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Sunday, December 07, 2008

Surind.blogspot insults Islam! What are you Malaysian Muslims going to do about him?

Assalamualaikum Warahmatulillahi Ta'ala Wabarakatuh.

O Believers! We are now living in an age where the jahilliyyahs and the munafiquns are being so brazen as to dare insult Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala as they please and they are getting bolder in doing so because the majority of the Muslims today have Wah'n ( fear) in their hearts and entrenched in their souls.

The latest Kaffir Laknatullah to bray such insults against our faith and our Lord Almighty here in the cyberworld is this idiot who either out of his own volition or just intending to draw unnecessary attention to his vile excuse of a self is to be found here.

Although the trend nowadays is to just ignore such insults from one whose mind is obviously so blinkered and prejudiced against Islam and the Muslims, I for one will not flinch from standing up to such a bloody kaffir and Wallahi, will do what I need to to smash the offending idiot down with all that I have within me!

This sick perverted idiot is just asking for it by publishing word for word what another 'atheist' is speaking in his video that is published in the idiot's blog.

Speak of this closet atheist aping another laknatullah! This moron takes the cake as far as copying wholescale what the other is spewing out? No sense of own thought or convoluted ideas, eh?

Some of my friends in the MBA are asking me to ignore this insulter. According to Cikgu Aliya, there are millions of the enemies of Islam online spewing lies and bullshit against Islam and we ought to just counter them with explaining about Islam, etcetera.

Are there not enough explanations about Islam online with thousands and thousands of good, informative websites complete with all that one needs to show even the most dimwitted individual alive surfing the web that there is None Other Worthy of Worship but Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

Do I as a Muslim man, just cower in fear and keep looking at the other way when some bastard blogs against Allah and the Prophet in such a demeaning way?

I don't know those millions of imbeciles attacking us anonymously or thousands of miles away cowardly whacking us out of their ignorance about this God given Way of Life that is Al-Islam!

So I don't give a hoot to those idiots for there is nothing that I can do about them Kaffirs!

But this fella is a fellow Malaysian. He is here right amongst us. How the hell did this vermin grow up amongst us peaceloving Malaysians and yet has the gall to come out with this shit?

If I am to start zeroing in to the practices and beliefs of others who aren't Muslims here in this country and start exposing one by one the futility of such acts deemed to be acts of worship, then my fellow Malaysians will cry foul and claim that Mahaguru58 is a bloody Taliban, Islamofascist, etc.!

Well, thank God, I am not an extremist as the majority of the enemies of Islam would want to say?

I am a Muslim, straight and simple. I hold firm to the teachings of Allah the Almighty as best as I can and strive daily to improve myself in all areas to fulfill my purpose of being here on Earth.

I am both angry and sad at the same time coming to know of this Surind fella doing this dastardly deed of insulting Islam flat out like this and am contemplating as to what I as a Muslim must do to deal with this bloody atheist moron?

He can't be a Hindu to go on and publish such an offending article against another faith?

Even Dr.Saravanan @ a free thinker and one of those who commented at his blog decries this vile deed of Surind as follows:

what a shocking and rude postingla appoo. And no, i don't agree with the author's opinion on this. If the Haj pilgrimage is such a shameful thing to do, then what about the tens of pilgrimages that take place in India every year?

There are many unexplainable ambiguous grey areas in every religion. Not everything can be explained by logic and facts. That is why religion is a belief. Religous beliefs are thought by and passed on from one person to another and from one generation to the next. Thus, we end up having the same religious beliefs with our parents, siblings and the local community.

The basic principles of all religions are the same do good, the 10 commandments in the bible.

There is no religion that teaches people to do bad.

When someone done something evil or bad, then he/she has deviated from the original teachings of his/her religion, i.e: the latest terrorist attack in Mumbai.

The terrorist should be called just 'extremists' and not 'Muslim extremist' because Islam does not teach extremism.

So, a Muslim cannot be an extremist. Once he is an extremist then he is not a Muslim anymore. The same goes for all other relions as well.

So, the author is definitely wrong to say that the Muslim pilgrimage is a bad practice and that is a wrong thing to do.

Why do humans nowdays find so much joy in insulting and hurting other fellow humans?

