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Thursday, November 13, 2008

Answering Ken's Questions about the Protest.

Assalamualaikum dear Muslims and May Peace be upon the rest.

I received a lengthy series of questions from one of my readers, named Ken who admits to reading my blog for the first time in his life and relating to the protest by the Kaffir Harbi females recently.

Well, this is what he asked and my replies to him are in blue.


Dear Mahaguru,

I am a first time reader of your blog. After reading what you have to say about the two "stupid kaffirs" and the comments, I must say that I have to agree with Antares.

For clarification, I am not a Muslim, so do forgive me if I do not understand very much about this. I do have a few questions though.

Firstly, if you saw or heard a Christian pastor or a Buddhist monk approve murder (just an example), would you not make your views heard? Would you not say how outrageous it is?

Dear Ken,

No worries. It is your choice as to whomsoever you choose to agree with. We are still free to voice out our opinions but we are also held liable by what we state or say?

This here is not a popularity contest. Antares is one whom I regard as a friend , that’s why my reply to him is such. If he is an enemy, then the words used might not have been as civil. Period.

That settled, let’s go on to your questions.

Your question is purely fictional and any true Christian pastor or Buddhist monk would never advocate murder. It has no relations at all to the subject matter of the Stupid Kaffir Harbis who protest against the National Fatwa Council on a decree that DOES NOT CONCERN THEM OR THEIR CHOSEN LIFESTYLE AT ALL!

Those protesters have NO RIGHT AT ALL to feel outraged against a fatwa that is meant to advise and warn those Malay Muslim Females who resort to such outrageous sexually wrong behavior in OUR ISLAMIC FAITH .

If the National Fatwa Council had come up with a blanket decree that covers ALL FEMALES IN MALAYSIA, then those females would have ‘locus standi’ to protest their cause? They obviously don't have such rights or grounds to do so here.

In this case, they have infringed upon the Muslims affairs and thus they need to face the music and consequences of their actions as accorded to by our nation’s laws.

Similarly, these 2 girls who made their protests may be foolish. They may not be Muslims and may be unaffected by the fatwas, but is it not their right to stand for what they believe is right?

They have no such rights. Period.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but wouldn't any religion teach that those who are in error should be taught, instead of denounced and verbally abused? Its not like these 2 girls shot someone. Their only error lay in the fact that they were foolish. So name me anyone who hasn't been guilty of being foolish.

Those girls insulted our Islamic faith and our religious officers by staging a public protest cowardly by doing so at a public place such as the KLCC when Muslims were performing the Friday prayers.

They would not have escaped the appropriate responses had they done so after the prayers.

That doesn’t mean however that they will be left unresponded to by those of us who have felt slighted by this blatant and rude affront to our faith and its leaders.

Secondly, after reading the comments, I have to agree with Antares. The way you have responded to Lich smacks of an air or superiority. What I mean is that you were being sarcastic. You may be a leader. You may be a learned scholar. Then you should know that a leader should be humble. A leader has to know what it is to serve. You may disagree with what he said. You may have been angered or annoyed. But your reply just reeked with an unbecoming air of arrogance. Please dont take this as a personal attack. I dont mean it as such. Its just that, I really don't seem to see any love here. Sure, there's the peace, salam to all and everything, but are those just text with no meaning? Where is the love?

Dear Ken,

You have yet to know me as to who I am?

I can be as gentle as a teddy bear to those who merit such love but by Allah, this old man can spring a few surprises when he or his faith is wronged.

By that I am just telling you that I am just a normal human who has feelings and emotions not forgetting that damn big inflated ego that I and others like me try to keep subdued through exercising our faith.

A man is obligated to stand up for what he believes in and believe me when I declare that those who are good to us will be accorded the likewise care and affection.

Those who try to disturb us will find out that we can be quite defensive and offensive as required.

In this case, we are obliged to teach those females a lesson as per what is accorded by our nation’s gazetted laws. Have you seen the legal document showing exactly what laws these stupid females have breached?

Thirdly, on the tomboy issue. Please correct me if I'm wrong, but does this fatwa only apply to girls dressing as guys? Or does it extend to ban homosexual relations between girls? Whichever it is, my point of view is this. A ban doesn't fix the root cause. Anyone who has ever counseled someone with same sex attraction would know that it's not as simple as that.

