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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kugan's death - A Malaysian Indian lady's opposing views

Dear readers,

Referring to the late Kugan A/L Ananthan's death at the hands of the police in the Subang Taipan Police Station's lockup, there have been conflicting views about his death.

I came across this comment asking why people are protesting about the death of a car thief?

The details of the forum will not be disclosed due to security reasons but the gist of this forumer's views merits consideration for publishing.

Here are the contents of the comment @ from a Malaysian Indian lady.

I don't even understand why there was a protest?

The police just saved
the country from a hooligan? It's their job done well.

How many times do we actually see the police doing a good job. We should be rejoicing???

I couldn't be more happier that this scumbag had died. He has nothing to do with me, of course. He died of natural causes. Period.

These idiots are drunkards and drug addicts and most of their internal system is almost ruined. A little whack is enough to cause death. Even if he died due to excessive beatings and torture, he deserves it.

He was a thief and there was proof. Even if there is no proof, he was watched and monitored for some time before he getting caught. That is enough.

Imagine at 22, he is already a thief.

He probably did other petty crimes at home, school, housing area before graduating to other states.

He'll just stay in prison for a couple of years "training" for other crimes and eventually come out and probably rob a bank, start raping, killing and whatever other crimes as he age and he will know how to escape without being charged.

These kind of people never change. It's their basic character.

Of course, in this case the only person who should be sad is the mother for not bringing up her son properly and causing harm to the society.

Stealing cars not a harm, eh?

Wait till you get your car(s) stolen and then not being able to get loan due to high commitment or other reasons and get into chronic depression after that?

For the other's, you should be glad and thank God he is dead!

You and
your family are saved from being raped or robbed or slaughtered or dismembered or whatever in the future. Think of that. Please be positive and look at the bright side.

If you are afraid of your kids ending up like him, then bring them up well, give more love and less money, be with them, provide not only more academic tuition's but also send to religious classes, talk to them more instead of letting them talk to their friends, don't let them watch Tamil movies which contain excessive sexual acts and fighting's (Tamil movie's are best known for that), check out their friends and their friend's family background.

If you have to, check their caste as well. Not to be an extremist, the caste system was created for a reason. Go figure.

Most importantly strengthen the family bond and your children will not end up like this garbage Kugan.

It's a great thing a thief had died. He was meant to die that way. It's his Karma.

Having said all that, nevertheless, we should be careful of innocent people being tortured to death.

Police shouldn't be able to abuse their power and over torture suspects.

The suspect could have admitted due to the torture and so, without the torture, they will keep mum because he is tied to some pact made to the other members of the gang.

Apparently, they take turns to go into jail. Most of the time police can't do anything because they use protection spells (pukau as well), no witness, no proof, no evidence but they are very sure the suspect is the person who committed the crime.

Sometimes, they use some "special" officers to settle the case silently. They have to, in order to keep the peace in the country.

In a recent case, the police didn't even lay a finger on the suspect who caused armed robbery due to lack of evidence.

He was later linked to some other petty theft and will be out soon to commit greater crimes.

Thanks to this "nice" Malay Inspector.

Another Indian ASP wanted to settle a case out of court between 2 parties where one person was threatened to be killed because both were Indians.

He said that since we are Indians, we shouldn't be fighting even knowing the fact, one party were gangsters and the other is a female?

So, imagine we have Indian policeman who can't even be bothered of the life of another Indian..can we really blame the government or the Home Minister?

Just accept if anyone says there are more Indian gangsters..we are the only race having extremely violent Tamil movies being watched by all age.

Vijay takes aruval @ 'machete' to save the city but our gangsters take the aruval @ 'machete' to kill someone or rob them.

Probably they should kill all suspects after he admits to the crime to save the world from his future crimes.

I know mothers who insists their child is innocent just to protect them even knowing they have committed the crime.

If truly an innocent person is caught, then it's best to get a lawyer immediately after he is being arrested.

If your son is really a thug and by accident he dies, then be thankful he is not alive to kill you in the end to pay for his drinks or drugs.

Then again, as usual people will argue on the above statements. Wait till you are the one affected and unjustly treated by the police (because sama bangsa), then you would know the pain of the other.

then, go on defending crap ministers, thugs and gangsters. Geez!

Praise the Lord for taking Kugan's life.

If police kills, it's their
job. If you kill, it's murder.

Let it be how it is.


lan said...

i dont have much to say but its better to prove the victim was wrong in doing the crime. What proof does this lady have to say that Kugan did all the bad stuff and deserved to be killed? Cant she just understand the basic principle of not guilty until proven?

MAHAGURU58 said...

I agree with you sir but in the world we live in, we have to at times listen to both sides of a case.

The lady was giving her views from her perspective.

Adam said...

It's a good comment for an illogical thinking human being. We should believe that human is to err. Police are not angles. They do make mistakes too. To kill is wrong because we don't the bloody right to kill anybody as we have the laws. If we have this kind of thinking, then might as well we live in the jungle. Forget about the rules just like the animals. Please remember, I'm not saying that the late Kugan is a good man but he haven't been prove bad yet.
My advice, think like a civilised human being.

M Kumar said...

Karma? That's bullshit, really. The issue here is not whether the victim was guilty of his crimes or if he was a bad man. The root issue is that the police abused their authority - they do not have the right to be judge, jury and executioner!

It's very easy for the lady commenter to say that he deserved to die, but will she say the same if it was her son or relative in the lockup who met his maker the same way?