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Sunday, January 11, 2009

TmNet Streamyx Down from 10th to 12th Jan? Sheeesh!!!

I am not that happy to know that TmNet has once again failed to ensure that its broadband service is kept up and running for just out of the blue, here we are suffering from another system crash due to its inefficient operations and failure to see to it that this frequent system malfunction does not occur!

It's sickening to have our national telecommunications provider fall short of providing our much needed broadband internet service to be kept running without these getting to be quite a nuisance to us, its paying customers!

I am using my Celcom Mobile Broadband now to post this article. Lucky that I had the urge to purchase this Sierra Wireless Aircard and subscribe to Celcom Broadband when I had my funds come in recently.

Looks like if we need to remain online, we can't just depend on TmNet Streamyx for time and time again, the nation's main broadband services provider keeps screwing us up by having these frequent breakdowns in their services yet have the audacity to advertise themselves as the best broadband provider, bla bla bla...

The reality is that TmNet should be embarrassed to know that they are without a doubt the nation's most frequently breaking down in service broadband providers.

I thought it was my modem or what acting up but when I called them at 100, a pre recorded voice tells me that their service in the Klang Valley is down from the 10th to the 12th of January, 2009!

So much for grandiose promises!

TmNet should recompense us who are its subscribers for connection airtime loss in our next bills!

When are we ever going to get stable, secure broadband connections in this Multimedia Super Corridor touting country?

In 10 years or never?