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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Salahuddin Bakery - One of Johor Bahru's Old Town Attractions

Assalamualaikum dear Brothers & Sisters,

We have returned home here to KL this early morning. I have taken lots of pictures and videos of our recent trip down south to Singapore and our interim stay at Johor Bahru.

Apart from my initial frustrations of observing the lackadaisical attitude of our Malaysian Checkpoint officers @ all three = Immigration, Customs and Police for failing to do their jobs as expected, I managed to discover a hidden and I am sure overlooked part of Johor Bahru that was a delightful part of the obviously and extremely busy JB City, if you call it one?

I came upon the old shops along Jalan Dhoby when I went looking for the JB branch of my bank.

Parking was a real nightmare for the road was very narrow, many inconsiderate motorists just parked as they please and there was even a truck driver who just stopped his truck at the very junction of one of the streets, pulled up his handbrake and went off to deliver his goods to one of the shops without giving a damn about the people in the cars behind him, yours truly included.

I was seething mad and my darling had a hard time pacifying me! If I was a cartoon character, you'd have seen those clouds of steam blowing out of my nostrils and ears!

Hahahahaha! Coba'an!!!


Damn crazy!

These kind of crazy, idiotic Malaysian drivers can be so very bloody annoying!

I am no longer surprised to sometimes reading about such drivers getting whacked right there and then by those whom they inconvenience on our streets, roads and highways!

Those idiots do deserve getting their brains bashed out! Grrrrrr..........

Enough of that episode. Let's travel through time and marvel at this delightful old bakery still operating the traditional classic way.

Salahuddin Bakery. A traditional bakery that still operates using the ancient ways of charcoal and wood fuelled fire oven that bakes bread loaves the classic way.

Simply enchanting I must say! Looking at the traditional oven and smelling the aroma of freshly baked bread just makes one's taste buds go into full drive and makes us go hungry. Hehehehehehe...

It also made me remember the classical story of the baker and the poor man, where the baker was angry with the poor man who got to sniff and smell the delightful freshly baked bread for free but didn't buy any?

The baker filed a case against the poor man and in the ensuing trial, the wise judge imposed a punishment to teach the greedy and stingy baker by making him 'listen' to the sound of the gold coins tinging against the stone and cleverly settled the case.

The poor man got to continue sniffing the freshly baked bread and the greedy baker taught a lesson by a wise judge in return.

This is Rahim Khan, who seems to be the one in charge of Salahuddin Bakery and allowed me to take photos and shoot a video of the work going on there. Nice chap!

Another Pakistani guy preparing 'samosa's in the other compartment asked me to go shoot the video of him and his preparations and I obliged the brother.

I was pleasantly surprised to receive such an overwhelming warm reception from the bakers.

Even though we were strangers to each other, these chaps were very friendly I must say and their openness of their bakery operations augurs well for this classic bakery.

I am sure that if they keep up their attitude, they will be very successful in their business. Insya Allah.

All my best wishes to Rahim Khan and his associates in Salahuddin Bakery, No.26, Jalan Dhoby, JB.

By the way, each of their bread loaf sells for just RM1.50.

Is that a bargain or what?


Zul said...

Salam mahaguru...kalau saya masuk JB saya mungkin akan singgah di Kedai Jln Dhoby ni insyaallah ..thanks for the info..

Azrir said...

Ini adalah kegemaran arwah tok saya sejak dia muda sehingga dia meninggal pada umur 80 tahun. Dia tidak makan roti lain seperti gardenia dll, hanya roti dari kedai ini.

Sagaladoola said...

Hah... Wow, that is a very traditional way of baking.

Will take note of this bakery and try their bread. Most of the times, the traditional way makes better food. That's my personal opinion.

I have not been to J.B. before but planning to visit that place this year.

Thanks for sharing.

MYblog said...


You are in my hometown brother. Jalan Dhoby is one of the oldest streets in JB and has many attractions. It is one of those streets which changes from day to night. While in the day it is quite a normal street but at night it is something different altogether. If you drive through at night you will know. In my younger days we use to drive through and make stops simply to have small talk, nothing vulgar but it was an experience.

