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Friday, January 09, 2009

Anti Israeli Protest Videos at London, England

Well, one thing for sure is the hatred that the Israeli Zionist Regime have unearthed towards themselves from people all over the world for their brutal, murderous, relentless assault against the unarmed Palestine population suffering in the occupied Gaza strip!

The videos above show people from all ethnic origin and various creeds gather in protest against the Israeli continuing massacre of innocent Palestinians especially the killing of Palestinian children, women and men who have nothing to do with the HAMAS freedom fighters!

That's what HAMAS are doing? Trying to free their fellow Palestinians from Israeli Occupation and retaliate against Israeli for massacring their families and demolishing their homes and taking over their lands for illegal Israeli Zionist occupiers whom they mislabel as settlers!

One does not merit being regarded as 'settlers' of a land or country when one goes in illegally breaching the borders of a once free nation, kill the original inhabitants and owners of homes and lands. demolishes their homes and then erect an illegal settlement upon Palestinian lands and then pretend to be 'settlers'!

If anyone believes that kind of bullshit, then that someone is clearly a clueless idiot who does not understand the truth and all that it stands for?

Would we allow anyone to come invade our home, kill our loved ones and occupy our residences?

No way! We would fight them with all that we have or die trying!

That's just a natural instinct and right that we have, regardless of where we are currently living, in whichever country, city, suburb or rural area!

The Palestinians have had their lands taken from them as a result of British and American treachery!

The whole world has not been able to do anything against this theft of a sovereign nation because they do not have the means to face up against the world's super terrorists and occupiers in the form of the British Colonials and now the humongous world's # 1 super bullying country - the USA under their worst warmongering idiot of a President, George Wacko Bush Jr.!

Even the incoming US President Elect Barack Hussein Obama is seen as being collaborative with the Zionist Regime by saying that he would do the same that Israel is now doing if someone were to lob rockets into his home where his two daughters are sleeping?

Obama conveniently forgets or overlooks the fact that those who are retaliating against Israel are only doing so because their homes, their lands, their families are being killed systematically every bloody day by the Israeli regime and their occupying forces and that retaliating against that kind of attack is only a natural humanly thing to do?

Obama speaks of his two daughters but overlooks the fact that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Palestinian sons and daughters have been massacred by the Israeli Zionist whom he seems to so love and says that he is with them in this massacre!

Where is the change that Obama was trumpeting all along in his Presidential campaign recently which he has won by duping the whole wide world who rallied to his support after getting sick and tired of Bush Jr's waging war upon helpless countries like Afghanistan, Iraq, etc.?

Obama can't claim not to know about the massacre of Palestinians there in Gaza or even in the West Bank which is the work of none other than the Zionist terrorists masquerading as the poor innocent victims of Hamas rocket attacks!

Is Obama that damn stupid?

I surely hope not for if he is, then God help us all!

Today, several rallies and protests against Israel are scheduled to take place here in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and I am sure will take place all over the world after the Friday prayers around 2.00pm onwards.

I have an inkling that many people are going to be wounded and assaulted by the police wherever these protests are going to take place for it is only the norm for the police to attack their own citizens in the name of law enforcement, bla bla bla...disregarding the very reasons why the people are protesting in the very first place?

Take care of yourselves and be safe or street smart when you do go protest against the Israeli Zionist bastards wherever you are?

Free Free Palestine! Stop Stop the Killings!

Damn Damn Israel! Damn Damn their Patrons!

You know damn well who they are!

*Latest Update of the Anti Israeli Protest in front of the American Embassy at Kuala Lumpur, check out


Anonymous said...

Sekitar Demonstrasi di Hadapan Kedutaan Amerika.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Thank you afnan for the update!

Anonymous said...

My pleasure Mahaguru58...
I'll keep updating my blog every time..

Zul said...

Salam ..Mahaguru...saya Zul dari S'pore. Sedih akan penderitaan yg dialami oleh saudara2 kita di Palestine..saya minggu lalu telah memboikot barang2 yg ada kaitan dengan rejime zionis ini..dan terkilan dengan rakan2 rapat saya di Singapore yg hanya pandai cakap tapi tidak bertindak...sedih dengan rakan melayu saya yg lebih membela org Israel...saya berdebat di tempat kerja di waktu makan tengahari dgn rakan saya(yang blame Hamas).

MAHAGURU58 said...

Wa'alaikumsalam Zul.

Syukur Alhamdulillah dapat berkenalan dengan Zul dan ribuan terima kasih kerna sudi mengikuti penulisan saya.

Saya tertanya tanya juga samada ujud sebarang protes dari warga Singapura terhadap kekejaman Rejim Terroris Israel yang ada mempunyai kedutaan di Singapura?

Mujur tiba komen dari Zul yang seolah dimakbulkan Allah akan do'a saya agar dapat berhubungan dengan mana mana Muslim Singapura untuk saya bertanya tentang kedudukan perkara berkaitan protes protes terhadap pembunuhan beramai ramai warga bumi Palestin sekarang ini?

Apakah umat Islam Singapura telah mengadakan sebarang rapat umum membantah penghapusan etnik bumi Palestin oleh rejim Zionist disana?

Saya tidak mendengar apa apa berita mengenai ada sebarang protes terhadap rejim Zionist di Singapura.

Apakah Kerajaan Singapura bersetuju dengan pembunuhan beramai ramai warga Palestin oleh Rejim Penakluk dan Pengganas Israel yang dibenarkan berada di Singapura siap dengan Kedutaan nya di Temasik?

Pohon maklumat dari Zul.


Wassalamualaikum wr wb.