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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Teresa Kok doing a 'Lee Kuan Yew' in Malaysian Political Theatre?

She is the 'hot' one in the nation's mainstream and online news now.

From the moment she was photographed posing next to the roadsigns with the Jawi scripts with a not too happy look, I had an inkling that Teresa Kok was going to make the headlines!

You know, such standpoints on 'sensitive matters' will almost always get one in the media spotlight here in Malaysia for whatever that touches on the taboo subjects in Bolehland will see the media personnel flock like hungry vultures and highlight the incident in their newspapers or media broadcasting channels!

I met Teresa just once before during a DAP function where the topic was on the subject of 'Lina Joy's apostasy but we didn't get to chat much because there was a whole lot of things going on at the event.

She was cordial to a stage and willingly posed for pictures with me and MENJ, who was then with me..hehehehe...(L to R : Myself, Tony Pua, MENJ and Teresa Kok)

We all know what has happened to Teresa since she took up so many cases to fight for the underdogs especially the case where we all thought that it was a Chinese national who was forced to do the nude squat thingy at the PJ Police HQ only to turn out that the lady was actually a Malaysian Malay!

Teresa was the one who highlighted the matter in Parliament and sought justice for the woman.

One case after another and we all saw Teresa being implicated in this and that issue till she ended up being arrested under the ISA and then upon being released got into controversy over the 'almost dog food' issue.

Now Datuk Chamil Wiraya is accused of authoring a short story on her although the character is disguised as YB J but the coincidences in his story is just too much to say that it is not her that he refers to?

Now we hear Teresa doing a 'Lee Kuan Yew' by suing all her detractors left, right and all around to the tune of a hundred million ringgits in damages!

Phew!!! That's a record of sorts, I must say!

These fellas who took her to task must be having their heads spinning by now?

Utusan Malaysia, Khir Toyo, Chamil Wiraya are all facing the predicament that the late Singaporean Opposition leader, JB Jeyaretnam faced!

Lee Kuan Yew cleverly whacked JB through the courts until the man was bankrupted and now the Singapore Democrats are also facing Kuan Yew's legal suits which threaten to strip them to their bones and if LKY gets his way, even to their very bone marrows?

So, I am thinking aloud. Is Teresa doing a Lee Kuan Yew here by suing all the big shots who have been sniping at her?

From the looks of it, it sure seems to be so!


Err ...Teresa, don't sue me aa siew chier! Mahaguru58 lao pek kaw lui!

Kam sia lu aa Teresa!

1 comment:

Billy said...

Hi Bro MG : After reading your article on Teresa, I doubt this lady will earn the millions from the suits, and I believe she knows that. But then this is one way to tell that Toyo fella, Utusan, etc to lay off. Enough is enough. Getting jailed under the ISA for 7 days is already bad enough, but they continue with remarks about her dressing at a mosque followed by molotov cocktails at her parents' home. The last straw, probably that broke the camel's back was the article. Toyo and Utusan really know how train the cross hair on her. After Teresa, they moved the cross hair to Ronnie Liew by saying that he encouraged prostitution in Kelang. Toyo is a sore loser and have a lot of time on his hand, and it because of this, he decided to resort to all these underhand tactics to put Teresa and Ronnie in poor light of the public. The sad thing is, UMNO did not do anything and understandbly so. What a crap government we have, sigh.