Anyway JB used to be a nice town with 4 streets, Jalan Ah Fook, Jalan Segget, Jalan Dhoby and Jalan Trus...wonder if they are all still around...probably but might be renamed. Today it has transformed to something different altogether, I no longer feel at home in JB with all the vice, crime etc etc but do make an occasional trip to meet up with my mother.

Take care and enjoy JB.

iman said...


Did you notice the 24 hours pirated DVD shops along Jalan Wong Ah Fook?
There's even a police beat base there where all the police staff close one eye.

A few months ago, the TV program 999 did a "expose" on these DVD shops. It seems the police staked out the shops for a few weeks before they "berjaya membongkar kegiatan cetak rompak". Ya right!!

What readers form elsewhere should know is that these shops are operating round the clock in full view of the public, the police, the CCTV cameras, the MBJB, the tourists etc etc. No need to stake out and no need "maklumat dari orangramai".

I really wish I could give the high and mighty Datuk Bandar a dressing down.

shuk~ said...

Terjumpa blog tuan sewaktu meng-google 'cargas cafe', (baru saja balik dari sana :D)

definitely would bookmark this blog.

keep on posting tuan,
pasni saya target nak singgah kedai jalan dhoby ni pulak..

MAHAGURU58 said...


To be frank, I wasn't that happy driving in JB.

The roads are jammed with what seem like desperate people and impatient motorists.

Everyone seems to be in a rush and the slightest delay by us in driving will get us blasted by the drivers behind, honking and behaving like road bullies gone mad!

Its a chaotic situation there and the whole place is jammed full of Malaysians and Singaporeans who have kept the 'Kiasu and Kiasi' mentality so vibrantly alive!

No one seems to be giving way and I have to confess to being scared of getting our car bumped, scraped or sideswiped by all those crazy folks behind the steering wheel on JB's main roads.

I had experienced such nightmares 3 days in a row last November when we stupidly tried to enter Singapore in the early morning at the JB Causeway.

Thousands of impatient Malaysian motorcyclists nearly drove me to suffer a heart attack as they roared and cut in, sweep into just any available space and practically terrified this blogger to near death!!!

Hehehehehe! I'm not joking!

You have to be there to know what I am sharing?

Damn terrifying I tell you!

I now know better. Must drive into Singapore after 10am and before lunchtime.

Exit Singapore after 9 or 10pm.

The madness will be over by then. :P

About your sharing of the rising crime rates in JB, I can just imagine.

The way JB is today, no one will bother to go help anyone who is mugged, robbed or raped right there in public for everyone will just be minding his or her own business and try their level best to stay safe, disregarding any crime that takes place right before their very eyes!

We do not have that many heroes around in our gone crazy society anymore!

I believe that its the same the whole world over.


MAHAGURU58 said...


I didn't have time to go exploring JB at night.

Wasn't safe for me to do that.

I was with my missus and she doesn't like crowds as well.

If I was traveling alone, I might have done that @ exploring the sights and experience how it is at JB after sunset?

Traveling with one's spouse has its plus points and drawbacks.

Plus points being that there is someone to keep our temper in check and make you reconsider anything that you are naturally inclined to do like whacking the living daylights out of anyone who tries to be funny with you?

Hehehehe.. can't be adventurous and go seeking adventure on your own.

You have to think of your spouse. :P

I am sure that the cops are in cahoots with those cetak rompak fellows but we can just assume so, eh?

No hard evidence.

Even then, you have to consider all subsequent consequences.

To fight evil, you have to be stronger than the devil!

Both the human and spiritual kinds.


MAHAGURU58 said...


Terimakasih diatas sokongan saudara kepada adik adik saya.

Cargas Cafe!

Simply Diff'rnt!


Tagline rekaan adik saya Nasiruddin Moosa!

Dia memang berkepala geliga!