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Sunday, December 14, 2008

Racial and Religious Eternal Quagmire in Malaysia.

To those of us who are Malaysians and are able to figure out that the racial and religious problems amongst us will remain a quagmire eternally here in this land, the best thing to do is to learn the do's and don'ts of the various religions, faiths and cultures here.

After learning the basics of all the various faiths and cultures here in our country, the best thing to do then would be to live and let live our fellow Malaysians and accord to each their own free space to live out their lives and accord to each other a sense of respect and practice tolerance.

Each community here ought to keep within their space and never infringe upon the rights or customs of the other.

As long as the other community or faith minds their own business and goes about their affairs without infringing on the lives of others, peace and harmony will come to be present in our life's and we can all focus on improving the quality of our own economies, finances and create opportunities for our mutual benefits.

If we fail to do that and we keep on going after each other by attacking them or their religion, where is this going to lead us all?

Anarchy, religious strife, murder and mayhem!

Is that what we need or crave for?

Is there any sense of rationality left in us who are Malaysians?

Why is our country still in deep shit spiritually and religiously when we have all avenues of learning about each other right before our very eyes?

Are we not capable of exorcising our demons from our hearts and return to the sense of camaraderie that once prevailed in the times of our forefathers?

When one hurts another and starts to insult his or her faith, what is going to stop a tit for tat response from those who have been hurt or offended?

When will all this end?

When everyone has been hurt, injured, bashed and bloodied to death?

Will that appease all these irresponsible people who are now rampaging all over the cyberspace as if they are going to live forever and not be held accountable for their online crimes and distortions of the truth?

I see the present Government of Malaysia not doing what they should be doing which is to enforce all the current laws and regulations which were enacted to keep these emerging racial and religious strife's nipped right in the bud before they grow out of control and out of hand!

Even those who pride themselves as the Sovereign Keepers of the Islamic Faith @ the Malay Royals fail to take action against those who have attacked and insulted Islam so viciously despite police reports having been lodged against the offenders.

Racial and religious strife amongst Malaysians looks set to remain an eternal quagmire here in Malaysia despite all the official pretexts and pretensions taking place before us.

'Ketuanan Melayu and Ketuanan Islam' are just a mirage which seem to disappear when 'push comes to shove!'.

The Executive and the Monarchy are just coming to be proven to be nothing but self interested parties who just enrich themselves and do not really bother about seeing to it that justice is served and seen to be implemented in this going crazy nation of ours.

Those who appreciate and value peace and harmony best watch out for your own safety and well being for the ones claiming to be in authority are just not interested to live up to their oaths of office.

We have no one to turn to except Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala in the real sense.

Those whom we thought might be able to look after and care for us are fast turning out to be nothing but fly by night operators who are just bothered to keep themselves well fed, pampered and adulated day and night without even an iota of consideration for the citizens of this nation whose life's, honor and wellbeing is of no concern to their VVIP self's.

To me, I really do not give a damn about all the honorifics and self glorifying pompous selfish ones who pretend to be our authorities and rulers.

They are just human beings like the rest of us. When Death comes a calling, it differs not between the titled and the simple folks like us.

All I can advise you, my fellow Malaysian reading this is to watch out and fend for yourselves.

Do not fall victim to the designations and manipulations of the ones who love to create social, religious and racial strife amongst us to appease their demons within them and to take care of your beloved ones.

'Cari makan!' and don't 'Cari pasal!'

I believe that if we work towards making our lives more meaningful by focusing our resources and energies towards earning our keep by getting involved in entrepreneurial efforts and enterprises, our future will be much more better than the current religious bashing's taking place here online and in our nation's political scene.

Will you disagree? I am sure that the rational and decent ones amongst us will be of the same thought as me.

Let's get our priorities right and work towards earning ourselves a better keep and improving the quality of our lifestyles than descend into unnecessary strife, religious and racial discord amongst us!

Work towards mutual success and a peaceful co-existence amongst us Malaysians.

May you all be safe.



pez said...

assalamualaikum brother zainul,

to achieve unity,an understanding between the groups of people involved must be done.this is how the muhajirins and ansars achieved sacrificing and helping each other in the name of Allah azza wa jalla.In other words,racial unity can be grasped in this country if we take upon the model our ancestors once did.i believe if we are hand in hand,threats and strife caused by these people who seek disunity and discord be it muslims or non muslims will not be bothered at it.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Brother pez,

Absolutely agree with your views here sir.

May the rest of our fellow citizens think and act as we wish.


MoneyMatters said...

Salam Tuan,

Masalahnya kita di Malaysia ni terlalu byk jenis "ISLAM". Ada Islam Hadhari, Islam PAS, Islam Liberal dan entah apa2 lagilah. Itu belum lagi yg dah 'confirm' ajaran sesat.

Satu lagi jenis Kafir Harbi yg selalu masuk campur urusan agama kita. Selalunya kenyataan mereka akan menjurus kpd ISLAM perlu tunduk kpd cara mereka.

Semoga Allah memberikan kekuatan kpd kita semua.

Eskapisminda said...

