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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Penang's disappearing foreshores - Is the PR Penang State Government any better than the BN?

I read with concern about the way things are being handled in Penang, my home state with regard to the matter of my home island's fast losing whatever is left of the foreshores which are quickly being transformed into reclaimed lands and their status changed from state land to private ownership with a freehold status!

You can read the disturbing report here in the Sun2Surf online newspaper.

Was I wrong in assuming that under the Pakatan Rakyat Penang State Government led by the 'Amal Makruf Nahi Mungkar' preaching Penang Chief Minister Saudara Lim Guan Eng (photo above), things would be different and my beloved home island be saved from mismanagement from the way that the Gerakan BN Penang State Government parasites ruined my home island?

I am referring to those of them who were masquerading as Penang's rulers back then and now seem to be replaced by the SOS (Same Old Shit) type of mindsets albeit preaching something honorable like the 'Amal Makruf Nahi Mungkar' slogan yet allowing further injustice to be perpetrated upon Penang's foreshores but with a new twist to the definitions of such land scams?

I don't know!

I am not a bloody politician to be twisting facts and coming up with new definitions to excuse a blatant plunder of whatever still remains for the ordinary Penangite to enjoy rightfully without having to pay an entrance fee to be at the foreshore of our island home state or be chased away by security guards employed by the now emerging private landowners of seafronts and beaches which used to be public areas?

What the hell is happening over there in Penang?

I know for sure that some stretches of public beaches have now been cordoned off by private land owners who erect barricades and fencing to keep out the ordinary Penangites who used to be able to enjoy the few remaining beach areas from Tanjong Tokong, Tanjong Bungah, Batu Ferringhi right up to Telok Bahang before.

No more access to the average citizen of Penang to the seafront and beaches that we have been enjoying as far back as we know?

Are there any more remaining foreshores that Penangites can have free access to? From what I see, not that many!

Is Lim Guan Eng no longer the 'practicing what he preaches Chief Minister' I thought him to be?

If not for the Sun2Surf newspaper report on this serious matter, I am sure most of us Penangites would be in the dark about this shady land conversion deals.

Thanks be to the Batu Uban Assemblyman S.Raveentharan for raising his objections to this land conversion of the Penang Island foreshores from being state land to private freehold ownership status!

Here is the excerpt from the Sun2Surf report quoting:

Lim was responding to a report in theSun on Oct 8 which pointed out that the NLC prevents the authorities from disposing of alienated coastal land as freehold. Section 76 of the code stipulates that a state authority cannot dispose of "any part of the foreshore or sea-bed for a period exceeding ninety-nine years."

The report followed questions raised about the conversion of the Queensbay land area, which is reclaimed land, to freehold.

"We are of the opinion that the conversion of the leasehold status of the reclaimed land to freehold was done in accordance with the NLC," said Lim.

"Since the foreshore and seabed ceased to be of existence upon reclamation of the land, there is no issue of the foreshore and sea bed being converted into freehold status."

However, Batu Uban assemblyman S. Raveentharan, a practising lawyer whose constituency is seeing reclamation, expressed concern what would happen if all coastlines in Penang were to be reclaimed and placed under private hands.

He said it was important for the state to clarify how it intended to protect the foreshores. "If all the land along our coast is taken away, what would happen to the foreshore in Penang island and the mainland?" he asked

Raveen asked if future generations of Penangites would be able to enjoy beachfronts if the coastal areas became locked by reclaimed lands under freehold tenures.

Other lawyers who were consulted expressed concern that the removal of foreshore status may be used as an excuse to circumvent the NLC’s intention to protect such lands in the first place.

"The purpose of the proviso is to protect the coastal land by keeping it in permanent public ownership through the state," one lawyer said.

"When a party gains freehold tenure of such land, it prevents the public and the state from having it back, except by paying for it at market price."

Click here to see what the Penang Development Corporation has in plan for the 'last remaining foreshore' there?

My question is ' Who stands to pocket the millions if not billions from this project?' The average Penangite or the ones in 'power'? I guess we all know the answer. Not the Penangite for sure!

Can anyone who has the facts to please update me and other Penangites currently living outside of Penang as to what is really happening there?

I am quite disappointed to learn of this fiasco.

Is it a case of the Same Old Shit screwed up governance reminiscent of what the previous BN state government did or is this the handiwork of the reform minded but yet to deliver as promised PR's agenda?

It makes me want to reconsider my support for the ones whom I voted for and blogged my heart out so that my home island gets better rulers this time around?

I sure like hell hope that it is not as I fear it to be?

Which is alike opening your doors to the bloody robbers when you feared your home to be burglarized by petty thieves?

Na'uzubillahiminzalik! ( May Allah Forbid such a thing! )



Ong Eu Soon 王佑舜 said...

Dear Mahaguru,
My name is Ong Eu Soon. I am contemplating to initiate a movement to stop the squandering of our Penang state lands. Recent controversy on the land conversion of PDC Heritage Hotel is a typical example of how politicians cheat us of our lands. If you are interested to join force with me and a few other non partisan individuals in our fight against questionable land conversion, you can contact me thru' my email, or 016-2559798. Hope to hear from you.

Ong Eu Soon

MAHAGURU58 said...

May peace be with you Mr.Ong!

You can rest assured that I will be with you to fight this land privatizing by the DAP Penang State Government led by Lim Guan Eng!

It looks like exactly what I feared it would be?

Same old shit but different packaging!

Good to have spoken to you just now.

Keep me posted!