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Sunday, January 04, 2009

Gaza Massacre by the Zionist Regime - What a bummer Obama?

I am referring of course to the way the American President Elect Barack Hussein Obama has been quoted by the bloody Israeli Regime that Obama said :
If somebody was sending rockets into my house where my two daughters sleep at night, I'm going to do everything in my power to stop that. I would expect Israelis to do the same thing!
I am not surprised to see the American President Elect kowtow to the bloody Zionist murderers for it is common knowledge that any American President has to get the Jewish lobby backing him up before he gets to warm his butt in the Presidential seat in the White House!

All the talk about seeing change is pure hyperbole as we can all see it!

Barack Hussein Obama is no different from George Walker Bush Jr. except for his skin color.

The policies remain the same and will always be so for the American Republic is beholden to the ultra radical Jewish lobby who are entrenched in Washington and will forever pull the strings that are permanently attached to Capitol Hill.

Does Barack Hussein Obama really give a hoot about the massacred Palestinians and their innocent children?

Are Obama's daughters much more precious than these innocent victims of the Israeli Zionist bombs before the eyes of Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala?

No sirree!

Before Allah Azza Wa Jalla we are all equal but due to the emasculated and cuckolded so called Organization of Islamic Countries, we can only hope that there will arise a 'Salahuddin al Ayyubi' soon to save the Muslim Ummah?

Barack Hussein Obama is reported to be the change that the world is eagerly hoping to see in the White House but the only change that the world is going to see is that the American President is no longer a Caucasian but an Afro American.

Biased and inconsistent American policies towards the poor Palestinian victims will unfortunately remain just the very same as it has always been since the Americans treacherously robbed the Palestinians of their homeland in collaboration with the British Colonials of ridding the Zionist scourge from their homelands and ship them off to the Promised Lands of the Arabs.

The Saudi puppets dancing to the American and British tune will as always do nothing to save the Palestinians and so will not any of the other Arab republics.

The Palestinians can't expect any socalled Muslim nations to come to their rescue because the whole damned so called Islamic nations leaders have lost their cajones since the 1940s so to speak!

The Muslim Ummah will continue to suffer as long as they do not return to the true teachings of Islam and unite as one Ummah under one Khalifah!

This is the sad but sordid reality that each and every Muslim or Muslimah must face!

The problem is that even in this so called Muslim nation of Malaysia, we have our bloody rulers masquerading as Muslim leaders but in reality are no better than bloody wolves in sheepskin!

They might be able to fool the world that they care about the plight of the Muslims worldwide but in reality all that they care about is keeping themselves in power to rob the nation blind but do not much for the sake of the beleagured Ummah!

The only way that this Ummah can get out of this predicament is to come together and unite as one strong vibrant jamaah or perish bit by bit until Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala raises another people who have it in them to stand up and fight for Islam!

La haula wala quwwata illa billah hil aliyyil adzhim bil sulthanik!

Viva Palestine!

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The Israeli - Palestinian problem was hatched by the Americans and British Colonials who drove the Arab Palestinians out of their homeland in the first place and are the ones responsible for the continuing bloodshed in the region.

The Zionists too suffer some backlash from the ones whose lives they now terrorize and as a result, receive some casualties of their own from those driven to kill themselves in the process.

When will these vicious cycle end?

Will American President Elect Obama have it in him to solve this crisis or is the region going to just sink deeper into mayhem and total destruction of both people?


pez said...

assalamualaikum brother zainul.
it's rather saddening israel with its advanced warfare machinery and nuclear stockpile is still supported by the united states,the european union while our brothers there with the maimed oic behind doing nothing to stop it.of course,guns and turrets are not todays form of weaponary but i dont see why the arabs could not enforce oil sanctions towards america.this will pressurize them to stop their support of israel.and i do believe it's time the palestinians adopt another method to protest,not with tinny rockets and pebbles but with non-violent protest,the same way gandhi freed india and the same way martin luther got equal rights for the blacks.this way the israelis have no reason to justify the attacks to palestine and global support of them will be ousted in no time.

Fadhli Rahim said...