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Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Terror Attacks - Murdering innocent civilians has no place in true Islamic teachings!

I condemn those responsible for the killings of innocent civilians and bystanders at the railway stations and other public places in Mumbai, India.

These fellows calling themselves as 'Deccan Mujahideens' ought to be ashamed of themselves for resorting to destroying whatever remnants of good name and reputation that most Muslims in India are having?

Where does it say in the Holy Qur'an that we who are Muslims can go murder innocent people in the name of Islam and Muslims?

I know that things aren't that good for the now minority Muslims in India who are living in a sea of Hindus but these bombings and shootings of innocent folks doesn't have any merit in the grounds of Jihad Fi Sabilillah!

Not according to the Islam that I have learned and come to know to be the truth and nothing but just that!

It's one thing to be fighting against those who come to cause us harm but it's just not right by any grounds to justify these wanton mass murders of people who have done nothing untowards the Muslims that these bombers are said to be fighting for or avenging!

Where is this murderous rampage going to take the Muslims cause in India?

Are the Muslims in India going to be living a better quality of life after hundreds of people have been blasted to bits in the recent tragedy?

Or are they going to face further persecution because of the manner by which these Deccan Mujahideens have acted by blasting so many civilians to an early death?

I for one feel that the Muslims of India are just going to face a violent backlash due to the way many innocent ones are now dead; killed to satisfy the murderous intents of those who have misled themselves into thinking that by blowing themselves up together with hundreds of kaffirs, they are on their way to Paradise?

Chances are that these killers will surely be heading towards the opposite way, straight to you know where?

May Allah forgive the souls of those victims and have mercy on them.

As for the perpetrators, you have just earned yourself the wrath and curses of the rest of the human world.

What a bloody shame!