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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Penang Island - Scenes from my recent trip home.

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters,

As you might know by now, I just returned from Penang after taking my herbal medications from Phang Oo Lang in Kepala Batas.

Having some time in my hand that evening, I crossed over to Penang Island from Butterworth and captured some scenes to share with you.

This is the new bus terminal at Butterworth for Rapid Penang buses.

The place was quite breezy due to its proximity to the sea. For now, all systems seem to be good.

The bus I took to Kepala Batas was U601 and the fare was RM2.00. The bus was airconditioned and generally still new. I hope that the management upkeeps the buses to the best standards possible. I also wish that the bus commuters will not litter the buses.

This is a short movie that I have put together from some videoclips that I have shot during my trip from Butterworth to Kepala Batas and then from the Butterworth Ferry Terminal to Penang Island.

I will add more pictures of my trip soon. The pictures were shot during the evening and night so please forgive the lack of clarity in some of them if not all.

Do you know the type of bread featured here?

This is what we call as 'Roti Benggali'. It is one of the many specialties of Penang Island, my birthplace. Roti Benggali is the product of Ismalia Bakery, located at Transfer Road. Best eaten when it is warm and with fish curry. The taste is simply superb and unforgettable.

During my trip back to Penang recently, I bought a whole loaf of the bread from a breadseller whom I chanced to meet at Queen Street. 10 bricks of Roti Benggali in one loaf. RM7.00 @ 70 sens per loaf.


mama said...

Sejak berpindah rumah dari p.pinang ke selatan Januari lepas, asyik teringat2 lama tak pekena ikan bakar kelapa batas, cendol di maklom corner, cendol di simpang juru, mi udang sg dua, mi ketam juru, laksa janggus, line clear nasi kandaq, laksa campur di penanti, nasi tengah hari di gerai tepi sungai derhaka jln permatang nibong, key char kue teow sbrg jaya, kpg belah dua, etc... banyak lagi la...

ian said...

Hi Abang Zainol, keep up the good work here! ian


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Estrelita Soliano Grosse said...

I love Penang. Your picture of the Roti Bengali makes me want to go again real soon.

I have two sisters living there and always enjoy my visits.

Glad you are back safely. The rains don't make for very safe travelling these days.

pez said...

assalamualaikum tuan zainul.
ada inti ke dkt roti benggali tu?
letak marjerin ke?

mudasir said...

great article. love the picture of the roti bangalli.

aliya said...

ahh sifu, next time you come to Penang, give us call laa.. mana syok makan roti benggali cecah sup ayam sorang-sorang aje, hehehe..