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Sunday, January 18, 2009

Occupation 101- Learn the truth regarding Zionist Occupation of Palestine.

Dear readers.

Almost the entire whole world is outraged to see how the illegal Zionist Terrorist State of Israel has been wantonly killing thousands of unarmed Palestinian civilians whom they have corralled into an open prison which is what the Gaza Strip has been turned to be by bombarding the Palestinians non stop with outlawed chemical weapons and to the satge of even not sparing hospitals and schools or even the UN buildings there since the last 21 days?

I say open prison because if anyone tries to enter Gaza through the sea, the rogue Israeli Navy will attack and ram any vessel that tries to go ashore to send in much needed medical and food supplies for a people who have been imprisoned and kept incarcerated from the outside world or allowed to leave the area because the neighbouring Arab countries have closed their borders to the fleeing Palestinian families!

Let's watch what has been taking place in all these lands where the mighty trample upon and brutally violate and extinguish the lives and honor of unarmed defenseless people in the name of 'fighting against terrorists'!

Who is it really who is terrorizing the whole world? Civilians or rogue armed to the teeth regimes masquerading as the freedom fighting countries of this lopsided world?

How many of you have heard of Rachel Corrie?

She was an American peace activist who was martyred standing up to the Israeli Regime who were and still are demolishing Palestinian homes!

Rachel Corrie the brave young American soul had more balls than all the Arab leaders of the world today who are cowering with their tails between their sorry butts in their fortified palaces in the Middle East!

Rachel Corrie died there in the holy land of Palestine, standing up against the terrorizing Israeli regime's bulldozers.

She surely must be in the Mercy of Ar Rahman for sacrificing her life for the sake of the oppressed people of Palestine.

May Allah Azza Wa Jalla enter her Ruuh in Jannah Al Firdaus for it is He who created her Ruuh.


Watch how Israeli bulldozers demolish Palestinian homes, lives and taken the life of Rachel Corrie, an American peace activist and now a Palestinian martyr?

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