Surind, if you know the author of this write up, please do enlighten him on this. Thanks.


P/S: I am a free thinker


So, how do we deal with this fellow?

If this country had no laws, then seeking him out and dealing with him would be a natural response but where does it stop?

Do we go and chop off the head of those who insult our God and our faith just like that?

If we were living in the Age of Ignorance, that would be a very viable option but we aren't!

We are living in the Last Ages foretold by the Prophet Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam where the Noble and Blessed Greatest Messenger of God forewarned us about the coming of the time where Muslims will be so many as the froths upon the ocean waves yet they will be weak!

So bloody weak to the stage where most Muslims don't have it in them to answer such a vicious attack against their faith by kaffir harbi's such as this bastard!

So, what are you Malaysian Muslims gonna do about it?

For starters, if you have visited that sicko's blog and seen how offensive his latest article if you can call a wholescale transliteration of another weirdo's vile verbal vomit narrated in that sorry ass attack against Islam in the YouTube video as that, you ought to do your part to correct this injustice against us!

I told Hasbullah Pit about it and advised him to lodge a police report against this imbecile!

Every true Muslim, male and female, worth his or her Iman in Allah and all that Islam stands for must take a stand against such vile attacks against our faith!

Failing which, you can just consider yourself as accepting this kaffir's position and content with it!


As for my colleagues calling me to share the truth about the Hajj and what it truly is, Insya Allah I will get to it when Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala permits me.

As for now, O Malaysian Mukmins, do your part! If you are really a Muslim, that is?

I recall that famous Malay proverb:

"Biar mati bergalang tanah dari hidup berputih mata!"

Alang alang hidup biar berjasa pada agama, bangsa dan negara!

Jangan mati percuma dalam keadaan Islam di injak dan dihina oleh Kaffir Harbi Laknatullah!

Do Malaysia's Muslims have it in them to defend their faith?

Wallahu`alam bissawab!

Wabillahi Taufik Wal Hidayah!

Wassalamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh!

We, who are Muslims here in Malaysia are generally a peaceloving people but this offensive attack against our faith and all that we believe in is just too much for us to stomach.

I call upon all Malaysians to voice out against this blogger's crime against us.


* Surind, you better retract that article and apologize to us Muslims or just wait TO REAP WHAT YOU HAVE SOWETH and prepare for the retribution coming your way!


khalifah72 said...

May Allah help us. Who are the saviors of Islam? Allah, Rasul and all muslims.

These so called free thinkers should answer this-

Maka nikmat tuhanmu yang manakah yang kamu dustakan?
Arrahman. Surah 55.


Hello brother Zainol. I am truly disgusted about what I read on Surind's blog. I can easily understand how you feel.

The content was so inappropriate.

I would like to wish you and your family a Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

lan said...

Terima kasih tuan highlight posting ini. Memang sah la certain people and just dumb and ignorant. Bila tak tahu macam macam yang dirapukan mengikut nafs masing2.. we'll see what will happen next

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Brother khalifah72,

As Muslims we are enjoined to invite 'All Mankind to the Way of Our Lord with Wisdom and Beautiful Preaching and to Reason ( Argue/ Debate/ Discuss/ Dialogue/ Conference/ Seminar/ Forum/ etc.) with Them ( the Kaffirs (Dhimmi @ Peaceful Harmony Seeking Co-Existents) as laid out in Allah's Commandment as per Surah An Nahl Chapter 16 : Verse 125 in the Glorious Holy Al-Qur`an Al Kareem.

Yet this vicious attack against our faith and all that is so precious to us disgusts even Christians like Brother Stephen Felix Grosse, husband of my fellow blogger the dear Sister Estrellita and good persons like Dr.Saravanan who is also aghast at the way this Surind fellow chooses to insult Islam and us Muslims!

All I know is that I am obliged as a Muslim blogger to counter this atheist's venom with all that I have and not let up till he retracts the offensive post and apologize publicly failing which just wait for what comes next?

MAHAGURU58 said...

Peace be upon you Brother Stephen Felix Grosse.

I am relieved to know that there are still good people such as yourself and beloved wife out here in this cyberworld who are living proof that not all who are not Muslims are as uncouth as this sick socalled blogger?