I hope that you do understand the serious consequences of this nation allowing such nefarious sexual misbehaviours to flourish in our society without any enforcement or retributions to those who seek to ape the decadent activities now prevalent in the western societies.

This decree concerns just Muslims and those of you who aren’t are free to do so as you very well please and be ready to shoulder the outcomes of such sexual behaviors that go against the order of nature?

Homosexuals and lesbians who are cropping up today wouldn’t even be here on Earth in the first place if their parents had chosen to be as such! Wouldn’t you agree?

So, my advice to those of you who aren’t Muslims yet so wish to meddle in our affairs is to please stop doing so.

Any further breaches against what we all know and accept to be the way life has been here in Malaysia would be just attempting to sow discord and enmity in our society.

If I, for example, am attracted to a member of my gender (i.e. another man), banning me from getting into a relationship with another man might stop me from doing it. But it does not stop my attraction. So the question here is this. Is it wise or in any way beneficial to cover up the wound, but ignore the internal bleeding?

What you choose to do as a Non Muslim is of no concern to us.

If you are a Muslim, then you are held liable to face the consequences of such forbidden acts and stand ready to be punished according to what our Islamic teachings and the Laws of Almighty Allah prescribes. In this case, you are clearly not a Muslim and thus are free to be whatever you want to be.

We do not wish to have anything to do with your chosen lifestyle. Period.

Should not focus and attention be paid to attending to what causes girls to be tomboys or girls to be lesbians or men to be gays? I personally have counselled such people, and I do not believe homosexuality is right. But there's two way we can go about it. Either we push it in their faces and say "Don't do it or die", or we help them and journey with them, finding the root problems and healing the hurts.

As a counsellor, you know pretty well that such choices are just that.

It’s a matter of their own preference borne out of their acquired tendencies to seek sexual gratification against the order of nature and the apathy of the religious authorities be they church officials or any other recognized faith’s or belief’s leadership.

I know of no such allowance being given by the true Christian authorities or any other faiths such as Buddhism, Hinduism, Sikhism,etc. For their adherents to live such a forbidden lifestyle.

The Bible calls for such homosexuals and lesbians to be put to death. Have you ever come across of any such instances where the Church or the Temple have actually put that decree to practice?

I am sure that you have not. That just sums it up. If the religious authorities have actually practiced what their respective teachings preach, we wouldn’t be seeing such blatant sexual crimes be perpetrated so openly today.

Bear in mind also that we are also sinners. Praying 20 times a day or reading the bible or Quran or other religious texts front to back and upside down doesn't make us holier. When we see that these people need help rather than condemnation, then we become less holier-than-thou and more human.

I have never claimed to be infallible. I know who I am and I submit myself to My Lord, Almighty Allah as per what He requires of me? I do not have to submit myself to the appraisal or assessment of His Creation.

As Muslims, we pray to Him and Him Alone and have no need to get the approval of others who have no business to meddle in our affairs.

Who we are or what we choose to be is our own choice and we have such rights to be left alone to live and worship Allah as we please.

We do not interfere or encroach into the Kaffirs affairs and we expect the same from them. Fair enough?

Maybe if society paid less attention to rules and laws, we might actually go forward instead of backward.

Without rules and regulations, its the law of the jungles, dear Ken.

Where would you be if such rules are to be ignored and the murderers, rapists and molesters come invading your home and mess up your beloved ones?

Our laws are from God and we are obligated to live according to them and we care not for the whims and fancies of those who do not believe in Him.

God bless you all. Forgive me if my comments offend anyone.

You asked your questions sincerely and so have I responded accordingly as per what is required of me. No offenses taken.

May peace and the blessings plus guidance of Almighty Allah be upon us all.



kruel said...

Good answers and I keep on commenting as this topic of people who don't understand keep on telling Muslims how to act is getting out of hand? If we have our beliefs why can't they accept it?

MAHAGURU58 said...

That's where informed Muslims like yourself need to do your part dear brother.

It is wajib upon us to stand up for Islam.

We all know that we can do so much more better than just answer the Kaffir's insults and rants against our faith with our blogs.

We need to come together and pool our resources and go ahead with Dakwah al Islamiyah or be doomed to spend the remainder of our life's wishing that we had done this or responded as that?

Carpedium my man!


Ken said...

