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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Obama doppleganger Ilham Anas makes it in tv ad.


Barack Obama's becoming US President has also caused a windfall for Ilham Anas, an Indonesian photographer who bears a canny resemblance to the world's most powerful political leader today!

Some people have just all the luck in the world, eh?

Whatever it is, I just hope that he is protected from any untoward incidents as well for we all know how crazy some other people can be when it comes to celebrities.

Maybe the Ad Agency employing Ilham Anas ought to provide him Secret Service like protection too ?

Remember reading about how Rasul Sallalahu Alaihi Wassallam used to just be accessible to all without any form of protection except the Mercy of Allah and the protection of His Malaikats!

Anyway, Ilham Anas!

Cash it in eh for the next 8 years..

Who knows?

The White House might just call on a possible decoy for President Barack Hussein Obama?



Adawiyah said...

MasyaAllah. They both look so alike. My dad once told me that there are 7 people in this world who look alike. I don't know whether this is true though.

What do you think, Mahaguru58?

Pak Sako said...
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weezer said...

Ilham Anas can cash it in for the next 8 years. But let's just hope Mr Obama will not transform into another Bush otherwise Mr Anas is going to need facial reconstruction sooner than expected lol.