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Monday, October 13, 2008

Mahaguru58's 'Jalan Jalan' ke Singapura' Pt.1

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

I am now on a short holiday trip down south in Singapore with my spouse in conjunction with my 50th birthday celebration.

Singapore has surely changed so much since I last worked here from 1980 to '86. I was with my youngest brother Nasirudin here in November last year when we came down to purchase his desired sport rims for his brand new Toyota Camry.

This trip around is more of a 'Jalan jalan cari makan' sort of a trip. Insya Allah, if Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala permits me, I'd be traveling to the holy lands with my spouse in the near future and then make sightseeing trips to the neighbouring Asean nations.

Here is a short movie compilation of video clips that I took of the Lau Pa Sat Satay Power night market at Boon Tat Link that I managed to snap last night. Great architecture and preservation efforts to keep the place looking spiffy as it was way back then but still equipped with modern amenities.

Lots of construction projects taking place around the area. Singapore is in a perpetual state of transformation, I must say. One thing though, the island republic is surely one dynamic place as far as the infrastructure development is concerned.

Let me start recollecting what I saw the moment we drove up to the Woodlands Checkpoint at the Johor Bahru Causeway.

This is the scene of cars queuing up to enter Singapore from the Johor Causeway.

One odd thing that struck me is the way our Immigration officers at the JB Immigration Checkpoint just waved us through without even taking a look at our passports!

What is the purpose of having them there then? 'Makan gaji buta?' Sheeesh!!!!

Another embarrassing thing is the poor state of the roads in that checkpoint. There are so many potholes there that will surely throw your car's alignment out of tune if you are so unfortunate to drive into them unsuspectingly?

Really something that our Malaysian authorities ought to rectify immediately. Why is this so?

It's like driving from a 3rd world country to a 1st world republic! Yet we have our bloody political leaders brag about 'Malaysia Boleh'? 'Boleh lingkop' if you ask me?

I am not saying that Singapore is free from faults or whatever but hello? We really need to buck up and rectify these situations.

Do we even have to wonder about why some folks in Singapore look down on us?

Even I am so bloody frustrated to see our lackadaisical non performing Malaysian Immigration, Customs and Police officers who are the best example of people who don't deserve to receive their monthly salaries and use it to feed themselves and their families!

I don't even want to start comparing the attitude and professionalism that the Singapore Immigration, Customs and Police at the Woodlands Checkpoint exhibit compared to our missing authorities at the JB side!

Really shameful I must say!

This has been the same from even before Merdeka! This 'tidak apa' mentality that the folks who are supposed to be manning our side of the checkpoints.

Sucks big time! Malaysia memang 'eksyen saja boleh!' How come no Malaysian leader has never done anything to change this embarrassing situation at the Johor Bahru checkpoint? Are they deaf, dumb and blind to the sorry state of affairs there?

Oh! I forget. Those idiots who call themselves as VVIP's must surely have been chauffeured in comfort through the express special lanes and wouldn't even have noticed the daily hassles that both Malaysians and Singaporeans go through at our so called checkpoints!

Another thing I don't understand is why the JB side has a 'toll' of RM2.90 to be paid by any motorist driving through the dirty, pot holed, chaotic roads at the checkpoint?

Not that I can't or won't pay such a toll but surely it is ridiculous to charge toll there for what is not even up to PLUS Highway standards or even local road standards in most parts of our country?

Stupid I must say whoever came up with this idea to charge toll for what must surely be a major disappointment as far as road management is concerned. More like a classic case of mismanagement of those who are supposed to be in charge there. JKR buta kah?

The difference of standards in law enforcement between Malaysia and Singapore is so obvious the minute you drive into the Singapore Woodlands Checkpoint.

Singapore has so many cameras and detection devices installed that scan our car number plates and flash them up on a big electronic board at the Customs area.

Young, alert officers come up and check our car boots whilst remaining professional in their duty whereas in the Johor side, no one even bothered to come take a look or even inspect our cars?

As my motto has always been, the Truth must be told no matter what so that Justice has a chance to live.

As far as I can see it, our Malaysian Checkpoint is surely the worst this side of the world! I don't give a shit to those who keep on pretending that all's well at our side. Face the facts.

JB Immigration Checkpoint sucks!


More brickbats at our Malaysian side coming after this!


Zul said...