Allah the Almighty tells us that there are those amongst the Nasara who are righteous and sincere in their faith and I believe worthy of being approached with the Risalah of Al Islam which is the Completion of Faith that The Almighty has revealed to us Mankind through His Final Messenger, Muhammad Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam (May peace be upon him).

We share a common bond between us that we believe in the Almighty Lord and revere His Prophets.

There is only a thin line dividing us in our faiths and those of us who love the Truth have no reservations in acknowledging those of you in the Christian faith as such.

May Allah, God Most Merciful, Most High enlighten us with His Grace, Blessings and Guidance.


Thank you brother for your festive wishes.

Peace be to you sir and to Sister Lita. @};-

MAHAGURU58 said...

Assalamualaikum Saudara Lan,

Sebagai Lelaki Muslim, kita wajib pertahankan dan menyerang balas penerbitan keji silaknatullah ini.

Saya tak boleh bersabar lagi dengan perbuatan biadap melampau sebegini!

Wallahi! Kita tengok je apa yang akan berlaku?

Setakat saya, akan saya ikut peruntukan undang undang negara yang sedia ada!

Insya Allah!

bmahendran said...

bro Mahaguru,
the guy is weird. habis citer :P

we have to learn and understand each other's religion n believes , once we learn n understand, then only we can appreciate it. Only when we understand and appreciate things, we will be able to respect each other genuinely.

;) lek.

Selamat Hari Raya.


Antares said...

Assalamalaikum. Bro, if you truly accept & acknowledge the reality of God, then you would know that God is present within the nucleus of every atom that exists - even when those atoms constitute the cells of a kafir who enjoys poking at hornets' nests. Indeed, even the stick the kafir uses to poke fun is filled with the presence of God, and so is the sting on every hornet! May you know the peace that transcends all understanding & go each upon your way with forgiveness, love & compassion in your hearts.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Peace be upon you Brother Mahendran.

I am glad to know that you do not agree to the sentiments and opinions expressed by that Islamophobic chap @ Surind Raj.

What a shame to have someone who has lived here amongst us peaceloving Malaysians to come forth and spew such nonsense and insults against us for no bloody rhyme or reason?

Has any Muslim inconvenienced the bugger to any extent that he has to replace his mindset with such filth and hatred?

Wallahi! I have given him advance warning to retract and apologize to us Muslims whom he has grievously hurt and offended by his insulting article but he remains recalcitrant and publishes further cartoons, images and concocted videos denigrating my faith of Islam!

Brother, I don't care much for race or political differences but I do give a damn about my faith!

I have lodged a police report against this criminal and will see to it that he is made to answer for his attack against us!

Thank God that there are still rational Malaysians like yourself and many others out there or we will have a religious strife here in Malaysia if there continues to be provocations from demented numbskulls like this Surind Raj!

Thanks for the wellwishes bro!

Glad to have you comment here.

Peace be to you and your beloved family sir!

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Antares,

Brother, what you perceive and understand about The Almighty differs from what I as a Muslim have learned?

Nevertheless, I know that deep down you mean well by asking me to give way to this fellow's insolence against us who are Muslims and our faith.

The problem is that bro, I feel we have already reached the ultimate borders of our patience and are really and truly being backed up against the wall of tolerance!

When you cross the limits and start trampling upon the very faith that Muslims like me hold so very dear and precious to our lives, then there is no other way but to retaliate and give our attackers their rightful dues!

I know that at times you too have voiced out against us in other blogs and websites but I sincerely do not hold that against you for in my heartfelt opinion you have yet to know the real deal about Islam, my birthright and yours as well?

I would really love for us to meet up one of these days and discuss things over a cuppa.

I am with you in the Kelau Dam protest.

As far as this case is concerned, my suggestion to you dear brother is to let things take place as they will?

No point in you defending this vermin.

I regard you as a friend and appreciate your concern.

Take care bro.

semut said...


semoga usaha sdr akan dirahmati olehNya...saya amat menyokong tindakkan sdr membuat laporan polis.. Biar si kafir laknat itu kenal undang2...

emet said...

Salam, Surind is moron.

Apa kata kita FLAG je blog dia ramai2... report pada habis cerita, biar kena ban terus...

Sape yang nak repot polis pun bagus macam mahaguru58 buat. ;)