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Friday, January 30, 2009

Blacked out news from Israel and Palestine. Watch them!

Israelis who wanted fair treatment for the mistreated Palestinians demonstrated against the Zionist regime in Jerusalem.

This protest however was blacked out from the Israeli and international media! As such, the whole world didn't know that even the Jews there didn't like to see Palestinians being massacred, their homes demolished and lands annexed by the Tel Aviv regime!

Allahyarham Sheikh Ahmed Deedat's predictions about the situation today in Palestine before the blessed sheikh became unwell due to his old age.

The reality of the Gaza Massacre as predicted by Almarhum Sheikh Ahmed Deedat has come home to roost.

Watch this courageous girl try her best to stop Israeli Zionist terrorist from shooting at the Palestinian youths who were throwing rocks at the Zionist terrorists to stop the Zionists from entering their areas.

Absolutely courageous!

1 comment:

hati batu said...

Wouldn't it have been all different if Fatah were in power?

The people spoke up and made their choice to vote in Hamas. So now they have to live with the consequences of their choice with the actions taken by the government they voted in power.

It's something for us to ponder in light of our own country.

PS: I'm not defending anybody, just a thought.