Is this the price we pay for modernism? Makes me admire (and missed) Rasullullah SAW even more. He united the clashing Arabs. Who can help unite us now? Everyone is eyeing for the power. With power one can destroy its enemy and in bolehlah everyone now is someone else's enemy even for just being born into a community. sigh. hope for the best.

OTAI (Otak Tenang Akal Inovatif) said...

abe dah tulis dalam blog dah....bacalah yeee sebab pas akan guna strategi BABI iaitu "bring anok bini in...." dan misi KT iaitu "kuat temberang..."

Salim Rawahy said...

Saya berasa begitu marah setelah membaca blog Dr. Punithan Shan yang mencemar kesucian agama Islam dan Rasullullah s.a.w.. Saya berharap tindakan undang-undang diambil terhadap penulis blog MIC yang biadap ini. Sila baca lebih lanjut mengenai perkara ini di

che-mie said...

saya pernah lihat saudara...

yaaa..... dalam RTM 1, rancangan blog!!

teruskan usaha murni saudara

Auntie Dot said...

To achieve racial unity, I believe we have to go back to basics, and that is education, both from school and from good parenting.

Vernacular schools have got to go,because there is no point in crying "muhibbah!!" when in reality, we separate our children into Tamil school, chinese school, Sekolah Kebangsaan, Sekolah Ugama, Sekolah Dan Lain Lain, even before they reach puberty. It's like "cakap tak de serupa bikin".

The gist of Islam is to unite the human race under a harmonious way of living. Racism have no place in Islam. We should revamp our mindset, look into ourselves and analyze, why Muslims of today are living in chaotic manner and getting by with only talking about "the Glory Days of Islam".

We should do away with the pedantic and parochial mindset, analyze past the trivial matters and see the bigger picture. Muslims are bombing innocent lives in the name of Allah. We need to analyze why. What is gained by this massacre ? How is that seen as Jihad? Innocent lives. What if these lives are the lives of our kin? We should start analyzing where did we go wrong. Maybe we should start with the man in the mirror.

God will help those who help themselves.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Good points there Auntie Dot.

The thing is that it must not be just Muslims who are to reflect upon their deeds, especially those who choose to blast their own selfs to bits like in other countries of the world but also those hatemongers amongst the Kaffirs who are Harbis!

We have no quarrel with the Dhimmis but to expect Muslims to just kowtow to the wishes of the Harami Laknatullahs of this nation and elsewhere, you would just be daydreaming, dear sis.

The mirror should be used by all, not just us Muslims.

I do not deny the existence of the good, bad and uglies amongst us but so do such kind exist amongst the Kuffars out there.

True Muslims submit only to Allah and must not succumb to the wishes of our enemies. Period.

We prefer to live in peace and harmony but when our faith is insulted again and again for no rhyme or reason, then surely you do not expect us to smile and rub cheeks with the harami's?

To each their own I say but please do not provoke us and expect us to just roll over and die!

Innad Deen na ind Allah hal Islam!


Auntie Dot said...

True. It should be practiced by all races, although I do not decipher the word "laknatullah" because, who are we mere mortals to decide for Allah who he laknat and not. After all, every man's life is a journey, you never know when a person may take a turn in life for the better. Imagine if Yusuf Islam was a victim of suicide bombers, before he found path towards Islam....he would have died a not having the chance to embrace Islam.

And don't me get started on the Spanish Inquisition. Ring a bell? Doesn't history repeat itself in say...I dunno...Islam perhaps? Remember the Yoga Fatwa? What was that all about? 6 people went in too deep in meditating yoga in australia, therefore everyone gets banned from commercial Yoga (mostly from US)

I digress a little, but let me just get back to the point. You mentioned:

"As long as the other community or faith minds their own business and goes about their affairs without infringing on the lives of others, peace and harmony will come to be present in our life's and we can all focus on improving the quality of our own economies, finances and create opportunities for our mutual benefits."

But you have to realize, in reality, there is this competition between Christians and Muslims to convert people into Christians and Muslims. Not just that, these two religions are fond of doing exactly what you have described just now. This is especially true for Muslim women. For instance, Muslim women in Kelantan are forbidden to use lipstick, perfume and high heels. What lipstick, high heels and perfume have to do with being raped is beyond any functioning brain. Have any one of these people who came up with this statement really sat and spoke with a rape victim? Do they really comprehend what "rape" means? Do they really understand the psychophatic/pathophysiology behind a rapist?

And exactly how do one explain the rape of children? Beings who have not even developed their secondary sexual characteristics, nor do they use lipstick, perfume and high heels. Hence, what the people who came up with this type of ruling is basically VICTIMIZING THE being unaware that pointing out mistakes in women would means condoning the act of rape. "she was raped because she wore high heels" and not because the rapist is sick in the mind and need treatment. RAPE IS NOT ABOUT THE VICTIMS. RAPE IS ABOUT POWER PLAY DURING SEX IN ORDER TO OBTAIN SEXUAL SATIETY.....

EMPATHY....a word long forgotten. Perhaps we should all look it up and practice this a little bit more. Perhaps the world would become a better place.