists showed their obvious displeasure over the introduction of Jawi in the road signs, it already spelled of the following consequences which she and her retinue of likeminded DAP party members were going to face?

Refer to her blog article for more crystal clear pictures on this matter here.

To me this whole episode is a clear example of the age old saying that ' Thou shalt reapt what thou soweth!' 

The Malay saying is 'Berani buat berani tanggung'. Means the same  as the above proverb.

Looks like politicians today forget that there are digital devices and equipments widely available and used by media personnel and also by every Tom, Dick or Harry or in our case, Ahmad, Ah Seng and Samy who are able to capture every action, reaction or response by every politician or just anybody in the news out there today and furnish such proof as irrefutable evidence if and when such cases come to the courts or the online discussion space!

So watch the video above and decide as to who is the spin doctor here?

As for my personal opinion as to the way Teresa Kok describes the food she was served during detention, her referral to such food to be worse or slightly similar to dog food, I can only conclude that Teresa has been living a wealthy lifestyle all her life and that she didn't realise that when she spoke of such food served to her to be of a quality that is served to dogs, she offended so many millions of poor Malaysians out there to whom having two eggs, rice and some gravy is already considered a luxury!

As one who considers such food already heaven sent compared to the dire straits of many hungry people out there in the whole wide world, I can understand why many people are pissed off at Teresa Kok?

She has once again brought contempt and ridicule upon herself due to her verbal diarrhea that must have taken place due to her euphoria of being feted by the DAP leadership surrounded by the media. It must have been due to the spur of the moment excitement for her to once again be in the media spotlight. 

Others should learn from this verbal slip and be aware of whatever one says without considering the backlash coming from any statements issued forth without thinking about its effects?

To me, I can only see this as a politician's true colors. Twist, rock and roll, baby!!!

Spinning like a `gasing'!

So, what's it gonna be? Are we gonna see Utusan take Teresa to court over this matter?

Let's just wait and see, aa?