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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Electronic Wasteland - The Environmental Crimes that US Companies commits in secret!

This is an explosive video that CBS 60 Minutes has produced exposing the disastrous chain of events involving American Recycling companies all the way to the mainland of the Peoples Republic of China.

An ecological disaster that is so devastating that officials try to hide the truth from the media and unscrupulous recycling companies from both the USA and their Chinese counterparts try their level best to keep it secret and from the knowledge of the mass media.

They have even resorted to employing local gangsters to rough up the CBS Media crew from filming and exposing this crime that transcends international borders.

As usual, the victims are usually the common folks who live in and around the disaster areas, scavenging for a living and ending up stricken with more diseases than a Chow Kit Road prostitute or drug addict!

CBS 60 Minutes ought to be applauded for this investigative piece of journalism that pulls no punches and tells it as it is so that anyone with a conscience over there in Washington D.C, USA or in Beijing, China will do their best to stop the rot in its process!

I know for sure that the same bloody scenario takes place here in Bolehland under the auspices of those in power both in the BN Federal Government or in the now Pakatan Rakyat states where they seem to have inherited the same old ' Tidak Apa' attitude minded civil servants who don't give a damn about the ecological disasters wreaking havoc in our country and the destruction of our precious environment and heritage.

Will any of these governments do something about this massacre of our world's environment or is this gonna end up in the forgotten and couldn't care less category?

I seriously am hoping for a blooming miracle debunking my defeatist attitude on this subject matter.

On the same environmental disaster subject matter, let's turn our focus towards what's taking place at home, here in Malaysia or otherwise known as 'Bolehland'.

The land where anything goes as long as you have the right connections and good lubrication systems or powers?

Let's look at the case of mangrove swamps fast depleting and being replaced by crudely dug out ponds or pools of murky, dirty seawater.

These are the illegal prawn farms of Selangor, where anything goes as there is practically no enforcement of the hundreds if not thousands of gazetted laws now made to look like the many museum exhibits of Malacca.

Yes Sirree! Here in Bolehland, you can damn well clear the mangrove swamps, chop down hundreds of thousands of acres of pristine millions of years old irreplaceable tropical forests as you please, sand mine the beaches and rivers of this nation, dam up pristine flowing clear rivers in the name of development, chase out the Orang Asli's, dump toxic wastes anywhere you like and not one government official, whether state or federal will come to bother you!

That Malay parable spewing fellow Karam Singh Walia of TV3 might turn up gesticulating very vigorously at the camera lampooning this and that official or department but things have now sort of become redundant where those crooks concerned no longer give a shit about being exposed on the national telly and they just up and flick the middle finger at anyone bothering them!

This is what I saw on telly the other day about our mangrove swamps in Selangor being destroyed to make way for ' illegal prawn rearing farms'. Read the report here.

Same old results. No one gives a hoot about such mangrove swamps until another catastrophe strikes Malaysia and we are swamped by a future humongous tsunami @ tidal wave, destroying lives and properties along our peninsular's coastlines.

With the mangrove swamps gone, the natural barriers and safety net of such strong sturdy trees and ecological treasures will no longer be there to catch or diffuse the mountains of surging seawater's coming in ashore with a brutish monstrous force that can just demolish buildings as if they were made of Lego bricks!

Only then, might you see hordes and hordes of officials or those who pretend to be so, converge on the disaster areas, vying for a chance of them appearing on tv, masquerading as those who really do give a damn about the whole mess and ecological disaster?

Even as we speak, there are hundreds if not thousands of environmental damaging crooks out there raping and sodomizing the land and its natural precious resources.

All these take place in full view of all the relevant state or federal officials and departments or ministries.

Please don't you even dare to dream that any of these 'Tuan's' will ever bother to turn and look your way or lend an ear to listen to your stupid grouses?

To them, you are just a bloody nuisance and freaking busybody!

Don't you know that they have much more pressing matters to attend to like choosing which batik shirt or dress to wear to office tomorrow ?

Or attending the endless meaningless or pretentious sounding seminars, forums and meetings to attend at Putrajaya or any other posh establishment or venue?

So annoying lah you!!! Haiyaa......

'Ah! Pedulikan lah dia!' is the usual SOP. Standard Operating Procedure. Yup! Like clockwork! Without fail! They will just ignore you and go off for their endless meal or tea breaks and voila! Disappear the second that clock strikes 16:30 hours!

Wonder whether Elizabeth Wong, the Pakatan Rakyat PKR Selangor Exco in charge of the Tourism, Consumer Affairs and Environment of the State of Selangor has or is doing anything about our own home grown ecological disaster there?

Her official email is here and this is the official Selangor State Government's website.

Anyone care to update yours truly about the situation here or over there in China?

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