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Monday, October 27, 2008

Secret of Secret Recipe Jusco Maluri - Faiz & Friends!

Dear brothers & sisters,

Those of you who have had bad experiences with service personnel will surely be able to relate with what I am going to share with you?

How many times have you been to a restaurant or cafe only to be served by a waiter or waitress who should really not have been employed to work there in the first place?

I am sure that most of you will have had many, many bad memories of lousy service and indifferent service personnel whose unprofessional attitude might have spoilt your lunch or dinners with your loved ones and made you vow to never again step in to that particular establishment!

Well, I have had plenty of such experiences and true enough, I have stayed clear from places which have people who don't know how to serve people or seriously lack the skills or intellectual capacity to improve.

Me and my spouse are regulars at Jaya Jusco Maluri and we frequent Secret Recipe for their great coffee and other pastries.

We have come to know many good natured service personnel at Secret Recipe Jusco Maluri and enjoyed their excellent heart felt service.

The latest secret at Secret Recipe Jaya Jusco Maluri is this pleasant good natured guy called Faiz. He always greets us warmly and is always top class where service is concerned.

Today, I prompted him and his friends to pose for this shot and am featuring him here with the ladies as my recommendation for those of you who love to dine at Secret Recipe to try out his great service at Jusco Maluri.

Guys like him are what draws customers like me to frequent the place again and again.

To Faiz, I say 'Congratulations young man! You surely will go far in your career if you keep this up!'.

Thanks for the great service.

Really appreciate it!


kruel said...

Kudos to Faiz. Good service are hard to find nowadays

MAHAGURU58 said...

Exactly bro.

That's why I am featuring him so that his employers know that they have a great guy working there and ought to appreciate him for his excellence in service and maybe reward him accordingly.

Let's wish Faiz well in his career!

I told him that if he keeps his service up to date, soon he'll end up as a Manager!

Insya Allah!