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Thursday, September 04, 2008

Media's awesome power in forging public opinions.

I would like you to watch these following videos shot and produced in the United Kingdom where certain parts of their media has been very deviously running an orchestrated campaign to paint the British Muslims in a very negative light since the 9-11 tragedy in 2001 and the 7-7-2005 bombing that took place in the heart of London!

These video series titled 'Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim' is in 6 parts. The host of these videos, Peter Obourne, exposes how both the media and the perpetrators of that tragic bombing both have contributed to the heightened sense of fear and terror in the hearts and minds of the British people, both Muslims and others.

For a country that once colonised so many countries around the world and ought to be familiar with their multinational former subjects cultures and faiths, Britain is now facing an emerging number of internal problems resulting from the demented ones amongst their media's covert hate campaign against their own citizens who just happen to be Muslims and the resulting backlash from their own citizens who out of their natural instinct of protecting themselves lash out at their enemies in ways that aren't exactly their choice in the first place?

It is the result of nothing more than pure unbridled hate. For all their claims of being the land of the free and champions of free speech, freedom of religion, etcetera, the United Kingdom is now reeling from the spiraling acts of racist and religious violence fed by the negative media propaganda which is exposed by these video series to be the work of the irresponsible British media.

Here in Malaysia, we have the racist elements in UMNO doing the same albeit through the irresponsible ones amongst their leadership who after spewing forth their racist venom and diatribe, go into hiding or will come claim that they did it in the spur of the moment and that they didn't really mean it?


Such racist venom only comes out from the hearts and minds blackened for years of living in a doctrine of race based indoctrination and fed continuously on a 'us against them' mentality, sponsored by the very federal government headed by a coalition of racist political parties.

I ask that you watch these videos and learn from the experience of these British people who seem to be unwitting victims of the media manipulation and also the results of religious hardliners who fail to see what their irresponsible reactions produces for their fellow citizens, both Muslims and Christians, etc.?

Malaysians ought to learn not to fall victim to such irresponsible media manipulations and those who hold official positions in the government and opposition ought to weigh the consequences of their vicious statements and opinions that just might rend this country asunder?

Both the media and the politicians ought to question themselves, ' Is it worth all the bloodshed and heartaches, sweat and tears?'

Watch these shocking videos and learn about the truth of the matter over there in the UK!

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 1 of 6

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 2 of 6

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 3 of 6

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 4 of 6

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 5 of 6

Dispatches - It Shouldn't Happen to a Muslim Part 6 of 6

That concludes the series.

Imagine the consequences of irresponsible media headlines that have the tendency to blow things out of proportion and spark off a race or religious strife between us Malaysians who are made up of various ethnicities and faiths?

The result will just be total mayhem that will destroy this wonderful nation of us, Malaysia?

Can we afford to do that?

Can we rest easy knowing that because of us, someone lost their life?

Because of the inflammatory headline that anyone, media publisher or blogger, goes ahead and prints or publishes, our society breaks up in a flaming rage or orgy of mass murder or massacre of our fellow citizens?

What would we answer to The Almighty when we die?

Would we want to even be close to the Hellfire that awaits those who are evil and cause the death or destruction of another without due cause?

Please ponder on it and remember to evaluate what we publish and if we do err, to immediately do a retraction and apologize, for the sake of this nation.

I pray that after going through these tumultuous times where we had to witness all kinds of media onslaught against our own people, we will have learned to weigh the consequences of irresponsible media publishing or blogging?

May peace reign in our hearts and commonsense prevail in our political leaders mindsets.


1 comment:

amoker said...

Thanks and agree with the posting. Very good links.

In UK, minority that is discriminated upon can get relieve and justice. Even leaders can be forced to resign to take up responsibility for infringements of rights. Muslim does have a strong voice. Even some area disallow Christians to wear cross to work or to celebrate christmas so that they appear as religion neutral. It goes in both extreme.