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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Solution to Israel - Message to all Muslims from a UK Da'ee.


CP Waterman said...

Quite honestly what this UK Da'ee said really shocked me. He is actually calling for muslim soldiers all over the world to first rise up to revolt against their Muslim rulers and then be one to take out the oppressor - Israel (out numbered in military strength by 48 to 1). In other word,the solution that this UK Da'ee proposes is WAR. (He wants more innocent men,women,children to die from both sides????)

Jesus Christ taught in His "Sermon of the mount" that "Blessed are the peacemakers for they shall be called the sons of God". Now if the words of Jesus Christ also hold true by the muslims (since muslims also regard Jesus Christ as one of the 124000 prophets according to Islam), then anyone who promotes war has disqualified himself to be a child of God.

I feel sorry for this chap "UK Da'ee".

We are all from Adam. Why kill each other in order to settle disputes?
I condemn any act of violent aggression of any form against mankind, be it from any party.

Thank you sir for exposing such a dangerous person.

Beware, There are also dangerous people who may also call themselves Christians and as a matter of fact, dangerous men from all other religions,simply riding on religious tickets to achieve their own private selfish personal agendas.

I for one will promote peace as my Lord & Savior Jesus has commanded me back in 1989 - to take off my worldly masks to love God and to care for one another with love & affection.

MAHAGURU58 said...

Peace be upon you Brother.

Actually what the UK Da'ee brother was sharing is the inevitable reality that the Muslims of the world find themselves to be caught in?

Although people like you and me are all for non violence and peaceful co-existence, it is however not to be so in the real world today, won't you agree?

Even Isa Alaihis Salam was brutalized by the ones who were supposed to be his people, the Bani Israel.

Just recently, we witnessed the Zionist Israeli rogue forces destroy and decimate the unarmed Muslim Arab Palestinians in their own homeland.

What do you have to say about that?

What was their crime, dear sir?

The brother @ UK Da'ee is speaking of the obvious Armageddon inching towards us.

As a Muslim who believes in peace and harmony, I do however have to acknowledge the violence taking place all around me.

Stopping violence with just the power of prayer doesn't work and has never ever been proven to work!

UK Da'ee was speaking from his heart taking into account the realities that in this screwed up world of Mankind, being peaceful at times demands you to be stronger than your harmdoers.

Instead of beguiling ourselves with a false sense of security or nirvana on Earth, we have to acknowledge that our safety and those of our loved ones sadly today remains to be in whether we have the strength and capabilities to just impose that very peace we are all taking about and searching for it?

History is just bound to repeat itself till Kingdom Come.

We both might wish for world peace but just speaking about it does nothing to deter the evil ones out there.

I am sure that if any devil in human form were to come threaten your loved ones, you too will be forced to do all that you can to safeguard and protect them even if it means that you have to whack whoever it is that comes to cause you and your beloved family harm!

Just stating it as it is , bro.

It's also there in the Book of Almighty God.

To protect ourselves and prepare for whatever it is that we have to do in order to see to it that we are not harmed.

You and me would not want to trade places with the poor Palestinians suffering there today would we?

So, I see no wrong in what Brother Abdullah @ UK Da'ee is speaking about?

He is just speaking the facts of life as it is taking place.

I wish you peace and harmony, wherever you are sir.

Take care of yourselves.