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Sunday, November 02, 2008

Friday prayers at Masjid Negara - The Series Part 1

Assalamualaikum dear brothers and sisters.

I have been living here in KL since 2001 and had not discovered the lively Jumaat street food and flea market that must surely have been operating there since ages?

Well, this past Friday, yours truly did pray at the Masjid Negara and explored the rows and rows of various stalls selling all kinds of things and foodstuff to the congregating jama'ah of the nation's national mosque.

The whole place looked like one of those carnival grounds with traders of all kinds of goods displaying their wares and men lining up in queue's to buy their lunch from the many food vendors who seem to have quite a unique system in place.

The one that I bought my lunch from had these plastic plates of rice which had a plastic lining itself containing preladled rice with a serving of either chicken, beef or mutton with two pieces of 'papadoms' @ Indian rice crispies and a slice or two of brinjals or okra @ ladies fingers wet with a dhal curry. Each meal costs RM6.00 inclusive of a glass of sarsaparilla @ sarsi. The mutton dish was charged at RM8.00 a plate.

The meal queue I am telling you about is right in the foreground of the above photo. Queue up, select your preferred meal and pay to the cashier at the end.

The Indian man in the centre of this photo on the three wheeled motorcycle was selling footballs. Quite enterprising, I must say. Knowing the many soccer buffs amongst the people of Malaysia. One can sell just about anything to the masses nowadays and make a decent living. Balls on wheels, anyone? Hehehehe...

Only after I finished processing the many photos that I took at the area behind Masjid Negara did I realize that there is a Christian run girls secondary school just right smack besides the nation's national mosque!

Talk about religious harmony and peaceful co-existence! See the cross there on the wall of the school building?

That's Malaysia for you. Our nation that is a melting pot of all kinds of ethnicity and creed. :)

No street market in Malaysia is complete without its medicine man! Here is a medicine man from Sarawak, complete with his trademark regalia headgear peddling his wares to the obviously mesmerized onlookers. You have a problem with the male health system?

Hehehehe...well, he's got the solution and potions for you. As to whether it works or not, I leave that to you to find out? No venture no gain, ah?

Well, that's it for now. I've got a whole lot of things to do and this series of articles on Masjid Negara and its street market will be posted as I get to it in due time.

Hope those of you who are elsewhere in Malaysia and overseas get to enjoy these unique scenes of our beloved Malaysia and the various wonderful characters who make up our interesting country special.

May Almighty Allah bless and guide us all.