Salam Mahaguru, saya sudah tinggal di Singapura lebih 15 tahun di daerah Tampines East.selama itulah saya keluar masuk Johor checkpoint tiada perubahan ..kalau anda cuba mengunakan public transport melalui checkpoint JB towards to Woodlands anda tidak memerlukan Passport utk diperiksa ...reason nya terlalu ramai rakyat kita keluar masuk kalau diperiksa passport nanti akan berlaku kesesakan. kadang2 anda akan dapat melihat imigration officer kita merokok di counter sambil mendengar radio haahaha..memang tak profesional..kadang2 saya pun malu juga kalau rakan rakan s'pore saya memberitahu pasal pengalaman mereka di JB terutama sekali berurusan dengan officer2 yg tidak profesional ini. Sekarang ni lau pa sat bukan lagi tempat best untuk membawa seisi keluarga keluar makan , sekarang sudah ada tempat baru seperti Bedok Corner, simpang Bedok ,jalan Kayu dan newton . ..inilah perbezaan Negara kita dan singapore. Pemimpin yg mengamalkan rasuah mementingkan kroni dan diri sendiri.

Prachai said...

Pretty much fits my personal observations too. If I were a criminal, after committing a serious crime guess where is the best place to run into? Not Thailand or Indonesia, but Singapore! The nonexistent checks at JB will guarantee that I slip through the Malaysian Customs, and then by the time they sound the alarm, I am off to some other country from Changi.

You can see the officers cracking jokes and ignoring Malaysians who pass through the checkpoints. I mean, if this is the case, just remove all those booths lah, and put the officers elsewhere to work. Why give them salary to do nothing?

janggut said...

It is great to know from you about Singapore. Indeed, many things that we can learn from the republic state. I've been there several times but haven't got a time yet to bring my wife dan family. Maybe next time, as my house is only a few kilometre from Tambak Johor.

iman said...


I am a M'sian working in S'pore. I too am ashamed on the conditions of our side of the causeway. I wish I could twist somebody's ears and bring them to tour the immigration and customs area. There is an old blue Nissan Sunny abandoned near to the motorcycle lane (on the left when you enter from S'pore). It has been there for more than 2 months. No one seems to bother.

I have seen Immigration officers playing games, reading magazines, texting and chatting. If I could meet the Pengarah Imigresen I would like to grab him by there ear and give him a broom award.

But, the good thing is that it reduces the traffic jam , both for vehicles and pedestrians. Can u imagine what would happen if they really did their job? Currently the daily jam is due to the S'pore side doing their job.

We need an alternative. Causeway cannot cope with the amount of traffic.

I have seen the Johor Royalty a few times, using the causeway. Are'nt they the least perturbed at the state of affairs at the causeway? Man, I were them, I would give all the relevant pengarah a tight slap!

Have a good holiday and avoid peak hours when you go back to 3rd world JB.



MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Zul,

Saya rasa Zul memang boleh faham secara jelas apa yang saya utarakan tentang perbezaan sikap diantara pegawai pegawai Malaysia dan Singapura di Checkpoint JB dan di Woodlands, Singapura!

Zul tentu sudah sebati dengan cara hidup orang orang Singapura setelah 15tahun hidup disana.

Ada perbezaan nyata didalam fikrah dan mentaliti orang orang Malaysia dan Singapura.

Hakikat tentang tiadanya pemeriksaan secara serius oleh pegawai pegawai Malaysia ini adalah satu lambang ketiadaan semangat kerja secara profesional oleh mereka yang digajikan oleh Kerajaan Malaysia di Checkpoint JB!

Alasan tentang ramainya warga Malaysia masuk keluar JB bukan alasan yang boleh diterima oleh kita!

Jika mereka tidak mahu bekerja dengan betul, mereka hartus berhenti sahaja dari tugas mereka dan membenarkan orang orang lain yang mahu bekerja mengambil alih tugasan penting ini.

Para penjenayah dan terroris sudah pasti amat suka dengan segala alasan pegawai pegawai Malaysia di Checkpoint JB ini.

Bagi saya senang saja' You either do your job as you should or resign immediately and let others do it!'

Tak boleh terima alasan terlalu ramai warga Malaysia masuk keluar gitu.

Paspot kita kan dah ada 'chip' yang boleh di'scan'. Tak berapa saat pun.

Hendak seribu daya. Tak hendak beginilah...beribu dalih!'

Tentang tips kat mana nak gi cari makan tu, terimakasih. Insya Allah akan saya bawa orang rumah saya gi makan makan disitu.


MAHAGURU58 said...

Good to know that I am not the only Malaysian pissed off at our useless chaps at the JB 'NO' Check point!

MAHAGURU58 said...


Aisey brader! Kata duduk kat Tebrau je, kenalah bawa darling darling u berjalan jalan ke Singapura dan ronda ronda cari makan disana.

Masa tidak menanti kita. Make the best of it while u can. Insya Allah.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Where there's a will, there surely will be a way!

These chaps at our side of the Causeway are just shirkers and ought to be sacked and replaced.

No questions asked.