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Friday, September 12, 2008

Pakatan Rakyat ought to honour the democratic process.

Dear Malaysians,

I have actually been not that happy with all this 16th September BN MPs crossover tactics to Pakatan Rakyat that has been the brainchild of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim.

Maybe I am just one of those old school fellows who like to see any political process be carried out through the ballot box.

I mean, let's be rational here. 

The 12th Malaysian General Elections saw the Pakatan Rakyat coalition of PKR, DAP and PAS win 4 states that have all these years been under the BN. PAS retained Kelantan as expected and we were all happy with the election results.

There were no lives lost, no one got seriously injured in any squabbles between the opposing parties. 


The BN under Abdullah Badawi got a damn tight slap from the people and old tyrants like Samy Vellu, listless ones like Koh Tsu Koon got sent off to the political lala land, etc.


So, for the first time in our nation's history, Parliament saw the Malaysian Opposition become state governments in 5 states and most other BN majority states saw the BN win by a very slim margin.

That's good. At least we all taught the BN a lesson that they will not forget overnight.

Now, when Datuk Seri Wan Azizah quit the P44 Permatang Pauh Parliamentary seat to make way for her husband, Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim and saw Anwar still get elected back into power after a 10 year absence from Parliament despite the BN's awesome election machinery being utilised all out against the man, he prevailed over Ariff Shah Omar Shah and is now the Opposition Leader in Parliament.


But then again, I grimaced with discomfort watching Anwar repeat his over eagerness to take over the Prime Ministership from Abdullah Badawi, forgetting the very values of justice and principles of democracy that we all want to see in this nation be practiced by all, both the BN and the Pakatan Rakyat!

I mean, what kind of an example will the Pakatan Rakyat be setting for our nation's politicians if they still pursue this ungentlemanly manner of buying over the BN MP's?

Those BN MP's were voted into power by their constituents!

What would they feel when they see those MPs jump ship and betray their trusts?

I know that most people in politics are mostly after money, power and position. There's no need to beat around the bush with it but let's just call a spade just that!

I say it is against the true spirit of justice and fairplay that most of us believe in and want to see be upheld here in Malaysia.

How would Anwar and all the Pakatan Rakyat leaders feel if there were Pakatan Rakyat MPs who jumped over to the BN?

Hello, we are talking about the possibilities of such froggies jumping here and there?

What guarantees are there that it wouldn't be possible?

If money, power and position is all that is important to our nation's politicians, then we are all screwed!

Politicians should realize that they represent us, the Malaysian people.

We, the citizens who voted them into power, did so because we believed in them and expect them to be the best that they can be and not betray our trusts!

Sure, we all hate the BN like hell for all the injustice that they have committed against us all these years but at the same time, does Pakatan Rakyat have to try beat them at their own game?

Do you fight injustice with worse acts of criminal breach of trusts of the voters?

Let's be rational for a while and look at the scenario.

The BN is now still the legitimate federal government but they now have to face the strongest opposition in Parliament ever in our nation's history.

There is no way that they can do as they please again for the Malaysian people have now awakened from their political awareness coma that they have been in all these while and will not allow the BN to lord it over them as before?

Yet, we do have to allow the due democratic process to take its course here in Malaysia and wait for the next GE to kick them out of office.

All these 16th September crossover shenanigans by Anwar and the Pakatan Rakyat doesn't tally with what I have been supporting them with all these while.

I sincerely hope that commonsense will prevail and all parties get back to work in improving our lot!

The BN owes us like hell and they should work doubly hard if they are to remain in power for the rest of this term.

Pakatan Rakyat ought to practice what they preach and show us what they can do better in governing the 5 states of Kelantan, Penang, Kedah, Perak and Selangor?

Show us your mettle and prove to us that you guys can do a better job with running those states now entrusted to you!

If we can see that you guys can really deliver and be fair to all as you promised, what is there to stop us from voting you into power in the next GE?

Think about it and don't get greedy or impatient as the proverbial 'dog with a bone in its mouth' which came across its reflection in the stream'?

We all know what would be the end result, don't we?

Do what you have been entrusted to do and show the BN that you guys are fit to run Malaysia by delivering us results yet by going about it in the fair and democratic way that we all wish to see prevail here!

There you have it, my feelings unloaded after all these time since I heard of these crossover caper!

I am strongly all for a change of government here in Malaysia but I surely will not support any bloody party that tries to take over power in a way that smacks of treachery and breach of the people's trusts!

As Almighty Allah is my witness, I hereby ask that Anwar and the rest of Pakatan Rakyat heed this heartfelt call by one of your supporters and fear Allah and the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam in ruling over the people in the ways and manners which reflect the true leadership qualities of those of us who are Mukmins!

Failing which, I know that the repercussions of breaching the people's trusts will come back swiftly to haunt those who go against the true principles of justice as what is ordained in Islam!

May Allah bless and guide us all.