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Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Nallakaruppan's Press Statement 7th September 1998 revisited.

Dear Malaysians,

I was alerted to this latest development in our nation's political circus by Brother Jeff Goh, a dedicated freedom fighter and fellow blogger through email. It concerns the latest 'sock it to them' article by RPK in his now blocked news portal, Malaysia Today.

Trust Raja Petra Kamaruddin to dig from the past and unearth these beauties in the form of Datuk Nallakaruppan's Press Statement issued by himself on 7th September, 1998 absolving Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim from all allegations of sexual misconduct and other fraudulent charges levelled at him by the Prime Minister back then @ Mahathir Mohamad and his kowtowing cabinet back then!

Although Malaysia Today is now blocked officially by the authorities, the wily ol RPK still manages to wriggle his news portal out of the internet fencing and resurface over here with such juicy explosive reports!

I may not be an ardent fan of RPK, but I still have to give him credit for being able to sock it to the BN again and again with these knockout blows to their relentless assault upon the Pakatan Rakyat Supremo's reputation with their trumped up charges and allegations which do not seem to be able to hold water or be believed in by the general Malaysian population anymore?

It speaks volumes as to the type of characters we have in the persons of Datuk Nallakaruppan when his own press statement is here blasting his recent allegations about the man whom he so loved to play tennis with back then?

Just to emphasise on the meaning of 'Nallakaruppan' as I am a Tamil speaking Muslim, as well as fluent English, Malay, a bit of Hokkien, Mandarin, Japanese, Hindi, etc.

'Nalla' means ' Good'. 'Karuppan' means' Black One'.

So to say, Nallakaruppan is supposed to mean ' The Good Black One'.

In our fellow Malaysian's case, should we need to start referring to him as the 'Pollathekaruppan'?

'Pollathe' meaning 'bad' or 'evil'.

Datuk Nallakaruppan,

No offense to you sir but aren't you going absolutely reverse to what you have issued here as your press statement?

I am sure that most truth seeking Malaysians are as perplexed as yours truly here when we compare what you issued 10 years ago as your official press statement with your recent change of heart media statements with regard to Anwar getting 60 Million Ringgits from you, etc.?

Click on to these documents courtesy of Malaysia Today mirror site to view them in a larger perspective.

Here's Datuk Nalla contradicting himself by badmouthing 'his 30 year old friendship' with Anwar! What a friend, eh?

With 'friends' like these, who needs 'enemies'?


So Malaysians, what do you make of this very, very,very goood friend of Anwar Ibrahim?

1 comment:

Janitor said...

Could Nalla@Polla come out to disclose how in the world he managed to become a director of magnum corporation or to be a multi-millionaire?

I'm sure it is not because of his education background or his inherited wealth.

Even if I can't find a replacement for Samyvellu, I would never vote this man in.