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Saturday, January 24, 2009

The American Recovery and Reinvestment plan by President Barack Hussein Obama Jr.

Ladies and gentlemen.

It is heartening to see the way President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. has very efficiently started to do his job as the world's superpower's Chief Executive Officer in a manner that speaks volumes of the USA's President drive, energy, enthusiasm and professionalism.

If only our nation's Prime Minister and the rest of the Malaysian Cabinet Ministers were just as dedicated to their jobs and are firm and strong enough to undo all the mistakes from the previous administrations to get Malaysia's economy off the plateau it currently seems to rest upon or on the brink of economical chaos?

There are yet to be substantiated news or blog reports of American industries based here folding up and moving either back to the USA or shifting their operations elsewhere.

If this news is proven to be true, then the Malaysian Government ought to look very seriously of providing alternative employment to the tens if not hundreds of thousands of Malaysians who will soon be jobless.

President Barack Obama's proactive running of the American Government in a no nonsense, 'let's get cracking' work attitude promises of a new era for the American people and for his country as a whole.

Not bowing to his detractors complaints that he seems to be in a mighty hurry to do this and that, the faultfinders there in the USA obviously must be diehard George Wacko Bush Jr's lovers beyond words to not know or realise a good thing when they have it right before their crossed eyes!

Isn't President Barack Obama's earnestness to do his job exactly as he said and promised that he will do proof of the man's integrity and as dreamed of by Americans nationwide?

His approval ratings have shot way past 70% from his presidential win of just 53% to clinch the American Presidency over his rival Senator John McCain!

More and more Americans are waking up to the reality that their life's might just truly be changing for the better from now on?

President Barack Hussein Obama Jr. is delivering what he said that he' do from day one of his presidential campaign.

I do not apologize for my trust in him that he will help bring about a better scenario for the whole wide world with his decisive policies which he has come to sign into law since taking office 5 days ago!

His decision to order the closure of the Guantanamo Detention Camp in Cuba is a very good move to redeem America in the eyes of the world.

His wise intellect shines forth through the manner by which he seems to know exactly what he is speaking about and when in need or doubt, asks his Cabinet members to explain clearly to the watching media.

This professional, educated, firm, decisive President is what America needs.

Question is whether he will also be good for the whole wide world at the same time?

I sincerely hope so.

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