Just to clarify, I do not agree with homosexuality. Both from a religious standpoint and a realistic practical standpoint.

My point is this; a law is fine and good, but a law in itself will not be enough. These people, or at least most of them, do not choose to have same sex attractions. In a nutshell, its usually a result of events during their childhood which are beyond their control.

What I'm trying to say is that there is a deeper root cause, that a law will not cure.

I may not be a Muslim, and it may not be any of my concern, but I would be concerned about all of those Muslims who suffer from same sex attractions who will be too afraid to get help for their problems because of they're afraid of being found out and punished. And the result? They'll just keep suffering in silence, trying to suppress those feelings.

Once again, just wanna say that I may be wrong, since I'm not a Muslim myself. I'm just talking with the benefit of the experience I have had with these people.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Welcome back Ken.

How was your day bro? Hope everything's alright.

I agree with you there Ken when you speak of the complex situation that these people are currently caught in?

Neither here nor there. Personally I do feel pity for them but on the other hand feel that they have brought it upon themselves.

The human psyche is something that involves voluntary setting of the mind that the individual is this or that?

You can psyche yourselves up into believing that you can whack the living daylights out of your opponent in a boxing or wrestling match and go in and complete the job.

I came across this quote : ' It isn't the size of the dog in the fight; but the size of the fight in the dog that counts!' by Woody Hayes.

It's all in one's mindset.

These poor people who are caught in the gender quagmire are sometimes victims of an abusive upbringing ; sometimes get in deep shit due to their own volition.

You are what you believe yourselves to be.

It is a saying that has its merits for we as informed human beings can come to evaluate our current situations based upon the realities that we have facing us and are acutely aware of our plus and minuses.

To those who live in a state of self induced delusion, where does it lead or leave them?

Between the devil and the deep blue sea.

Poor sods!

I know certain people in my life who are caught in that sort of a situation.

A few of them manage to reverse their descent into that screwed up cesspit of self destruction and barely manage to crawl out.

Some suffer being scorned by society and die a miserable, lonely heartbroken death.

Even death does not bring them respite.

The most we can do is to pray for them and to guide those whom we can back to the solid ground of human accountability.

We decide our future.

God guides those who make and put the effort to redeem themselves.

Just like us who return to the prayer mat and hope to achieve our own salvation.

Thanks for the feedback bro.

Good to know you sir. :)

crazy said...


personally i'm not a yoga fan nor i'm comfortable being around 'pengkids' or tomboys..and being in malaysia i'm all into mutual respect between all cultures and religions. those girls in the anti fatwa video definitely crossed the line..they can be as anti fatwa as they want as long as they don't resort into calling rude names and using degrading terms..they can disagree but there's really nothing much practical they can do about it..maybe thats why they are so emo about it..i mean whats the big deal to them anyway if they are non muslims?just let the muslims speak for themselves..

but something troubles me enough that i have to comment on your esteemed post. fyi i've been following your blog for some time and i agree with most of your ideas and posts. there's a sentence in this post that troubles me goes "They have no such rights. Period."

for as long as i can remember i've heard countless ceramahs from mosques on friday prayers..there's a mosque near my school, my uni, and now near my workplace..from many of these ceramahs i was told that being a non-muslim we are simply in the wrong side of the fence...that we are future hell residents and muslims should never partake in many of the haram things we non muslims indulge ourselves in. when i was very young and hotblooded i always felt insulted by statements like this ramming into your ears almost every friday. muslim classmates will come back from prayers and told us jokingly (or not) that we are non believers are bound to eternal damnation..we just responded by smiling and we thank them for their concern becos these chaps are really great buddies..they still are.

now coming back to the present i'm alot older and what others say about me and my kind doesn't really bothers me much..but your statement that none of us has any right to question anything raises a few question marks..did u meant that if the girls in the video are muslimins they will have the right to question?honestly i have doubts over the fatwa issues too, although i didn't bother to do a malaysiakini on me its everyone's right to comment but keep it behind close doors if u don't want to piss the other u agree?

with all due respect, if u do not agree then my reaction is if muslims has been saying so much about how incorrect other religions and cultures are why can't others comment about them? does the concept of fairness applies? or are u saying that we non muslims are simply in the wrong side of the fence..if its that i guess the fence is here to stay..i guess we are still so far from mutual understanding..