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Friday, January 16, 2009

The last kampongs of Singapore - Kg Buangkok Video Series

These are among the last surviving kampongs of Singapore. Soon to be demolished to make way for concrete jungles to be built up to complete the urbanisation of the Republic of Singapore.

Sad isn't it?

The kampong. A heavenly place which we kampongites treasure no matter where they are?

I am sure that the kampong folks of Kg Buangkok, Singapore are gonna miss these places like hell!

Nothing can beat a kampong! Especially historical ones like these...



Anonymous said...

is same like not using horse but use car instead.

not very sad...

MAHAGURU58 said...

Edi my friend,

You seem to be dismissive on the whole issue bro.

I don't know whether you are a kampong dweller or urban resident?

Living in a kampong isn't the same as living in a housing estate or in the HDB flats in Singapore.

The whole concept is totally different.

Kampong life is more laidback and more eco friendly unlike living in high rise apartments or condos.

The friendliness of a kampong isn't quite the same as in an apartment or condominium.

People are generally more aloof when they stay in apartments and don't usually bother to even know who their neighbours are?

The kampong on the other hand is a close knit community.

Most kampong people would know who is whom and when anything happens, the kampong folks would usually gather to help. Note ='usually'.

In the apartment lifestyle on the other hand, that spirit of neighbourliness is lost in the 'Mind your own business' mindset.

That's what I was lamenting about being a kampong 'kia' myself.

Hope you understand what it is exactly that I am sighing about?

It will all be just another concrete jungle complex soon in Kg.Buangkok, Singapore.

Remember LAT's 'Kampong Boy' and 'Town Boy'?

That's exactly what is taking place down there in Singapore and in most major cities and towns here in Malaysia as well!

Innocence lost!

CKGord said...

They should have gazetted at least some area for traditional kampong houses to keep the culture alive.

Well.. small country with no more space. Can't comment further.

Management Consultant said...

They who take over that kampung must pay appropriate compensations according to current value of land to the dwellers of that kampung folks