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Saturday, December 13, 2008

'Ayah Pin' at Menara PGRM's Handphone Fair?

Hahahaha! At first glance, I was taken aback looking at this famous or rather infamous face wearing a baseball cap, make his way through the thronging masses of Malaysians eager to check out the bargains and special offers of the 'Handphone Fair' at The Walk, Menara PGRM, here in Cheras, KL!

The man looked so similar to the notorious 'Ayah Pin' and if one is not mistaken, might actually think that it is Malaysia's first and foremost 'astro nut' himself, the self proclaimed Sky Kingdom Chifusan!


The man was even quite happy to pose next to a Sarawakian beauty who happened to be working at one of the telecommunications booth there!

He claims to be from Sarawak himself but the resemblance to one of Malaysia's most wanted fugitive cult leader is just so amazing!

Here is Ayah Pin posing with his 4 loyal wives!

Ayah Pin posing before his giant teapot and vase structures which are now history, having been bulldozed to the ground by the Terengganu State Government's enforcement teams.

Read more about the fugitive Sky Kingdom cult leader here at Ada apa Dengan Ayah Pin.

What a shocker? 'Ayah Pin' let loose at Menara PGRM?



UniversalTraveller65 said...

Would you kindly eloborate what u have termed as "notorious".

As far i know, he preached spirituality of Islam in a different manner! Unfortunately, our JAKIM has condemned this peace loving person as a MOST WANTED CRIMINAL just because he chooses to be different.

The Muslims in Turkey practises Sufism which in regarded as being spritually connected to Almighty God.

Question; Does Islam forbids practising the faith in different manner peacefully?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Ah Mr. Traveller again!

Well you see sir, Ayah Pin is notorious for claiming to be the Almighty himself and for trying to pull a fast one on the gullible crowd over there at his kampong in Terengganu who still hero worship the fugitive big honcho of 'Sky Kingdom'.

Sufism and Sky Kingdom way too different in context sir.

Would not do justice to the subject by just speaking about it in a mere sentence!

Will explain further in a proper article when free. Insya Allah.

Islam does not allow any innovations in its practice sir.

Again another good topic worth writing about.

Thanks for the questions. You have given me ideas to write about?

Thanks once again.

Prachai said...

Ayah Pin is a nut case, but the reaction is overkill to me.

I wish the people who spent that much energy on him would consider spending the same amount of energy in putting a stop to corruption.

Alas, there are powerful people involved in the latter. Better go for the little guys - especially if they guy is a nutter - he won't bite for sure.